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Challenges and Progress in Gender Change Surgery and Trans Healthcare in Europe

Trans healthcare is an important part of shielding the prosperity and freedoms of transgender individuals all through Europe. While huge progress has been accomplished in perceiving and tending to the transgender community’s specific healthcare needs, critical issues remain.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the issues and advances in trans healthcare in Europe, giving light to the endeavors being done to increment transgender individuals’ admittance to quality healthcare.

This blog tries to give a total image of the current circumstance of trans healthcare in Europe and the endeavors being made towards inclusivity and equity, going from gender transition surgery in India to SRS surgery in India.

  1. Access to Gender Change Surgery: A Complex Journey

Obtaining gender change surgery in India, which is an important part of expressing one’s gender identity, is typically a complex and difficult process for transgender people all across Europe.

While the availability and accessibility of gender transition surgeries vary by nation, transgender people encounter several similar challenges, such as extensive waiting lists, stringent qualifying criteria, and a scarcity of healthcare practitioners with competence in this field.

These difficulties underscore the importance of enhanced coordination, standardized guidelines, and additional assistance in order to enable prompt access to gender transition procedures for all who require them.

  1. The Significance of SRS Surgery for Transgender Individuals

Many transgender people rely on Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), often known as gender confirmation surgery, to help them transition. It entails surgical operations to match a person’s physical appearance to their gender identification. Access to SRS surgery, however, remains limited in many European nations, with significant waiting times and a scarcity of specialised healthcare specialists.

This lack of accessibility highlights the importance of comprehensive trans healthcare policies that prioritise the well-being and rights of transgender people.

  1. Progress in Trans Healthcare: Celebrating Achievements

Despite the hurdles, Europe has achieved progress in trans healthcare. Several countries have taken major steps to increase access to gender transition surgery and SRS procedures.

Initiatives such as lowering wait times, increasing the number of healthcare personnel trained in trans healthcare, and enacting inclusive legislation have all aided in the advancement of transgender people’s rights and well-being. These favourable improvements not only help physical transitions, but also contribute to transgender people’s general mental health and social integration.

  1. Advocacy and Community Support: Driving Change

Transgender advocacy organisations and community organisations have been critical in driving change and advocating for improvements in trans healthcare in Europe. Their tireless efforts in raising awareness, pushing for legislation changes, and offering support services have all contributed to positive progress.

These organisations continue to raise the voices of transgender people, promote inclusivity, and advocate for trans healthcare policies that prioritise the community’s holistic needs.


The difficulties and gains in trans healthcare in Europe show the importance of continuing efforts to increase access and support for transgender people. VJ Transgender Clinics is devoted to giving thorough and caring healthcare services for transgender people, guaranteeing their prosperity, and supporting their journey towards self-acknowledgment and strengthening.

We can strive toward a future where trans healthcare is complete, accessible, and affirming for all by understanding the hurdles, advocating for change, and prioritising the overall well-being of transgender people.

Gender change Surgery Gender Dysphoria

What is Gender Dysphoria and treatment in India?

You might be familiar with the gender change surgery news that flashes on social media platforms. At one time, people couldn’t even think about changing their Gender and choosing their actual gender identity, which they felt about themself. Gender change surgery In India is not an ordinary operation.

The main reason for that is that people in India are unaware of the consequences of a person struggling with their biological sex to gender identity. If you’re struggling with Gender dysphoria, you should undergo SRS surgery in India.

What is Gender dysphoria?

Suppose a person who is male by birth but doesn’t feel like a male, and he wants to be like the other Gender is gender dysphoria. In this condition, the person suffers between the actual biological sex and the Gender Identity.

Cause of Gender dysphoria:

No one knows about the cause of gender dysphoria. There are many reasons to trigger it, like environmental factors, cultural factors, wombs, genes, etc.

Surgery : 

This is not an illness; it’s just actually a condition. When a person needs to be matched or reassigned with their gender identity, this surgery is known as Gender reassign or gender confirmation surgery. This surgery helps people to change their gender identity.

Why this surgery is needed:

In the interviews, people suffering from mismatched gender identities said that it’s like a never explained feeling about how they feel living inside the body of their biological Gender, which they don’t like at all. 

Why in India:

If you specifically talk about the Indian people suffering from gender identity problems for many years. They don’t even talk about their issues to the family and friends they know.

It becomes necessary to inform every family and each person about this critical condition among the people.

