Gender change Surgery

Important questions to ask before your gender change surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery: How to plan for it?

For an individual to come out and accept they don’t feel like the gender assigned to them at birth can make their world go upside down. Indeed! It does create a nerve-wracking situation for the individuals on, ‘What to do?’ With that, the approach of the MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh allows the individuals to go through the transition phase with utmost ease and comfort. Most importantly, it will enable the person to live a better quality lifestyle.

Once the person makes up the mind to proceed with sex-change surgery, the concern is where to get started and what I should ask the doctor. So, as you begin your journey for the Transgender Surgery in Vizag, here are a few essential questions that you should ask the surgeon to make it all more manageable for you.

Important questions to ask before the gender change surgery

Be it men or women, both have their concerns and are planning to begin with the transition phase. Getting the body aligned to how the person feels brings that confidence and comfortable feeling of everything going in the right direction. Whether you are getting forehead reconstruction or Genital Reconstruction in Andhra Pradesh, you should clarify all your doubts.

Question 1: Do I qualify to get gender-affirming surgery?

The suitable candidates have met the medical expert to analyze whether their feelings are right to what they feel. Many individuals have even undergone hormone therapy to start through the transition phase. It’s true not all of them undergo surgery directly.

Before beginning with surgery, the doctor will consult your psychologist and another expert team, and your family to ensure you are ready to start the journey. Doing so allows us to seek the best and most relevant results in all regards.

Question 2: How much experience does the gender-affirming surgeon have?

Gender change surgery is getting more common. But, that does not mean you can trust anyone to get the surgery. So, please make sure to do some thorough research about the surgeon. Like:

  • Go through the website
  • Check the previous results
  • Check the treatment they offer
  • Years of excellence in the field
  • Patient’s reviews and testimonials

Whether you are getting surgery for the first time or want some revision or repair, never miss out on this part.

Question 3: What does the sex-change surgery include?

Be it male to female, or female to male, the gender change surgery includes:

  • Top surgery
  • Bottom surgery

Under both these approaches, several other surgical procedures come in. You can discuss it with the surgeon to understand the possible options. Discuss your preferences, and accordingly, the surgeon will personalize your treatment plan.

Question 4: How much time does gender change surgery take?

Well, every person goes through recovery differently. Some might feel normal within 1 to 2 weeks. And for some, it might take one month to get back to normal life. But, yes, you should always take it slow and listen to all the necessary advice your surgeon gives.

Question 5: When can I begin with gender change surgery?

When you can start with gender change surgery depends on, ‘How did the initial evaluation go?’


Gender change Surgery

5 factors to know about preparing for gender affirmation surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery: How To Prepare For It?

Gender affirmation surgery or transgender surgery means going through the transition of having the gender that person feels confident about themselves. With the wide acceptance of gender change, the procedure is getting global attention. The count of individuals getting male to female surgery in India is 1 out of 4. As it’s a big decision, make sure not to take it lightly. Being aware of every step before you opt for the procedure plays a crucial part. The blog will highlight the five key factors on how you should prepare for gender affirmation surgery.

5 factors in preparing for gender change surgery

Factor 1: Don’t think you are alone; discuss your feelings

The decision to plan for your Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh requires a lot of patience and a careful approach. You all have to discuss everything with others on how you feel. Indeed! It’s one of the most exciting experiences of your life, so give it proper time and discuss every stage of surgery.

You should go online and discuss the way you feel with the surgeon. In doing this, you are in a better state to understand everything and make everything all easier and smooth for you.

Factor 2: Don’t leave the recovery preparation for the last minute

Even if your surgical procedure begins in 1 or 2 months, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. If your sex-change surgery includes the procedure of Rhinoplasty in Vizag, then ask the doctor about the necessary steps of preparation. It’s essential to consider the following things:

  • What are the things you should follow before the surgery?
  • How long does the recovery procedure last?
  • What are the medications and supplements you need?

So, with the doctor’s assistance, you should prepare for the surgical plan. Additionally, ask your near and dear ones who can help you during recovery.

Factor 3: Understand the benefits and risks of the surgery

As you plan for the sex-change surgery, make sure to analyze the risk and advantages of the surgery. Being fully aware lets you better understand going through the surgery and what to expect afterward.

