Everything you need to know about the phalloplasty gender change surgery

Phalloplasty is for all those who are looking to get sex-change surgery. All those who have their sex assigned as female at birth will choose this option. This surgical approach allows the female into male sex-change surgery to get a penis. It allows them to have their authentic gender and even address the symptoms which might occur due to the stress of the transgender journey.

What is the working approach of phalloplasty for gender-affirming?

This works best for all those who consider their inner gender as different as compared to what is assigned them during birth. Be it male to female or vice-versa both have their rights to look & feel they want to be. With phalloplasty there are other options which are included like:

  • Top Surgery

This includes masculinizing chest surgery and removing the breast so that a masculine look is obtained.

  • Hysterectomy

It includes uterus removal.

  • Vaginectomy

It includes vaginal removal.

  • Metoidioplasty

In this case, the doctor will turn the clitoris into the penis.

  • Facial masculinization surgery

It includes making the cheeks, jaw, chin, & forehead have that masculine look.

What happens in a phalloplasty?

This type of gender change surgery includes the creation of the penis creation from another body part. To perform this surgery there are several steps are included like:

  • Lengthening the urethra
  • Creating the penis tip
  • Removing the vagina
  • Creating the scrotum
  • Putting in penile and scrotal implants
  • Creating the penis‌

For penis creation, the 3 main body areas used are the leg, abdomen, and arm. Before choosing any of the choices the doctor will talk with you & accordingly let you know what is right for you. Additionally, your demands are also considered for making the ultimate choice.

What are the results of phalloplasty?

The penis function is different for every individual. Initially, your goals are considered and accordingly further treatment will move forward. The basic aim of this surgical procedure is to allow the penis to have:

  • Ability to retain orgasm for enough time
  • Able to stand properly for urination
  • Maintaining & getting an erection

The size of the penis is going to depend on how much skin & tissue is taken from the grafting site. An erectile implant may be inserted which helps in increasing the sensation.

Who is the suitable candidate for phalloplasty?

Here are the cases in which phalloplasty is suggested:

  • All those taking hormones from 1 year
  • Age 18 or more than that
  • Living as their gender from last one year
  • BMI of less than 35
  • Do not smoke
  • Undergo hysterectomy or oophorectomy at least 8 weeks before getting phalloplasty.

What does recovery feel like with phalloplasty?

It takes around 6 weeks to get back to the usual routine. Although full recovery will take around 12 to 18 months. Following surgery, you need to use a catheter that will help you in urination. In case you are traveling to Vizag then you need to stay here for a few weeks till the time you start feeling normal.



Gender change Surgery

Everything you need to know about the gender identity disorder

All-that about Gender Identity Disorder

Guide to Gender Identity Disorder: Gender identity disorder means the person gets the feeling they have the wrong gender identification. The situation is likely to trigger negative thoughts or create that feeling of discomfort for themselves that their gender is not right. Additionally, their main aim is to get accepted by others through other sex. This is the reason, the gender change surgery gets all the necessary demand to begin their transgender phase.

What are the reasons behind gender identity disorder?

Talking about the cause that is not known. The hormone changes in the body with time & it develops that feeling that something has to change or their behavior is not depending on what is their sex. More research indeed needs to be performed to better understand the situation.

What are the triggering symptoms of gender identity disorder?

The first feeling which a person gets is that their sex is not right or they don’t feel like that which they are assigned during birth. This is the reason many choose to go through the transition phase of female into Male or vice-versa.

Considering the increasing needs of transgender individuals it has become essential to get better surgical or treatment options to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin. Through the necessary hormones or surgery, the change can be brought into the body. It’s like giving them a sense of confidence that everything can be managed and what they desire can be achieved.

No doubt, those who suffer from this situation have the right kind of body appearance as well as the hormonal level is right. You can say that it’s essential to know better about gender identity disorder in those who are planning to get the male to female gender change.

Bear in mind!

Some think that gender identity disorder is inherited but there is no such proof of the same.

What is the method to diagnose gender identity disorder?

Well! The diagnosis & treatment is done depending on the health guidelines to ensure there is effectiveness in every step of the journey. You must get yourself the right medical assistance by consulting the health expert so that your entire journey goes with ease & comfort.

The gender identity diagnosis is more forward when the person has been feeling regarding their sexuality & gender for around 2 years & they do not have any sort of mental health issue which creates a problem during the surgery. This is the reason the situation demands the right medical assistance all the time & ensuring all the right steps can be taken further.

What is the way to treat gender identity disorder?

Well! The entire process is referred to as triadic therapy which means the situation demands a progressive approach & several elements will come along with managing the situation. Be it your wish is hormonal therapy or sex reassignment surgery you can get anything & everything.

