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What is gender change surgery? Also know about types and risks.

Gender Change Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery(SRS), Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), or Transgender Surgery is a procedure that helps individuals who recognize their gender as dissimilar from the gender of their birth. So trans people get Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

The Need For Gender Change Surgery

The main motive of the surgery is to tailor the features of the body to match the gender, which is similar to the identity of the person. Therefore, the demand for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is exceptionally high. Here people get Female To Male (FTM) or Male To Female (FTM) surgery.

Types Of Gender Change Surgery

Gender change surgery is for people who do not resonate with their gender. There are a few types of gender change surgery that one can get, so here is the list:

● Chest or Top surgery: this surgery is done to tailor the tissues of the breast to make the look more manly, or it is also done to increase the breast size to create a more feminine look.
● Facial reconstructive surgery: in this procedure, the changes are made to create the male or female look.
● Genital or Bottom surgery is the procedure to reform the genital or reproductive area of the patient.

During The Gender Change Surgery

The changes during the surgery depend on the procedure one opts for. Like if a trans person opts for facial reconstructive surgery, then there will be the following changes:

● Cheekbones: with the help of several injections, some recognizable changes are made in cheekbones.
● Jaw: the surgeon uses fillers or cuts off the jaw to make it look more competent.
● Chin: it helps to define cheeks and make them look more prominent.
● Nose: in this procedure, the surgeon opts for a surgery which is called rhinoplasty to reshape the nose.

Changes In Transgender Women

If you are an assigned male at birth (AMAB), then your surgeries include the following:
● Cutting of adam’s apple
● Elimination of scrotum and penis
● Implants of the breast
● Formation of vagina

Changes In A Trans Man

If you are an assigned female at birth (AfAB), then your surgeries include the following:
● Removal of the breasts tissues
● Removal of uterus and ovaries
● Forming of penis and scrotum


Every surgery involves some kind of risk, the same as surgery for gender reassignment. After this surgery, the body goes through thousands of changes which can sometimes cause a few complications. So here are a few complications that can occur after the surgery:

● Extreme bleeding from parts of the body.
● Infection
● Some adverse effects of anesthesia

The Perspective Of The Surgery

The people who get gender change surgery witness some positive changes in their life. Most of the patients are satisfied with their surgery and enjoy their happy life, as trans people who go through gender dysphoria go through a lot of mental health issues. This surgery reduces their stress and allows them to relish their life to the fullest.

Time To See A Healthcare Provider

If planning to go for gender change surgery, the right choice is to get it from VJ’S Transgender Clinic for the right approach and most appropriate treatment.

Gender change Surgery

Crucial Things To Know About The Working of Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is a crucial stage of someone’s life, and most people are unaware of that, but it’s not just the physical changes that occur. Along with that, you would have to deal with many mental changes before or after gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

And to make everyone understand the changes someone goes through during this surgical process, VJS Transgender Clinic, the most reliable name for SRS surgery in Vizag, is creating this blog.

Within this, we will be discussing everything about the process & things to keep in mind.

Understanding Gender Identity 

We all know there are different genders in this world, but what we don’t know or try to ignore is gender identity. Gender identity is ideal or the sense of an individual’s gender.

Mostly gender identity is related to your gender, while there are certain people whose gender identity does not relate to your gender. Therefore, there are various types of gender identities, and a lot of people in this world are distributed according to their gender identities.

You must have encountered males, but their gender identity does not correlate with their gender. On the other hand, you must have seen females, whose gender identity does not correlate with their gender.

Although, due to society, we don’t consider these things normal, but these things are completely normal.

Although people whose gender does not correlate with their gender identity want to get a gender that is related to their gender, that’s when sex reassignment surgery helps.

The Steps of Sex Reassignment Surgery

 We hope you are well aware of the types of sex reassignment surgeries, which are divided into two sections. Let’s discuss them precisely.

  • Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the complex surgery of male to female sex reassignment surgery, the penis tissues and testicles are removed. Not just that, the complete internal organs are developed like an actual female body.

This is all about the procedure linked with the reproductive part changes, while there are a few patients who want to change their look, in such cases, cosmetic surgeries are processed for breast formation and facial changes.

  • Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the surgical procedure of female-to-male sex reassignment surgery urethra is created for standing urination. Along with that, testicle implants are attached. This procedure takes around 4 to 5 hours and the recovery time is provided to the patients based on the final outcomes.

In this surgery, cosmetic surgical integrations, such as breast removal, facial changes, hair-related changes, and many more, are done. With the help of this, a female is reassigned as a male completely.