Factor 4: Consider the risk of gender affirmation surgery

You have to consider all possible risk factors involved with gender change surgery. No doubt, when you undergo surgery under the expertise of a medical professional, the results are effective and safe. However, being a surgical procedure, your body goes through several changes. You have to talk with your healthcare provider to mitigate the risk factors.

Did you know?

One of the studies linked with gender change surgery has shown the following statistics:

  • Reduce psychological distress by 42%
  • Bring down intake of tobacco smoking by 35%
  • Limit suicidal ideas by 44%

It’s all about the well-being of the patients and how they feel happy after getting the gender change surgery.

Factor 5: Trans journey does not just end at surgery

For a transgender person, it’s not just the surgery that should be considered the last step. The other measures include changing the name, getting a voter card, and consulting a psychiatrist and counselor. Although, the name change is accessible in India without getting surgery or hormone therapy.



Let’s bust the myths and facts about Circumcision for gender change

Stating facts about Circumcision

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure for removing the foreskin from the top of the penis. The process makes perfect for infants, or some might get it in adult age. The procedure even gets attention among the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag or even for personal reasons. No doubt, everyone has their personal preference as to whether they wish to get the treatment or not. Keeping that aside, several myths and facts revolve around the surgery.

Getting surgery or not, it’s a personal choice but not at the cost you keep on assuming wrong about the approach of Circumcision in Vizag. And that is why I have shared the most common myths and facts about Circumcision.

Break the chain of myths revolving around Circumcision

Myth 1: Circumcision is just limited to a cosmetic approach

Fact: Removing the excess skin present on the tip of the penis might be termed a cosmetic approach. However, it has medical benefits that a male child and adult can get. That’s not all the procedures of Circumcision offer health benefits that reduce the risk of penile cancer.

Myth 2: Circumcision helps to promote male hygiene

To take care of male hygiene, you have to do something on your part. Through surgery, it’s easier to clean the penis and limit the risk of getting urinary tract infection and inflammatory skin problems. Studies have shown that those who don’t get surgery have higher chances of getting infection and zipper injuries.

Myth 3: Circumcision affects sexual health and desire

Fact: NO! That’s not true; Circumcision won’t limit the ability to have an erection. Whether the surgery get’s done or not, the sexual desire urge won’t get affected. So, sexual sensations are not bothered by Circumcision.

Myth 4: Circumcision will limit the chances of STDs later

Fact: Studies have shown Circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual men. Not just that, it offers protection against herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Additionally, reduces the risk of cervical cancer.

Myth 5: Early Circumcision means better results and benefits

Fact: Well, it goes both ways. Circumcision performed in the first year of life will prevent the chances of urinary tract infection. But, seeking treatment early can create problems of bleeding and bruising. What you all have to do is consult experienced medical health professionals.

Myth 6: Circumcision leads to an increased chance of injury

Fact: Chances of injury or any other problem are very rare. You have to consult an experienced medical health professional, and you are good to go. There won’t be any problem or difficulty in undergoing surgery.

Do you have any doubts?

You can discuss everything and whether seeking the approach is right for you with the doctor. The doctor will give you an aftercare treatment plan to go through recovery smoothly.

Gender change Surgery

Can a transgender woman have an orgasm after gender change surgery?

Gender Change Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

Transitioning into yourself or the way you feel comfortable about yourself comes with many different options. Undoubtedly, as the journey is new, it’s obvious to have other concerns in the patient’s mind about what to expect and what will happen afterward. One of the common concerns among transwomen getting Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh is: ‘Is it possible to have an orgasm after surgery?’

To answer it short and simple: YES! It’s possible.

Sex change surgery brings the change and confidence

If you are going, beginning with gender confirmation or affirmation surgery, then all you need is the expertise of a trained medical professional. MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh, under the expertise of trained professionals at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, allows you have the necessary results you are looking for. At our clinic, we offer several transgender and cosmetic treatment options like:

  • Circumcision in Vizag
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Gynecomastia
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Facial feminization surgery
  • Chin contouring
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Forehead reconstruction
  • And many other procedures

MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

As the trans woman begins her journey towards achieving that look she wants, her utmost consideration is the creation of female genitalia. During genital creation for a male to female surgery, the process includes:

  • Removing penis & testicles
  • Vagina creation

The procedure involves creating penile skin – Vaginoplasty.