During treatment, the sex hormone production is going to get stopped, and then accordingly desired gender is assigned which helps in giving the person desired characteristics.

male to female Orchiectomy

Guide: Orchiectomy For Male To Female Surgery

Orchiectomy for Transgender Women

Orchiectomy surgery includes removing one or more testicles. This male reproductive organ is the reason sperm is produced and it is present below the penis. The orchiectomy Transgender Surgery in Vizag can be done by doing 2 procedures which include:

  • Bilateral Orchiectomy

This transgender surgery requires both the testicle removal

  • Simple Orchiectomy

This transgender surgery requires either one or both testicles to remove

Did you know?

Orchiectomy means testicles are removed from the scrotum. On the other hand, scrotectomy means removing the entire scrotum or maybe some part.

Who is an ideal candidate for orchiectomy?

This type of gender change surgery involves a short recovery time. All those who are planning to get vaginoplasty need to go through this approach. Although it’s possible both are done at one time and it’s your wish whether you want to get it combined or not. If you are seeking this approach then vaginoplasty also makes the right option.

  • Partial penectomy

As the name suggests, partial means some portion is removed. This surgical option works great when there is penile cancer.

  • Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty means labia construction by using skin grafts.

On your journey of male to female if you don’t want to go down the road of feminizing hormones or you want the medications to have fewer side effects then orchiectomy will work the best. Even research has shown that this option works the best for transgender women.

Do you wish to preserve fertility?

All those who want to have children in the future better get the option of sperm storage. This has to be done before you get the hormone treatment. By opting for this option the fertility will be preserved.

What to expect before & during the treatment?

It’s essential to give the necessary proof of a few things so that the entire process goes with ease:

  • You can give your consent to get the treatment started or you are fully aware of the process.
  • You are not facing any sort of mental health issue or medical problem.
  • You are in your adulthood & you are living in the country where it’s allowed to get the procedure

Before this surgery, you must get hormone therapy for 1 year. In total it takes around 30 to 60 minutes. Additionally, this is done under the effect of general anesthesia. Additionally, the incision is made in the scrotum which allows the testes to get removed. Usually, the patient can leave the hospital on the same day or might require an overnight stay.

How is the recovery?

It takes around a few days to a few weeks to get back to normal life. Additionally, you will be given medications for pain management & limiting the chances of infection.

 Final Word!

This transgender surgery is one of the most asked approach among transgender women which requires either one or both testicle removal. This gender confirmation surgery once done will reduce the need of using feminizing hormones. Just make sure to take the best care of yourself after the surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery

How Is Radiology Considered Important During Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Transgender individuals might not like themselves to get referred or noticed by many individuals. No doubt, it’s not for everyone but even the few of them are there who have thoughts like this. This is where gender change surgery helps individuals to feel the best about themselves and confident.

One of the researches has shown that radiology plays an important role in the journey of male to female & vice-versa. Undergoing gender change surgery does make a person feel confident in a way that they can make the best decision on how to proceed further.

Most importantly the psychological impact is addressed and the functioning does get better. Moreover, the person even has stability in the relationship and their happiness reaches to a new whole another level. It’s seen that all those getting the female into Male gender change surgery feel confident about their body and the medical intervention makes a huge difference.

How radiology is an integral part of gender reassignment surgery?

No doubt, still few people get forward and undergo sex reassignment surgery. But those have actually noticed changes in their life. Whether someone wants to get the bottom or top surgery, variegated benefits are there. Additionally, the patient can choose as to what they like or what will make a difference in their health. Most importantly, it’s like getting specialized care from the leading health expert.

The role of radiology is to limit complications. As the use of MRI allows checking the major issues like if there is bleeding near the blood vessels or fluid is getting collected on the treated body part.

For example: If a trans woman is choosing to get the mastectomy for breast tissue removal then there has to be a careful approach in all ways. Being cautious is important in a way that the surrounding area is properly treated and there is no such risk. Radiology is a great way to even check if the individual has any risk of getting breast cancer in the future or not.

Medical imaging can detect all the necessary things

No doubt, medical science is advancing a lot and that can be clearly seen in every possible field you talk about. All those who are planning to get the sex change surgery can get all the necessary benefits as the defects can be well addressed in the first go. The different issues which can be detected are:

  • Penile implants
  • Infection
  • Poor position
  • Any sort of separation

Moreover, if the feminizing procedure needs to be done then the imaging will be great in making sure everything is effectively done. The necessary bone structure is checked and what should be the right angel to proceed further. All in all the radiology services are limiting the complications which occur with this.