Gender change Surgery male to female

In-depth information about the gender change surgery and results

Well, in these words, there are some cases where people are born in the male body, but their soul is a female, and sometimes the opposite also happens. And due to that, those people suffer from many situations because their feelings and body looks do not match. If you are also one of them, then you can get a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh at VJ’S Transgender Clinics.

Moreover, their success rate for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is pretty high, and you can feel free to get your treatment from them. So let’s know about the procedure of this surgery and also reviews of some surgeries.

Information on gender change surgeries

  • Why is gender transformation surgery done?

It is pretty common that only those people get this surgery whose identity is not the same as their physical looks. And people suffering from these issues also face gender dysphoria. This is a kind of distress that occurs when your physical looks do not match your inner identity.

  • Difference between transgender and nonbinary

Transgender surgery is the best option for those whose identity is not the same as their looks from birth time. And gender nonbinary is a great option for those whose gender identity is not same to traditional male or female bodies. According to your situation, you can select the most suitable surgery for you.

  • What are the types of trans-gender surgeries?

Tran gender surgery allows a person’s body to align with the gender, and this surgery can be done on the face, breast, and other private parts of the body as well.

Facial reconstructive surgery: Basically, this surgery helps to make features of the face more masculine or feminine.

Chest or top surgery: In this specific surgery, surgeons remove breast tissues in order to give a more masculine appearance. And it also helps to increase the size of the breast and makes the shape clear.

Genetial or bottom surgery: This surgery is a procedure to transform or reconstruct genitalia.

  • Is transgender surgery the only option to treat dysphoria?

Well, it depends on the person because there are some who also get hormonal and other therapies in order to get excellent results.

    • Hormone therapy: This therapy helps to increase the masculine or feminine characteristics of a person. And it also helps to adjust the hair volume and voice tone of a person according to the type of sex.
    • Puberty Blockers: they will provide you assistance to prevent you from going through puberty.
    • Voice therapy: this surgery can provide you with excellent results in adjusting your voice tone according to your sex. And it may also improve your communication skill, such as giving introductions according to your pronouns. Ultimately, this therapy will make you able to match your inner identity completely.