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    40+ Years Of Medical Excellence

    Welcome to VJ’s Transgender Clinic India

    Someone has rightly said, ‘The Sun Does Ask For Permission to Shine’ as this is the same way your personality should be. Dr. C Vijay Kumar is steadfast with the approach to provide the individuals to improve themselves. Professionalism, Excellence and Experience are the 3 major factors that are helping all those individuals who are looking to undergo gender change surgery in India. It’s all about assisting the individuals to feel confident about themselves and that is what Dr. Vijay Kumar is doing it continuously. The difference lies in the treatment given by our doctor.

    Dr. C Vijay Kumar puts the patient’s comfort first by giving the best treatment options. His knowledge and brilliance are the key factors for the individuals looking to get the MTF or FTM surgery in Vizag to get the best possible outcomes. He works towards achieving the desired results patients want and allowing them to feel better about themselves.

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    Top surgery

    Top Surgery comes under the category of female to male surgery. For transsexual men, it is the way to get the desired masculine look. One of the most accurate procedures which help to get the desired male contour.

    Genital reconstruction

    Genital reconstruction is an important part of FTM surgery where female genitals are removed and constructed again. This procedure allows the male genitals to be constructed by using procedures like scrotal reconstruction and penile reconstruction.


    Female to male surgery requires several procedures and one of them is hysterectomy. The surgery requires the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tube. Although, it is not performed alone and certain situations point to that you need to get a hysterectomy.

    Facial Feminization Surgery

    Both men and women have different facials. Whether you talk about lips, cheeks, hairline, nose, or chin. Moreover, you can make these features apparent with facial feminization surgery performed for a male to female gender change.

    Forehead reconstruction

    Talking about male to female gender change surgery, hairline reconstruction is possible. As both males & females have different hairlines. The repositioning of the hairline can be done with the advanced and safe surgical method.

    Feminization Rhinoplasty

    Feminization Rhinoplasty involves remodeling the nose shape to the needs of transwomen. For gender change surgery rhinoplasty is used by the surgeon to give you the desired results. For the desired look you can discuss your need with the doctor.

    Why choose Vj’s Transgender Clinic?

    When you feel good, We feel good. VJ’s Transgender Clinic in Vizag is working with just one aim and that is to make you love even more. Here are some of the reasons transgender should choose our clinic to get reliable results:

    • You want to look the best, whether you want your feminine look to shine or want that masculine look you always wanted.
    • When more than 40 years of experience are there, you won’t be disappointed as the final results are even better than what you expected.
    • You want yourself to be recognized as a woman when you interact with people around you.
    • VJ’s Clinic is providing you with all your transgender needs.
    • Under the expertise of Dr. Vijay Kumar find out which procedure suits you the best for you.
    • Whatever your vision and personal desires are, we will work through them and find out the best solution for you.
    • We are giving the transgender one-of-a-kind experience under one roof.
    • It won’t be just a dream when you schedule your consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, because we will do our every bit to make your dream come into reality.
    • Best of the surgical procedures to help you improve the transgender community.
    • We prioritize the needs of the individuals and provide the best service from male to female surgery & female to male surgery.

    We aim to only put a smile on your face, giving you the best experience, and personalized experience With advanced procedures.

    What is the need for Gender Change Surgery?

    ‘Sexual identity is an integral part of human psychology. Especially, for the transgender, it can be a problematic situation as they always struggle to find their own identity. People consider them different which is not the case in any way. VJ’s Transgender Clinic, know the importance of ‘Change’ and we can change it for ‘YOU’.

    With gender reassignment surgery it helps individuals to have their place in society and get the respect which they deserve. We know sometimes it is all about getting the right support to make themselves feel comfortable about the whole situation and people accepting them the way they want to live. Still, a lot has to be done on making everyone aware of transgender rights and helping them to enjoy their journey of being transgender.

    No doubt, surgery is the last step to bring that change in your personality but it is an important decision that cannot be taken lightly. Before proceeding with the surgery, the patients will be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and analyze whether they are ready to undergo the transition.

    If there is a case of gender dysphoria then the patient is asked to get counseling for 3 months. Initially, the hormone therapy is given by the set standards and later the sex reassignment procedure is performed. Vj’s Transgender Clinic will help you adjust to your new body and lifestyle with the best and safe surgical procedure. Discuss thoroughly your personal needs with our doctor.

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