Sex reassignment surgery

Gender Change Surgery: Which SRS technique should I choose?

That feeling of coming out and telling the world what you feel. Moreover, the added joy that everyone accepts the way you are. But, to be more confident, you choose to go down the path of gender change surgery. No doubt, medical advancement has made a lot of difference, and it has made it possible for the transgender community to live the way they want and look the way they feel about themselves. No, if your thoughts revolve around, ‘Which Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to choose?’ This blog will get all the necessary details to help you make the essential choice.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

SRS Surgery: Whether you are looking to get male to female or female to male sex change surgery, the availability of the different options allows you to make the right choice. Some of the possibilities of sex-change surgery are:

  • Skin Graft technique

The skin graft method is one of the standard vaginoplasty, which is the most preferred option because the risk and complications with this option are way too low. The surgical approach requires penile skin, which includes the scrotal skin, and skin is present in the gronial area or abdomen, which creates the vaginal cavity.

  • Sigmoid Colon Graft technique

For patients with short genitals, it’s the preferred choice. The sigmoid colon is cut through the low transverse abdominal incision, which helps in creating a lubricated vagina, and there is proper depth in the same. But, the complications and risks involved with this approach are higher than other options.


Suppose you are planning to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make sure to get a hold of the medical expert to understand better what’s suitable for your condition or not.

How to decide to get gender change surgery?

Here’s the checklist which you should consider while planning to get the gender change surgery:

  • Dimension of scrotal and penile skin

For most people getting skin graft surgery is the right choice. If this happens, some risks and complications can occur with the same. If you are worried about the difficulties, it’s worth opting for the abdominal skin graft method.

  • Consider the body structure

If you want to get the sigmoid colon graft method, BMI is considered to plan everything effectively. In this case, the proper examination is done, and most importantly, the physical condition is determined to see whether the following stages of the sex-change surgery.

  • Chronic medical conditions

If you have a chronic medical problem, it’s not right for you to get sex reassignment surgery: Colovaginoplasty. The conditions like thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, or HIV+ won’t make the person suitable for the surgery. It’s imperative to consider your overall well-being to be sure the future risks and complications are avoided.

Sex reassignment surgery

How Is Radiology Considered Important During Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Transgender individuals might not like themselves to get referred or noticed by many individuals. No doubt, it’s not for everyone but even the few of them are there who have thoughts like this. This is where gender change surgery helps individuals to feel the best about themselves and confident.

One of the researches has shown that radiology plays an important role in the journey of male to female & vice-versa. Undergoing gender change surgery does make a person feel confident in a way that they can make the best decision on how to proceed further.

Most importantly the psychological impact is addressed and the functioning does get better. Moreover, the person even has stability in the relationship and their happiness reaches to a new whole another level. It’s seen that all those getting the female into Male gender change surgery feel confident about their body and the medical intervention makes a huge difference.

How radiology is an integral part of gender reassignment surgery?

No doubt, still few people get forward and undergo sex reassignment surgery. But those have actually noticed changes in their life. Whether someone wants to get the bottom or top surgery, variegated benefits are there. Additionally, the patient can choose as to what they like or what will make a difference in their health. Most importantly, it’s like getting specialized care from the leading health expert.

The role of radiology is to limit complications. As the use of MRI allows checking the major issues like if there is bleeding near the blood vessels or fluid is getting collected on the treated body part.

For example: If a trans woman is choosing to get the mastectomy for breast tissue removal then there has to be a careful approach in all ways. Being cautious is important in a way that the surrounding area is properly treated and there is no such risk. Radiology is a great way to even check if the individual has any risk of getting breast cancer in the future or not.

Medical imaging can detect all the necessary things

No doubt, medical science is advancing a lot and that can be clearly seen in every possible field you talk about. All those who are planning to get the sex change surgery can get all the necessary benefits as the defects can be well addressed in the first go. The different issues which can be detected are:

  • Penile implants
  • Infection
  • Poor position
  • Any sort of separation

Moreover, if the feminizing procedure needs to be done then the imaging will be great in making sure everything is effectively done. The necessary bone structure is checked and what should be the right angel to proceed further. All in all the radiology services are limiting the complications which occur with this.



Sex reassignment surgery

How does the process of undergoing Sex reassignment surgery commence?

Our life must be determined by our choices. If the sex whose genitals we are having or was born with is not satisfying us, then even the Indian constitution guarantees the right to undergo gender change Surgery.

Since we have said in the first line that our life is all about choices. If changing your sex physically appears to you a complex process then you can withstand hormonal therapy alone to change from male to female & vice versa.

How does this process commence?

  1. Prerequisites
  • Psychiatric Counselling

If you want to get the sex reassignment surgery or the hormonal therapy done, then first of all the doctor will make sure with the psychiatric counselling whether you are having gender dysphoria.

Did you know?

Gender Dysphoria is the condition in which the person is not satisfied with the sex he was born with and want to be of the opposite sex. Like males want to be females and vice versa.

  • Evaluation of the Network

The person who wants to undergo gender change surgery (female into male or vice versa), must have a strong backing network and support of the family and friends. If ze is not having so, the doctor would advise the patient to think again as it would be challenging for ze when nobody is willing to accept him the way he has changed himself.

  1. Hormonal Therapy

Again it would be the patient’s choice whether he wants to undergo the genital transformation surgery after taking up this approach or not. Hormones are responsible for putting forth sexual characteristics like breast size, muscle mass and the hairs on the body.

How long does it take to see the effect?

To see the minimum effect, we may have to wait for a month. But for the complete effect, it may take as more as 5 years since it allows your body to grow naturally.

  1. Surgery

It’s completely based on the person’s will whether he wants to step in this terminating stage or wants to make it over before that. Those who want to get the genital work done along, choose the surgical procedures for undergoing.

But, What do the Guidelines Say?

The person who has undergone hormonal therapy must wait for at least 12 months before opting up for the surgical procedure.

So what exactly does the surgery do?

Like in male to female surgery, plumpy breasts are created along with the creation of the vagina through vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

While in female to male, the breast tissues and fats are removed and the penis is created with the specifically chosen procedures.

Wind Up!

It’s your call, how you want to change your appearance in regards to gender dysphoria. You can undergo sex reassignment surgery as well if you want to change your aesthetics.