It’s important to understand the working and procedures linked with sex reassignment surgeries, which will give you a complete idea of everything you should keep in mind and be prepared for.

For professional sex change surgery, you can contact VJS Transgender Clinic.

Gender change Surgery

All About To Prepare Yourself For Gender Affirmation Surgery

Going for a gender affirmation surgery is not one such step that you randomly thought and going to get done the next day. When planning for gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, there are several steps behind it

You would have to figure out the budget, collect important documents, and, most importantly you would have to prepare yourself for your sex change surgery in Vizag.

If everything is done from your end, but you still don’t feel prepared for the surgery, then this post is the perfect option for you. Make sure to follow this post till the end to learn about a few preparation tips for gender affirmation surgery.

Preparation Tips For Gender Affirmation Surgery

Here is the list of basic preparation tips with the help of which you can prepare yourself for gender affirmation surgery both mentally and physically.

  • List of questions:

The biggest reason why people do not feel they are prepared for gender change surgery is they have a lot of questions in their minds. Hence we would suggest you write down all the questions on a sheet and get in touch with your doctor, with the help of which you can get better clarity about your surgical procedure and questions linked with it.

At VJ Transgender Clinics, you will be notified to get in touch with your surgeon, who will be there to listen to all your queries and solve them.

  • Talk to people:

We believe that everyone has someone who will listen to their problems, what they think, and why you are taking steps in their life without judging them. Make sure to get in touch with them and talk about the surgical procedure you are going to take; once you share everything with them, you will feel light-hearted.

This will directly help you prepare for the surgical procedure mentally.

  • Be aware of the risks and benefits of the surgery:

Make sure that you are completely aware of all the risks and benefits of gender change surgery, with the help of which you can prepare yourself accordingly. Secondly, By keeping yourself aware of all the risks, you can directly call your doctor and ask them for solutions to reduce those risks.

Whenever you have to go for sex change surgery, it is suggested to stop working out and do any such heavy work. As it will help you ease the surgical procedure, you can ask for more such tips and tricks to reduce the risks involved in your sex change surgery.

  • Surgery does not end here:

Once the surgery is done, most people believe that everything is done. But in reality, the surgical procedure is not done yet, as you would have to get in touch with a therapist who can help you with the transition phase.


Gender affirmation surgery needs a lot of preparation from both the physical and mental aspects, and we hope these tips will help you a lot in preparing yourself properly. To further discuss about the gender change surgery, you should get in touch with VJ Transgender Clinics.

Gender change Surgery

Preparing For Gender Affirmation Surgery: Tips & Advice

Are you planning to go for a Sex Change Surgery, but you are terrified of the overall process because you are unaware of it?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry about it, as we will help you with the complete process of Sex Change Surgery in Vizag; that’ll help you understand the complete process and prepare you for it.

Along with that, we will be sharing a few tips & advice that will be bonus points for you.

Initial Stage of Gender Reassignment Surgery

Gender Change Surgery will be one of the most significant steps in your life. Hence, you must ensure that you are fully prepared for it from every aspect. First, let us have a look at the requirements of Gender Reassignment Surgery:

  • Firstly you would have to get in touch with a psychiatrist and get a certificate from them stating that you are completely fine and taking this decision for gender reassignment with your complete understanding.
  • You would have to submit this certificate to the hospital for Gender Change Surgery in Andhra Pradesh. They’ll keep it as proof of your perfect mental health.
  • Secondly, you would have to sign a consent form that this process is being done on you with your full permission. Once that is done, you must contact your doctor for a perfect health medical certificate.

These are the basic requirements you should have before Gender Reassignment Surgery. Make sure that you are 18+, and you should have family members around you who are supporting you with this surgery.

Top Surgery Process & Preparation

Under the Top Surgery Process of Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, your complete body will be examined by a team of doctors, based on which the doctors will suggest some changes for your top body, including your face.

Before this process, your doctor will contact you to understand the type of top body changes you are looking for through plastic surgery and all about your requirements.

After The Gender Change Surgery

Before going for the sex change surgery, you would get in touch with your friends and family so that they can take you back home after the surgery. This is because you would be unable to do daily activities for at least two weeks after the procedure.

After the procedure, for the first two weeks, you would need a lot of guidance and help from your family members. Although it is suggested to patients to get back to work after a rest of at least six weeks, it has been noticed that some people can get back to work within a four-week recovery time.


If you are looking for Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag, VJ Transgenders Clinic is here to help you.

Gender change Surgery

What factors are responsible for the final results of sex change surgery?