In my opinion, the third most prominent reason is that the condition and reputation of transgender in India are a big reason to worry. They are allowed in government services and hospital jobs, but only 0.5% of the transgender in India are earning money and living a reputed life.

What about the other? This treatment helps many people, including transgender, to achieve their true Gender identity.

Types of surgery:

Surgeries for the transgender population:

  • Feminizing vaginoplasty
  • Musculanizing phalloplasty
  • Metoidioplasty
  • Facial reconstruction feminizing
  • Reduce tracheal cartilage shave
  • Voice surgery

Surgeries not specific for transgender people:

  • Vaginectomy
  • Orchiectomy
  • Hysterectomy 
  • Augmentation mammoplasty

How Much Does This Surgery Cost?

It depends on the hospital you choose for your surgery and the type of your surgery.

But the average expense for this surgery in India might be $1400 to $9000 more or less. Check the price before visiting any hospital for the surgery.

What to do in Gender Dysphoria:

Don’t suffer anymore. Remember, it’s not an illness. It’s just a condition. Discuss your situation with your family and make them aware of your gender identity. Next, you should visit a reputable hospital for the surgery if needed.

If you don’t know where to seek proper consultation about this condition, then VJs Transgender Clinic is the correct place for you, go there, and you’ll get all your query and problems solved about gender reassignment surgery.

Gender change Surgery Hindi

महिलाओं और पुरुषों में लिंग परिवर्तन की प्रक्रिया और खर्च ?

आज के समय में किसी को पाने की चाहत में लिंग परिवर्तन या जेंडर चेंज करवाना कोई बड़ी बात नहीं है, क्युकि ऐसा बहुत सी जगहों पर आपने सुना या देखा होगा की लड़के ने लड़के की चाहत में अपना लिंग लड़की में बदलवाया और लड़की ने लड़के में परिवर्तित करवाया। इसके अलावा ये पूरी प्रक्रिया कैसे की जाती है व इसका खर्च कितना आता है इसके बारे में हम आज के आर्टिकल में चर्चा करेंगे ;

जेंडर चेंज करवाना क्या है ?

  • डॉक्टर का कहना है की अक्सर वो लोग जेंडर चेंज करवाते है जिनमे जेंडर डायसफोरिया की बीमारी होती है। वही इस तरह की बीमारी में लड़का, लड़की की तरह और लड़की, लड़के की तरह जीना चाहती है। 
  • इसके अलावा कई लड़के और लड़कियों में 12 से 16 साल के बीच जेंडर डायसफोरिया के लक्षण शुरू हो जाते है।

लक्षण क्या है जेंडर डिस्फोरिया के?

  • जेंडर डिस्फोरिया के लक्षणों की बात करें तो इसमें बच्चा लड़कों या लड़कियों के विशिष्ट कपड़े पहनने से मना कर सकता है।
  • अनेक मामलों में, जेंडर डिस्फोरिया से ग्रसित व्यक्ति बचपन से ही प्राकृतिक लिंग और अपनी लैंगिक पहचान के बीच की बेमेलता का अनुभव करना शुरू कर देता है।

अगर आपमें भी कुछ उपरोक्त लक्षण नज़र आ रहे है तो ऐसे में आपको डॉक्टरों की सलाह पर ही लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरीका चयन करना चाहिए।

 जेंडर चेंज की क्या है पूरी प्रक्रिया ?

  • सेक्स चेंज कराने के इस ऑपरेशन के कई लेवल होते है, ये प्रक्रिया काफी लंबे समय तक चलती है। 
  • वही फीमेल से मेल बनने के लिए करीब 32 तरह की प्रक्रियाओं से गुजरना पड़ता है. और पुरुष से महिला बनने में 18 तरह की प्रक्रियाओं से। 
  • वही सर्जरी को करने से पहले डॉक्टर यह भी देखते हैं कि लड़का और लड़की इसके लिए मानसिक रूप से तैयार हैं या नहीं। 
  • उपरोक्त चीजों को करने के बाद सेक्स रिअसाइनमेंट सर्जरी की शुरुआत होती है और इसमें सबसे पहले डॉक्टर हार्मोन थेरेपी की शुरुआत करते है, यानी जिस लड़के को लड़की वाले हार्मोन की जरूरत है वो इंजेक्शन दवाओं के जरिए उसके शरीर में पहुंचाया जाता है, इस इंजेक्शन के करीब तीन से चार डोज देने के बाद बॉडी में हार्मोनल बदलाव होने लगते है, फिर इसका आगे का प्रोसीजर शुरू किया जाता है। 
  • इनको करने के बाद इसमें पुरुष या महिला के प्राइवेट पार्ट और चेहरे की शेप को बदला जाता है। 
  • फिर महिला से पुरुष बनने वाले में पहले ब्रेस्ट को हटाया जाता है और पुरुष का प्राइवेट पार्ट डेवलप किया जाता है। 
  • ब्रेस्ट के लिए अलग से तीन से चार घंटे की सर्जरी करनी पड़ती है, लेकिन ये सर्जरी चार से पांच महीने के गैप के बाद ही की जाती है। 

जेंडर चेंज करवाने की लागत क्या है ?

