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VJ’s Transgender Clinic: Best Clinic for Transgender Surgery In Vizag

VJ’s Transgender Clinic team of skilled plastic surgeons are glad to consult the transgender for all their needs. The steadfast and trustworthy team of VJ’s Transgender clinic with their rigorous training and experience of the last so many years is bringing the best of procedures and treatment plans for the transgender. At our clinic, we have a gamut of procedures to help bring out your inner beauty and make you feel confident in your skin. You can get the procedure of hairline advancement, rhinoplasty, forehead contouring, facelift, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, and many others. The outcome is the major factor that will make you feel thrilled with the whole experience. With the team of top-rated surgeons, you will experience beyond words transgender care.

Inspiring Confidence. Improving You


VJ’s Transgender Clinic is situated in Vizag is one of the most convenient, comfortable designs, and safe environments. Vizag is named the ‘City of Destiny’ which has proved to be good luck for many individuals in different phases of their life.

Experienced Surgeons

With our experienced surgeons, you will have incredible opportunities waiting for you. The patient-centric approach is followed by our experienced surgeon and gives you proper information about the surgery ‘Because you are precious'.

Initial Consultation

At our clinic, we spend a great deal of time listening to all your wishes and concerns. We will co-create a vision for your surgical plan to achieve that aesthetic look as per your taste. For every phase of transformation, you will be fully informed.


Many transgender has a different concern in their mind regarding the surgery and how it will be planned. Our plastic surgeon has mentioned the FAQs among the individuals planning to get the MTF surgery to FTM surgery:

How much downtime should I expect after the top surgery?


On average, you should take off for at least 1 week. There are certain activities on which you need to put restrictions after the surgery to see the desired results.

Is it important to get estrogen or testosterone after the top surgery?


NO! To undergo the top surgery there is no need to get hormone therapy.

Will I experience pain after undergoing top surgery?


NO! Pain is easy to manage after the surgery. You will be given certain medications which work as a nerve block, and the need for postoperative narcotics is not there.

How do I need to prepare for the surgery?

  • Make sure to have a healthy diet, avoid processed food, and do not take excess sugar
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol
  • Make sure to tell the doctor about the medications you are taking currently