Sex reassignment surgery

Gender Change Surgery: Which SRS technique should I choose?

That feeling of coming out and telling the world what you feel. Moreover, the added joy that everyone accepts the way you are. But, to be more confident, you choose to go down the path of gender change surgery. No doubt, medical advancement has made a lot of difference, and it has made it possible for the transgender community to live the way they want and look the way they feel about themselves. No, if your thoughts revolve around, ‘Which Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to choose?’ This blog will get all the necessary details to help you make the essential choice.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

SRS Surgery: Whether you are looking to get male to female or female to male sex change surgery, the availability of the different options allows you to make the right choice. Some of the possibilities of sex-change surgery are:

  • Skin Graft technique

The skin graft method is one of the standard vaginoplasty, which is the most preferred option because the risk and complications with this option are way too low. The surgical approach requires penile skin, which includes the scrotal skin, and skin is present in the gronial area or abdomen, which creates the vaginal cavity.

  • Sigmoid Colon Graft technique

For patients with short genitals, it’s the preferred choice. The sigmoid colon is cut through the low transverse abdominal incision, which helps in creating a lubricated vagina, and there is proper depth in the same. But, the complications and risks involved with this approach are higher than other options.


Suppose you are planning to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make sure to get a hold of the medical expert to understand better what’s suitable for your condition or not.

How to decide to get gender change surgery?

Here’s the checklist which you should consider while planning to get the gender change surgery:

  • Dimension of scrotal and penile skin

For most people getting skin graft surgery is the right choice. If this happens, some risks and complications can occur with the same. If you are worried about the difficulties, it’s worth opting for the abdominal skin graft method.

  • Consider the body structure

If you want to get the sigmoid colon graft method, BMI is considered to plan everything effectively. In this case, the proper examination is done, and most importantly, the physical condition is determined to see whether the following stages of the sex-change surgery.

  • Chronic medical conditions

If you have a chronic medical problem, it’s not right for you to get sex reassignment surgery: Colovaginoplasty. The conditions like thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, or HIV+ won’t make the person suitable for the surgery. It’s imperative to consider your overall well-being to be sure the future risks and complications are avoided.

Gender change Surgery

4 Minute Guide: Fertility preservation options in gender change surgery

One of the stats has shown that around 39% of transgender men and 22% of women wish to become parents in the future. Many individuals prefer to get gender change surgery early in their life, even before they are at the stage to become parents. Those planning to begin the journey of female into Male or Male into female initially begin through the hormone treatment, and then they slowly get towards the surgical options as to what they prefer the most.

Being aware is important

So, for transgender individuals, it’s always essential to be aware of all options they have or how they can get the necessary change done in their lives. If you are about to start your journey from Male to female, then initially, it’s all-important to be completely aware of the same. Consulting the best fertility expert that all fertility prevention options do you have is essential to get the necessary further steps performed in the proper manner.

Which are the fertility presentation options for transgender?

Talking about the present time, the fertility preservation options are less at the moment. Being aware of everything is extremely important so that it’s easier for you to take all the necessary steps. In the present time, those undergoing sex reassignment surgery can preserve fertility through the option of:

  • Transgender Men: Oocyte Cryopreservation
  • Partnership: Embryo Cryopreservation
  • Transgender Women: Sperm Cryopreservation

It’s like the necessary protocol needs to be met effectively so that all the required steps are taken. To make sure that you get yourself the best technique, you need to visit one of the Best IVF centre in India and, under the expertise of the board-certified medical expert, make the necessary choice.

Is there any technique for the future?

On the theoretical basis, the cryopreserving gonadic tissue is the desired choice. But, it’s still on an experimental basis, and it will be seen in the future as to whether it will work. So, talking about the present time, this is not something that can be opted for as the fertility preservation method.

What are parental desires?

As mentioned above, even in transgender individuals the parental desires are noticed. No doubt the figure is still low, but that does not mean that it should not be considered the necessary choice. In such cases, the individuals can even benefit from options like surrogacy, conformation treatment, or checking the patient’s fertility to better know about the assisted reproduction method.

So, before you begin your gender confirmation surgery, you need to consult a fertility doctor about which fertility preservation method you should get and what’s the right way of doing that.

What’s the next step?

Starting your transgender journey should come with ease and without thinking about others. Whatever your preferences and desires are, you should feel free to choose the same.

male to female

MTF Surgery: How can you look feminine without getting more hormones?

Have you just started your gender change surgery phase?

Good luck!

Whether coming out was tough or easy for you, you want the transition phase to go the way you expected. This is the reason the medical assistance at this point is all-important. But, if you want your Male to female sex change surgery to be done without the need of getting hormones, then it’s possible. However, there are several things which you need to follow. In this blog, I will help you understand how to go through the transition phase without the need to get the necessary hormones.

Feminization without hormones: What does it mean?

Initially, everyone does not wish to get the gender affirmation surgical procedure. This is where trans individuals can be benefited through non-medical transitioning or social transitioning to change the way a person has been living life earlier.

No doubt, the transgender community has been benefited in a number of ways, and to make everyone accept their personal wishes, gradually changes are made in every sector. So, be it female into Male or Male into a female, everyone has their own right to how much they want to get the transition done through the surgery.

Gender change without hormones: How?

For hair

Hair is the first thing that transgender individuals love to change. So, in this case, you can take assistance from a hairstylist to help you get familiar with different styles, lengths, and colors. By doing so, you can choose the one as per your liking and get to enjoy your journey of being transgender.

Makeup skills

Makeup can break or make someone look. So, if you can use the makeup skills, you can definitely change your look whole together. There are a number of makeup options available out there, and you can even seek professional assistance to do it the right way. Like:

  • Foundation makes the skin smooth and covers the blemishes
  • Eyeliner gives the eyes a more defined look
  • Contour highlights all the major features of the face
  • Lipstick will change your lip color

You can even learn a lot of things from the makeup tutorial or enroll in makeup courses under the expertise of a trained course instructor.

Transform your wardrobe

Many think that they have to change their wardrobe to be socially acceptable. If you add in all the necessary accessories or change the clothing style, then automatically, your look will be different. You will look more closely at what gender you feel like. You can ask your family members to give you clothing to see what style fits you the most or looks good on you.

Change name

With the name change, a lot of things will change. As you have changed your name legally, you are in a better position, and this is the name through which you will be called by everyone.