जेंडर चेंज या एसआरएस सर्जरी के लिए बेहतरीन हॉस्पिटल !

  • अगर आप भी डिस्फोरिया जेंडर की बीमारी से ग्रस्त है तो इसके लिए आपको एसआरएस सर्जरी को वीजे ट्रांसजेंडर क्लिनिक से जरूर करवाना चाहिए। 

निष्कर्ष :

अगर आप में से भी किसी में डिस्फोरिया ने जन्म ले लिया है तो इसके लिए आपको घबराना नहीं चाहिए बल्कि आप अगर इस तरह की समस्या का सामना कर रहे है तो आपको अपने डॉक्टर के संपर्क में आना चाहिए।

Gender change Surgery

Things that you need to Know about gender reassignment surgery

You may have concerns about what to anticipate during and following gender affirmation or gender reassignment surgery if you are experiencing gender confusion or considering or preparing for such surgery. From beginning to end, we’re here to guide you through this liberating change.

Here are the standard prerequisites, as well as what to anticipate before and after the procedure, for gender affirmation top surgery.

Requirements For Surgery to Change Gender

A significant step on your path to discovering your authentic self is gender affirmation surgery. It is significant to highlight that there are a few conditions that must be fulfilled:

A note from your psychiatrist (or therapist) confirming that you are of sound mind and good judgment is required before surgery.

Complete permission forms.

Take forms to your primary care physician for medical clearance and receive pre-and post-operative instructions.

Additionally, there are a few requirements that are optional but advised. Patients must be at least 18 years old or have their spouses, families, and friends’ full support.

You will talk about the precise operation and surgeries you plan to have during your appointment with your plastic surgeon, as well as your overall state of health and your long-term gender reassignment objectives. There are various alternatives for shaping the body, masculinization of the face, and top surgery. You will develop an extensive gender affirmation surgical plan with your surgeon

.Dr. C. Vijaykumar will evaluate your breasts when you choose the top surgery at the VJ’s transgender clinic the best gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to decide whether a keyhole incision (a periareolar incision around the nipple) or double incision (under the breasts) is the most effective method. The size of your breasts typically dictates the sort of incision. You will be informed of the hazards and the recovery time for the treatment by Dr. C Vijaykumar.

You might be required to get a preoperative anesthesia and medical examination before your operation to make sure you are qualified for anesthesia

What to anticipate following gender-affirming surgery.

First, make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick you up and drive you home following the procedure. Dr. C Vijay Kumar will check your incisions and make sure you are healing correctly when you come back in a day or two.

Although a full recovery usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, some patients can start working 2 to 4 weeks after their surgery. Naturally, this could differ between patients. Your surgeon will provide you with a recovery plan including the procedures and actions you must do as well as the potential adverse effects of the operation.

There is no doubt this surgery by Dr.C Vijaykumar is the most affordable sex change surgery in Vizag Andhra pradesh.

It is advised that you follow up with your primary care physician following top surgery. They will design a personalized long-term care plan for you that will meet your needs and guarantee that you continue to be healthy following surgery.

Gender change Surgery

A Simple Guide to Understand Transgender People

It is critical to understand and learn different aspects of identity, including transgender, in a varied world. This page tries to demystify the transgender concept so that everyone may understand the fundamentals of what it means and why it matters. 

What does transgender mean 

A person’s manners do not match the sex they were assigned at birth. It is known as transgender.

  • Sex assigned at birth: When a child is born, doctors can inform us whether it is a boy or girl founded on physical looks. It is called sex assigned at birth. 
  • Gender identity: Gender identity is when people know how they feel inside, like a girl, boy or both. It is a personal sense of who you are. In simple words, people can behave in the way they feel inside. For example, a baby is born, and the doctor assigns a boy when he grows. He behaves like a girl that is transgender.  