Being A Transgender

Having a different gender than the majority of people is not a sin. You have the full right to appreciate your beauty and body. However, if you are not satisfied with the gender that you have from birth, it is possible to change it by undergoing Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Doesn’t it sound like magic? Well, this is not magic; this is the realm of advanced medical science that has made changing one’s gender possible.

You need to visit a well-known transgender clinic as the surgery involves complexity. Hence only a well-experienced surgeon is capable of providing you with ideal results. However, there are some essential factors one must know before going for a Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Essential Factors That Influence This Surgery

In order to have a high success rate in your gender change surgery, you have to keep the below-listed things in mind.

  • Health State

You have to be in good health and can only go for this surgery or any other complex surgical treatment. Doctors might advise you not to undergo this surgery if you have any disease. Your bad health condition can interfere with the results of surgery. Things that you should do to be assured of your good health are

  • Blood Test

  • Check BP and Sugar Level

  • Check constipation

  • Check Mental Health

  • Medical History

As well as the current health state, past medications can also influence this surgery. In case you are on drugs or have been on medications recently, you need to consult the doctor to know your eligibility for this surgical procedure. You have to report about even simple medicines that you take if you want to receive adequate healthcare service. Consider taking the following things with you, if you have them, during the appointment.

  • Medicines

  • Medical Report

  • Current Medicine Description

  • Surgery In Past

You need to tell the doctor about the surgery that you underwent recently or a long time ago. It is likely that you will have marks of incisions due to that surgery. In that case, sex change surgical treatment is hard to perform if those incisions are extensive or fatal.

  • Your Age

You need to be of that age that meets the eligibility criteria for this surgery. Just being more than 18 years old won’t make you eligible for this operation. Kindly ask the doctor whether you can undergo gender change surgery at this age.

  • Medical Equipment

Getting the sex change operation at the clinic equipped with advanced medical tools & machines can boost the success rate. As surgeons need to make incisions & cuts, so the tools they use have to be in good working condition and of the latest model.

  • Surgeon’s Expertise

You don’t need to be concerned about the final results of the surgery if your surgeon is highly qualified and has years of experience. Such skilled surgeons are highly proficient in carrying out even complex operations with ideal results.

Where To Get Gender Change Surgery

One of the most reliable clinics is Vj’s Transgender Clinic. We will give you correct guidance regarding your eligibility as well as ensure adequate surgery.

Gender change Surgery

Why Is Gender-Affirming Healthcare Important and What Is It?

For transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people, having access to gender-affirming healthcare can save their lives. Gender-affirming healthcare is care that affirms the gender identity of transgender persons while focusing on their physical, mental, and social health requirements and well-being. It seeks to affirm transgender identity as opposed to a disorder.


If you having some problems with Gender-Affirming, you can visit VJ’S Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

You can feel comfortable receiving your treatment from them because of their high success rate for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Transgender people frequently experience substantial health disparities brought on by prejudice, ignorance, and systemic prejudices in addition to having less access to healthcare. Healthcare that is gender-affirming was uncommon until recently. But the vast body of evidence suggests that limiting people’s access to gender-affirming medical care could harm their general health.

Benefits of care

Gender-diverse people’s mental health and general well-being are improved by gender-affirming healthcare. It’s crucial to understand that gender-affirming medical treatment can save lives.

Trans people can benefit from gender-affirming healthcare in both physical and psychological ways. These benefits work together.



Gender-affirming healthcare allows a trans person’s physical features to match their self-identified gender more closely. Improvements in self-esteem and body image result from these material changes.


Participants also had lower rates of binge drinking and drug use, indicating an overall healthier lifestyle, than those who got gender-affirming healthcare later in life.



Access to gender-affirming healthcare, in the opinion of experts, can significantly improve the mental health of trans persons, resulting in:


  • Lower suicide rates
  • Lower rate of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and others
  • The reduced self-inflicted injury rate


The interplay between psychological and physical

The physical changes associated with puberty may cause substantial distress for many young people who identify as gender nonconforming.

Physical aspects of gender-affirming healthcare can be highly significant for transgender persons to feel comfortable in their flesh, which is crucial for their psychological well-being. Teenagers are particularly impacted by this.

However, it’s recommended to wear a binder for no more than six hours at a time, and I was working 12-hour shifts. Before having top surgery, I had to decide between severe physical pain and excruciating mental distress.


A rippling impact

One person’s improved access to healthcare that is gender-affirming can have an impact on the trans community as a whole.

The most pervasive benefit I observe in treatment is trust. In the trans community, it is customary to ask others if a service provider is secure before using them. As a result, it’s highly possible that as you develop those ties, others will emerge from hiding.