Understanding the gender spectrum 

Identifying transgender people is not a simple task. Gender is more complicated to modify. The baby is a boy or girl or something. But they approach each other closely. Then, they know the child is on a spectrum. Some people identify 100% with the gender they were assigned at birth. While others identify elsewhere on the gender spectrum, you can hear the words like. 

  • Non-binary: those individuals involved who do not feel male or female. It is called non-binary or another term that reflects their different gender identity.   
  • Genderfluid: some individual gender identity can change over time. For example, today, they feel like a girl gender, and tomorrow, they feel a different gender. That gender identity changes are known as genderfluid.  

Coming out as transgender 

It is a significant step to telling others your true gender identity. It is not just a simple thing. They are saying such personal things. Imagine the difficulty of sharing gender identity, especially when they do not know how people will react to them.  

Support matters

When you give your support to a person, they feel so motivated and different. A person who is transgender and gets support from family and friends can create a different world for him. You can give support by using the right name and pronunciation that match their gender identity.

Gender dysphoria 

It is that condition when a person does not exact the gender, and they feel discomfort and distress. It is known as gender dysphoria Because their body does not match their gender identity. Some therapy, hormones and surgery can help to know the true gender. Gender change surgery in Hyderabad helps to convert knowing gender identity. 

Legal recognition and challenges 

Nowadays, multiple places have laws to defend the freedoms of transgender people. The law allows transgender individuals to make legal documents, such as IDs or passports, to match their true gender identity. Even some face discrimination, and healthcare disparities still exist. 

Why understanding transgender matters

Understanding transgender people and their experiences is important for respecting and accepting society. When you understand everyone deserves respect and dignity, then you create a new world where everyone can live happily without discrimination. 

Transgender means that an individual’s gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth, but nowadays, many techniques to convert gender SRS Surgery in India is one of these. 

Gender change Surgery

What is Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation?

In the world, some people who are transgender are not different, in which people behave differently from the opposite sex person, causing hormonal changes. Trans males and trans females are two types of transgender. Trans male in which male sex is assigned to female at birth. Trans female in which female is assigned to male at birth. 

When a transgender person is confused about gender identity, he suffers from gender dysphoria. In that case, surgery helps to become a person’s self-known gender. There are various treatments for transgender such as breast surgery, hair removal surgery, penis surgery, ovaries surgery, and SRS Surgery in India.

Sexual orientation

A person is attracted emotionally, romantically, and sexually to the other person, known as sexual orientation. It does not only depend on the other sex. It also depends on the same sex person, like lesbian and gay. Homosexuals in this person are attracted to a same-sex person, known as gay or lesbian.

What is gender identity? 

Gender identity is when a person knows about their gender, such as male, female, and other. Another word that means gender identity is when a person behaves to another sex, such as if a baby is born male but behaves like a female after a few years. It’s known as transgender. Gender identification, in which a person recognizes self-know gender. Gender identification mostly develops in childhood while being aware attracts the same sex person. It also identifies the same sex.

Gender expression

Gender expression is when a person expresses his known gender publicly through behavior, hair, body language, voice, make-up, and dress. But gender identity is different from gender expression, such as gender identity, in which a person experiences changes in hormones and behaviors, and gender expression, in which a person behaves like what he deeply experienced on his own. 


A person who has different things to different people is known as a transgender. Another word means transgender, which relates to the gender identity of a person, like male, female, both (male and female), and nonbinary. There are two types of transgender. 

Trans male 

Trans male in which male assigned to female 

Trans female 

Trans Female in which a female assigned to a male 

Gender transition 

Gender transitions when a person completely changes to a self-knowing gender and openly behaves in society by name, changing the voice, dressing sense, and hair. Medication treatment, hormone therapy, or surgery sometimes helps appear physically. Gender transition is what a person deeply understands through hormone therapy about gender identity. 

Gender dysphoria 

A person who is transgender suffers from gender dysphoria. In which a person is distressed about their gender, like one gender, which sex is assigned at birth, and second, which himself knows gender identity. This condition mostly occurs in childhood, but some do not suffer from gender dysphoria. When they know about the identity of gender, they adopt Gender change surgery in India to convert into a known gender.   


Gender change Surgery

क्या लिंग परिवर्तन करवाने से पहले काउंसलिंग (counseling) का सहारा लेना जरूरी है ?