Considering nonbinary and gender nonbinary individuals

Nonbinary might mean different things to different people. It’s a term used to describe persons whose gender is neither exclusively female nor exclusively male.

The term “gender diversity” is used to describe a range of gender identities and manifestations that defy gender binary and cultural norms.

Although nonbinary individuals may have different surgical goals, a variety of surgical techniques can be used to help them create the most gender-affirming body possible.

Gender change Surgery male to female

In-depth information about the gender change surgery and results

Well, in these words, there are some cases where people are born in the male body, but their soul is a female, and sometimes the opposite also happens. And due to that, those people suffer from many situations because their feelings and body looks do not match. If you are also one of them, then you can get a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh at VJ’S Transgender Clinics.

Moreover, their success rate for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is pretty high, and you can feel free to get your treatment from them. So let’s know about the procedure of this surgery and also reviews of some surgeries.

Information on gender change surgeries

  • Why is gender transformation surgery done?

It is pretty common that only those people get this surgery whose identity is not the same as their physical looks. And people suffering from these issues also face gender dysphoria. This is a kind of distress that occurs when your physical looks do not match your inner identity.

  • Difference between transgender and nonbinary

Transgender surgery is the best option for those whose identity is not the same as their looks from birth time. And gender nonbinary is a great option for those whose gender identity is not same to traditional male or female bodies. According to your situation, you can select the most suitable surgery for you.

  • What are the types of trans-gender surgeries?

Tran gender surgery allows a person’s body to align with the gender, and this surgery can be done on the face, breast, and other private parts of the body as well.

Facial reconstructive surgery: Basically, this surgery helps to make features of the face more masculine or feminine.

Chest or top surgery: In this specific surgery, surgeons remove breast tissues in order to give a more masculine appearance. And it also helps to increase the size of the breast and makes the shape clear.

Genetial or bottom surgery: This surgery is a procedure to transform or reconstruct genitalia.

  • Is transgender surgery the only option to treat dysphoria?

Well, it depends on the person because there are some who also get hormonal and other therapies in order to get excellent results.

    • Hormone therapy: This therapy helps to increase the masculine or feminine characteristics of a person. And it also helps to adjust the hair volume and voice tone of a person according to the type of sex.
    • Puberty Blockers: they will provide you assistance to prevent you from going through puberty.
    • Voice therapy: this surgery can provide you with excellent results in adjusting your voice tone according to your sex. And it may also improve your communication skill, such as giving introductions according to your pronouns. Ultimately, this therapy will make you able to match your inner identity completely.
Gender change Surgery

Hair Transplant Increasing Demand In Gender Change Surgery Plan

Are you planning for gender change surgery?

No doubt, it’s your own decision when you wish to come out to the world and let yourself beautifully transform through the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag. Just make sure you are handling everything correctly and getting yourself all the necessary information to make the journey smooth and go in the direction that you always hoped for.

The transformation is all about making yourself feel confident and feel comfortable in your own skin. Because at the end of the day, it’s ‘YOU’ that matters the most. So, as you plan the process of SRS surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you can even get hair restoration. Basically, the aim is to make the overall look stand out, and that’s possible with the advanced form of restoration, that’s ‘Hair Transplant.’ If you are unsure how it works and whether it’s possible, then look for the expertise of an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Hair transplant as a part of gender change surgery

In today’s world, cosmetic surgery aims to uplift a person’s confidence, whether it’s due to medical or personal reasons. The important part is that every person can plan hair transplantation if they have hair concerns and they want the same to be addressed effectively. So, how does a hair transplant work?

Hair transplant method for transgender

The supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon plays an important role in planning everything. The hair transplantation is similar to what the other individuals have suggested. The cosmetic surgeon suggests whether there’s a need to get FUE or FUT to get that natural-looking hairline and transform the overall appearance.

There’s a possibility that the surgeon asks to combine both methods to attain the required results. The cosmetic surgeon knows what is best for you when you are planning for gender change surgery. So, it’s a requirement to use the right methodology and procedures to get the desired results as needed.

Natural and permanent hair growth

Gender change surgery comes as the choice to boost the person’s overall confidence. So, seeking a hair transplant as a part of your MTF or FTM surgery means effective results. One thing is certain: planning the surgery gives better means to provide the results that you have been looking for.

Look for an experienced cosmetic surgeon

If you are concerned about how to look for an experienced surgeon, then better consider the following tips in mind:

  • You need to check the doctor’s years of experience to plan everything.
  • Check the doctor’s social media presence.
  • Check the online reviews, testimonials, or video testimonials to get surety you are looking for someone whose highly experienced.
  • Check out the list of surgical plans offered by the doctor on the website. So, whether you want the bottom or top surgery for gender change, the surgeon should know how to do the same.
Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery

What is the gender recognition certification act? What does it include?