अक्सर लोगों के मन में ट्रांसजेंडर या फिर लिंग परिवर्तन को लेकर कई सवाल घूमते है की क्या हमे इस सर्जरी का सहारा लेना चाहिए या नहीं, वहीं लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी से पहले हमे किन बातों का खास ध्यान रखना चाहिए और इस सर्जरी को करवाने से पहले क्या काउंसलिंग का सहारा लेना ठीक होगा या नहीं इसके बारे में चर्चा करेंगे ;

लिंग परिवर्तन के लिए परामर्श लेना क्या है ?

  • तेजी से जटिल होती दुनिया में, स्वयं को समझना, खासकर अपनी लिंग पहचान को समझना, अक्सर एक भूलभुलैया में घूमने जैसा महसूस करा सकती है। 
  • लिंग परामर्श मनोचिकित्सा की एक विशेष शाखा है, जो लिंग पहचान, लिंग अभिव्यक्ति और यौन अभिविन्यास से संबंधित मुद्दों से निपटती है। यह एक चिकित्सीय दृष्टिकोण है जिसे व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान की खोज करने, लिंग-संबंधी मुद्दों से जूझने, या लिंग भूमिकाओं और अपेक्षाओं से संबंधित संघर्षों का अनुभव करने के लिए एक सहायक वातावरण प्रदान करने के लिए डिज़ाइन की जाती है।
  • लिंग परामर्श के साथ, व्यक्ति अपने लिंग अनुभवों के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है, अपनी पहचान के बारे में प्रभावी ढंग से संवाद करना सीख सकते है और व्यक्तिगत विकास और कल्याण की दिशा में सार्थक कदम उठा सकते है।
  • इसके अलावा लिंग परिवर्तन के दौरान चाहे कोई व्यक्ति अपनी पहचान ट्रांसजेंडर , नॉन-बाइनरी, जेंडरक्वीर के रूप में कर रहा हो, या उनकी लिंग पहचान पर सवाल उठा रहा हो, तो लिंग परामर्श इन अनुभवों और भावनाओं को नेविगेट करने के लिए आवश्यक समर्थन और मार्गदर्शन प्रदान करते है, यह सुनिश्चित करते हुए कि प्रत्येक व्यक्ति अपनी अनूठी यात्रा में मान्य और समझा हुआ खुद को महसूस करें।

लिंग परामर्श क्यों जरूरी है ?

  • लिंग परामर्श इसलिए जरूरी है क्युकी इससे व्यक्ति खुद की आत्म-समझ को बढ़ाने में कामयाब हो पाते है, और साथ ही उनको ये भी पता लगता है की उनका लिंग वास्तविक में है क्या। 
  • लिंग परामर्श आपके मानसिक स्वास्थ्य का समर्थन करते है और साथ ही समाज में सामने आने वाली समस्याओं से भी आपकी रक्षा करते है।
  • काउंसलिंग आपके अद्वितीय लिंग पहचान और अनुभवों को पूरी तरह से अपनाने में मदद करते है।
  • लिंग परामर्श व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित भेदभाव से निपटने में सहायक माने जाते है। 
  • स्वस्थ संबंधो को लिंग परामर्श बेहतरीन बनाते है। 
  • लिंग परामर्श में आपको संक्रमण के दौरान दिशानिर्देश के बारे में विस्तार से जानना चाहिए।  
  • भारत में लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी के बारे में सलाह लेना बहुत जरूरी है, खास कर अगर आप एक ट्रांसजेंडर है तब।

लिंग काउंसलिंग के बाद थेरेपी का फायदा कौन उठा सकते है ?

  • व्यक्ति अपनी लिंग पहचान की खोज कर रहे है, तो उनके लिए ये थेरेपी सहायक मानी जाती है।
  • यदि जन्म के समय निर्धारित लिंग के साथ परेशानी की भावनाएं मौजूद है, तो लिंग परामर्श इस चुनौतीपूर्ण समय के दौरान मुकाबला करने की रणनीति और सहायता प्रदान कर सकते है।
  • जिस लिंग में लगातार परिवर्तन नज़र आ रहा है, वो लोग इस थेरेपी का फ़ायदा उठा सकते है।
  • अपनी लिंग की वास्तविक पहचान को पाने के लिए भी आप इस तरह की थेरेपी से फ़ायदा उठा सकते है। 
  • लिंग संबंधी मुद्दों के कारण रिश्तों में संघर्ष कर रहे लोग भी लिंग काउंसलिंग के बाद थेरेपी का सहारा ले सकते है।

लिंग काउंसलिंग परामर्श थेरेपी में जब कोई पुरुष महिला जैसे और कोई महिला पुरुष जैसे दिखाई दे तो ऐसे में आपको भारत में SRS सर्जरी का चयन करना चाहिए।

लिंग काउंसलिंग के दौरान क्या उम्मीदे की जा सकती है ?