Gender Recognition Act

The gender recognition Act started in 2004, and it’s a pathway for individuals who want to seek gender change. The certificate acts as proof of your gender. So, even if you have undergone SRS Surgery in Vizag or not, you can apply for the same if you have been living for life as per the gender of your own choice for the last two years.

Additionally, the process of applying for the certificate is even hassle-free, as all the necessary documents and affidavits can be uploaded online. Once that’s done, then comes the waiting time for approval by the district magistrate. If you are thinking about getting Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make yourself get the desired look and get your self-confidence elevated. So, the choice of surgery, applying the recognition certification act, and all other factors come in handy to enjoy your journey with ease.

Analyze the concept of gender recognition certificate

Gender recognition certificates include an altogether different concept by choosing different points. So, here’s what the major focus is being put upon:

  • The person can feel discomfort or uneasiness due to the biological sex and gender identity is not linked to one another. Considering everything, it’s essential that the person is allowed to live the life they wish.
  • Moreover, seeking the desired gender identity even allows one to obtain the benefit of hormonal counseling and therapeutic services. It’s important to have proper communication with one another and create the right level of understanding to attain the necessary results.

Operations of Law for Gender Recognition Act, 2004

The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 comes in handy for the person to protect them from harassment or any kind of injustice. The main aim of the act is to help the person live their life freely and not let anyone bother them. The certificate is the means to attain freedom and enjoy life while going through the gender change process.

Most importantly, the process of gender change surgery and the entire process have continuous supervision offered by expert doctors. The certificate acts as a protection against social or economic injustice. No doubt, a lot has been done by the Indian government to make an easy pathway for those going through the gender change procedure. Just make sure to get the required supervision from an experienced medical practitioner to make the entire journey smooth and much more manageable.

How to get the gender recognition certificate act?

To seek the gender recognition certificate act, some of the essential points that you need to follow are:

  • Individuals of age 18 years or above can apply for the certificate.
  • The requirements of the major documents like birth certificate and adoption certificate (if adopted).
  • To get the certificate, it’s essential to submit the application form, affidavit, and psychiatrist report,
  • To get the same, it’s important to wait for a time period of at least one year and, in the given frame, should get involved in any kind of unwanted practices.

Gender change Surgery male to female

Male to female transgender surgery: How to prepare for transition journey?

MTF Gender change surgery

The transition from MTF (Male To Female Surgery) is an important decision you must take with the right approach and planning. Indeed! When you plan for the approach of Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it does give you a lot of confidence to look at the way you feel inside. It’s like the reflection of what you feel.

Gender change surgery – A life-changing experience

The choice of Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is effective in every sense, as it gives you self-confidence and zeal to live your life the way you wished for. Transformation is the way to make the journey better. So, it’s best that you consult the best cosmetic surgeon to attain the procedure in a successful and manageable manner. When you get the expertise of a skilled and trained surgeon, it helps you stay informed all the time. Additionally, you can understand better what to expect and how to deal with everything.

Procedures performed for a male to female gender change

Transgender is altogether a different and unique experience. Therefore as you begin the journey, this will make everything settled down with ease and comfort. The journey of male-to-female transition includes a number of procedures to attain the feminine look.

  • Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical approach to adding breast implants that are an important part of achieving a feminine look. The procedure comes under the feminine look for top surgery.

  • Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery focuses on correcting the feminine look through surgical methods. With FFS, different methods are including like:

  • Nose job surgery
  • Forehead or brow lift
  • Jawline contouring
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek implants


  • Laser hair removal

If you are concerned about the hair on your body, then you can begin the journey of laser hair removal to address the situation. The approach allows for to safe and permanent removal of all the hair. Depending on which body parts you want to get addressed, you can consult the cosmetic surgeon and plan the journey. Thus it is an important part of gender change surgery.

Prepare yourself for MTF surgery

Once you have discussed with the surgeon, you want to get the so-and-so procedure you need to begin the medical transition process. That means preparing yourself by having all the necessary resources and taking care of yourself properly. It’s better to keep all things handy so that during recovery, you don’t encounter any problems.

Are you looking for a surgeon to get gender change surgery?

In that case, VJ’s Transgender Clinic is your one-stop destination to attain the successful and most manageable journey for gender change. Discuss all your concerns and doubt with Dr. C Vijay Kumar and begin the exciting & beautiful transformation for gender change MTF.