  • काउंसलिंग के पहले सत्र में परामर्शदाता को लिंग काउंसलिंग में शामिल लोगों के साथ अच्छे से संबंध बनाना होता है, जिससे उन्हें विश्वास हो सकें, की वो जो भी उपचार शुरू करेंगे उसका उन्हें फ़ायदा जरूर होगा।
  • अपनी कहानी को परामर्शदाता के सामने प्रस्तुत करना ताकि वो आपकी परेशानी को समझ कर आपकी समस्या को हल करवाने के बारे में सोचें। 
  • कई लोगों को पता नहीं होता की वो ट्रांसजेंडर है या नहीं तो ऐसे में परामर्शदाता लिंग पहचान और भूमिकाओं की खोज करवाने में उनकी मदद करते है। 
  • लिंग काउंसलिंग का चयन करने के बाद आपको कई सारी चुनौतियों का सामना करना पड़ सकता है।
  • मुकाबला तंत्र विकसित करना। 
  • अपने एक लक्ष्य को निर्धारित करना। 

लिंग काउंसलिंग में किस तरह के तकनीक का प्रयोग किया जाता है ?

संज्ञानात्मक व्यवहार थेरेपी (CBT) :

जोकि व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित नकारात्मक विचार पैटर्न को पहचानने और चुनौती देने में मदद करता है, उन्हें स्वस्थ, अधिक सकारात्मक विचारों से प्रतिस्थापित करता है।

माइंडफुलनेस तकनीक का सहारा लेना :

इस तकनीक में व्यक्ति की उपस्थित बहुत जरूरी है और उनकी वर्तमान स्थिति को स्वीकार करना सिखाकर, माइंडफुलनेस लिंग डिस्फोरिया या सामाजिक दबाव से जुड़े तनाव और चिंता को कम कर सकते है।

नैरेटिव थेरेपी का सहारा लेना :

व्यक्तियों को अपनी कहानियों को फिर से लिखने, अधिक सकारात्मक आत्म-छवि और उनकी लिंग पहचान की स्वीकृति को बढ़ावा देने की अनुमति देती है। जिससे व्यक्ति अपनी कहानी आसानी से लिखने में सहायक हो पाता है।

फैमिली सिस्टम थेरेपी :

फैमिली सिस्टम थेरेपी में, परिवार को शामिल करना फायदेमंद हो सकता है। यह दृष्टिकोण परिवार के सदस्यों को व्यक्ति की लिंग पहचान को समझने, स्वीकृति और स्वस्थ संचार को बढ़ावा देने में मदद कर सकते है।

मुखरता प्रशिक्षण : 

यह व्यक्तियों को अपने लिए प्रभावी ढंग से खड़े होने में मदद करता है, खासकर जब उन्हें अपनी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित भेदभाव या कलंक का सामना करना पड़ता है।

स्व-देखभाल रणनीतियों को अपनाना : 

लिंग चिकित्सक अक्सर स्व-देखभाल प्रथाओं को विकसित करने, मानसिक स्वास्थ्य और समग्र कल्याण को बढ़ावा देने में व्यक्तियों का मार्गदर्शन करते है।

सुझाव :

अगर आप ट्रांसजेंडर या लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी को करवाने के बारे में सोच रहें है तो उससे पहले लिंग काउंसलिंग का चयन आपको करना चाहिए ताकि आपको पता चल सकें की क्या ये सर्जरी आपके लिए सहायक है भी या नहीं। वहीं इस काउंसलिंग को आप वी जे एस ट्रांसजेंडर क्लिनिक से भी करवा सकते है। 

निष्कर्ष :

उम्मीद करते है की आपने जान लिया होगा की ट्रांसजेंडर सर्जरी का चयन करने से पहले काउंसलिंग का चयन क्यों करना चाहिए। वहीं लिंग संबंधी जानकारी हासिल करने के लिए काउंसलिंग का सहारा लेना एक बेहतरीन सोच है। इसलिए इस संबंधी अगर आप सलाह लेना चाहते है तो इसके लिए आपको बेहतरीन काउंसिल परामर्शदाता का चयन करना चाहिए।

Gender change Surgery

Why Is Gender-Affirming Healthcare Important and What Is It?

For transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people, having access to gender-affirming healthcare can save their lives. Gender-affirming healthcare is care that affirms the gender identity of transgender persons while focusing on their physical, mental, and social health requirements and well-being. It seeks to affirm transgender identity as opposed to a disorder.


If you having some problems with Gender-Affirming, you can visit VJ’S Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

You can feel comfortable receiving your treatment from them because of their high success rate for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Transgender people frequently experience substantial health disparities brought on by prejudice, ignorance, and systemic prejudices in addition to having less access to healthcare. Healthcare that is gender-affirming was uncommon until recently. But the vast body of evidence suggests that limiting people’s access to gender-affirming medical care could harm their general health.

Benefits of care

Gender-diverse people’s mental health and general well-being are improved by gender-affirming healthcare. It’s crucial to understand that gender-affirming medical treatment can save lives.

Trans people can benefit from gender-affirming healthcare in both physical and psychological ways. These benefits work together.



Gender-affirming healthcare allows a trans person’s physical features to match their self-identified gender more closely. Improvements in self-esteem and body image result from these material changes.


Participants also had lower rates of binge drinking and drug use, indicating an overall healthier lifestyle, than those who got gender-affirming healthcare later in life.



Access to gender-affirming healthcare, in the opinion of experts, can significantly improve the mental health of trans persons, resulting in:


  • Lower suicide rates
  • Lower rate of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and others
  • The reduced self-inflicted injury rate


The interplay between psychological and physical

The physical changes associated with puberty may cause substantial distress for many young people who identify as gender nonconforming.

Physical aspects of gender-affirming healthcare can be highly significant for transgender persons to feel comfortable in their flesh, which is crucial for their psychological well-being. Teenagers are particularly impacted by this.

However, it’s recommended to wear a binder for no more than six hours at a time, and I was working 12-hour shifts. Before having top surgery, I had to decide between severe physical pain and excruciating mental distress.


A rippling impact

One person’s improved access to healthcare that is gender-affirming can have an impact on the trans community as a whole.

The most pervasive benefit I observe in treatment is trust. In the trans community, it is customary to ask others if a service provider is secure before using them. As a result, it’s highly possible that as you develop those ties, others will emerge from hiding.


Considering nonbinary and gender nonbinary individuals

Nonbinary might mean different things to different people. It’s a term used to describe persons whose gender is neither exclusively female nor exclusively male.

The term “gender diversity” is used to describe a range of gender identities and manifestations that defy gender binary and cultural norms.

Although nonbinary individuals may have different surgical goals, a variety of surgical techniques can be used to help them create the most gender-affirming body possible.

Gender change Surgery

Crucial Things To Know About The Working of Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is a crucial stage of someone’s life, and most people are unaware of that, but it’s not just the physical changes that occur. Along with that, you would have to deal with many mental changes before or after gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

And to make everyone understand the changes someone goes through during this surgical process, VJS Transgender Clinic, the most reliable name for SRS surgery in Vizag, is creating this blog.

Within this, we will be discussing everything about the process & things to keep in mind.

Understanding Gender Identity 

We all know there are different genders in this world, but what we don’t know or try to ignore is gender identity. Gender identity is ideal or the sense of an individual’s gender.

Mostly gender identity is related to your gender, while there are certain people whose gender identity does not relate to your gender. Therefore, there are various types of gender identities, and a lot of people in this world are distributed according to their gender identities.

You must have encountered males, but their gender identity does not correlate with their gender. On the other hand, you must have seen females, whose gender identity does not correlate with their gender.

Although, due to society, we don’t consider these things normal, but these things are completely normal.

Although people whose gender does not correlate with their gender identity want to get a gender that is related to their gender, that’s when sex reassignment surgery helps.

The Steps of Sex Reassignment Surgery

 We hope you are well aware of the types of sex reassignment surgeries, which are divided into two sections. Let’s discuss them precisely.

  • Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the complex surgery of male to female sex reassignment surgery, the penis tissues and testicles are removed. Not just that, the complete internal organs are developed like an actual female body.

This is all about the procedure linked with the reproductive part changes, while there are a few patients who want to change their look, in such cases, cosmetic surgeries are processed for breast formation and facial changes.

  • Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the surgical procedure of female-to-male sex reassignment surgery urethra is created for standing urination. Along with that, testicle implants are attached. This procedure takes around 4 to 5 hours and the recovery time is provided to the patients based on the final outcomes.

In this surgery, cosmetic surgical integrations, such as breast removal, facial changes, hair-related changes, and many more, are done. With the help of this, a female is reassigned as a male completely.


It’s important to understand the working and procedures linked with sex reassignment surgeries, which will give you a complete idea of everything you should keep in mind and be prepared for.

For professional sex change surgery, you can contact VJS Transgender Clinic.

Gender change Surgery

What are the different types of SRS techniques?

In this modern era, people feel their behavior is not the same as their gender. People who are transgender want to get their particular identity. These transgender surgeries are preferable to get a particular identity. Before opting for SRS surgery, go through with the different types of SRS techniques that are used in SRS Surgery. There are two types of SRS Techniques. 

What is the definition of Sex affirmation surgery? 

Transgender surgeries are also known as sex reassignment surgery. It is a procedure that is helpful for getting a particular Identity. Nowadays, it is the most preferable surgery for the transition of self-identified gender. 

Why do people prefer transgender Surgeries? 

People prefer transgender surgeries to match their physical body to their gender identity. They choose gender affirmation surgery because they do not want to experience the problem of gender Dysphoria. The issue of gender dysphoria causes stress because the sex assigned at the time of birth does not match your gender. You can also get a consultation about transgender surgery in India.

Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a feeling that a person has because of the difference between the biological sex organ and the identity of gender. This dissatisfaction feeling can be so intense. In this condition, people will go for sex reassignment surgeries. 

Treatment of Gender dysphoria 

Gender dysphoria is not cured by surgeries only. There are some other ways of treating gender dysphoria. The methods of treatment depend on your preference and age.

  • Hormonal therapies: These therapies can increase masculine or feminine characteristics, such as the amount of your body hair and your vocal.
  • Blockers: Blockers block puberty to prevent you from going through puberty.
  • Therapies for vocal: These therapies can change your voice according to your gender.

Types of The Sex reassignment surgery techniques 

Penile Inversion SRS

The penis is 6 to 7 inches. For getting the natural depth of the vagina, the size of the penis is deducted. The reason is that about 3 to 4 inches of penile skin gets consumed for the creation of the clitoris hooding. Penile inversion is not the proper technique to achieve a satisfying full SRS result, as in almost all cases, this does not permit sexual intercourse. 

Full-Length Full-Thickness Scrotal Skin Graft SRS

The basic idea of the full graft vaginoplasty was to overcome the limitations of the penile inversion SRS/GCS, which stems from inverting the valued penile skin and using all or a big part of it to line the vagina with it. Also, it is geared to provide for a tension-free vulva/ vagina setup.

Sigmoid Colon SRS

Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty is designed to cover the skin penile inversion and full-length graft vaginoplasty techniques. A long segment of the sigmoid colon with its attached blood supply is used as the neovagina. The graft is sutured to the perineum via the open end. The result is a fully deep, naturally lubricating, and sensate vagina. 

Olmec sigma- lead GCS/SRS 

It is an advanced type of sigmoid colon SRS/GCS that is exclusively practiced at OLMEC and has become the preferred technique. 

Difference between transgender and nonbinary 

  • Transgender: Someone whose gender identity is different from the sex that was assigned at the time of birth is known as transgender. 
  • NonBinary: Someone who does not fit with the females and males with their gender. 

Types of transgender surgery

There are three types of transgender surgery. 

  • Facial reconstructive surgery: This surgery is beneficial for the reconstruction of facial features of masculine and feminine. 
  • Top surgery: The top surgery is also known as the chest surgery. In this surgery, the breast tissues are removed to give a masculine appearance. Also, it enhances the breast size and shape for a feminine appearance.
  • Genital and bottom surgery: The genitalia are transformed and reconstructed in the bottom surgery. 

Benefits and drawbacks of transgender surgeries

These surgeries are beneficial for people who experience gender dysphoria. The major benefit of these surgeries is they give peace and good mental health. The other benefit is that it gives a particular gender identity to the people. The medicines and diet are also expensive for the receiver. Doctors suggest having a high-protein diet and a liquid diet for a few days. However, surgeries are quite risky. Just like other surgeries, SRS surgeries also have some risks. The patient feels difficulties emptying the bladder. The other risks are bleeding, infection and some side effects of anesthesia. 

Transgender surgeries are the best option for people who want a particular identity according to their gender. Science makes it possible to give identities according to gender. For treatment, people search for the best hospital and clinic, and the VJ Transgender Clinic is the best clinic for these surgeries because they have the best surgeons that are expert in transgender surgeries.