What does vaginal creation include?

Along with vagina creation, the surgeon also creates a clitoris (Cliortorplasty) – one of the highly sensitive glans present at the penis top. The specific part gives desired sexual pleasure and helps achieve orgasm.

Through gender-reassignment surgery, the individuals get to enjoy intimacy and get orgasms. Even the studies have shown that the women can have sexual sensations after undregoing:

  • Clitoroplasty
  • Vaginoplasty

The factor that there’s ‘Good Genital Sensitivity’ gives the person utmost satisfaction and happiness. The joy of seeing desired results and sexual pleasure are higher.

How long can it take to start an orgasm?

For many individuals, there’s a concern about whether orgasm starts right after the surgery or does it take time. Well, for some women to have an orgasm, it takes time. The body needs time to heal, so it’s essential to go through that process easier.

Moreover, a woman needs time to understand:

  • How does she like to be stimulated?
  • What brings her pleasure?

Well, that is where you have to talk to your partner and discover this new journey together.

Do you need guidance to start your journey of gender change?

The entire phase is new, and for some, the procedure might be overwhelming, and some might try to go with the flow. At VJ’s Transgender Clinic to make the entire journey smooth and easy. No matter what doubt you have on your mind, make sure to talk to the doctor about the same to be informed in every way possible.

Sex reassignment surgery

Which are the leading global destination for sex-change surgery?

Global Destination For Gender Change Surgery

The world is transforming and technological advancement. Most importantly, the rise in technology is well-noticed in the world of gender change surgery. Be it male to female or female to male; everyone has the privilege and right to transform themselves into something that makes them feel confident.

Suppose you want to begin the journey of MTF Surgery, then you select the best destination. You don’t have to undergo treatment where all the necessary facilities are unavailable. Therefore, you need to do enough search to ensure all things are appropriately managed. And look for one of the best destinations where you have peace of mind that everything goes smoothly. The blog will give you an understanding of which place to opt for sex reassignment surgery.

Leading destinations for Sex Change Surgery

Destination 1: India

India is the leading destination to plan for a male to female and female to male sex-change surgery. Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag at Vj’s Transgender Clinic is getting attention among individuals. Whether you talk about the doctor’s expertise: Dr. C Vijay Kumar, you will get the most precise and customized treatment based on the latest technology.

India has all the availability to make your MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh journey go in the right direction. Everything seems to flow from easy to book your stay to the initial consultation. Thus, the success rate of the SRS gender change is bound to go in the right direction.

Apart from the availability of all the necessary abilities, the treatment cost is highly affordable. On average, the cost of gender change surgery is around Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh which is highly affordable compared to any other developed nation. During the initial consultation, you need to discuss what you are looking for with the doctor. Accordingly, you will get the treatment plan to begin your beautiful transformation journey. Indian medical tourism is a jack of all trades as you can seek treatment for every possible condition with proper medical facilities. That’s not all. There are beautiful sights and places you get to explore as a tourist in India.

Destination 2: Thailand

Thailand is another destination on this list. From plastic surgeons to infertility treatment, every treatment is available. The country’s vibrant nature and atmosphere allow the transgender to get the surgery without any problem. The availability of medical facilities and board-certified doctors makes the treatment easy to convey to you.

Destination 3: Serbia

Serbia is another nation that has graciously accepted the transgender community. No doubt, this was not the case for anyone. But time changes everything, and the given changes prove that perfectly.

Gender change Surgery

3 significant steps involved in gender change surgery

Gender Change Surgery

Not feeling comfortable about yourself and then trying to hide the emotions brings a wave of emotions. The individuals who don’t feel like they fit into their gender are born benefiting from changing their sex. At one of the top-rated transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh, you can get yourself a treatment plan to change your gender and feel the best version of yourself. The way of transition varies from one individual to another as it depends on their liking.

Consult the doctor to have a thorough understanding of your condition and enlighten yourself properly. You can discuss with the doctor how you wish to change your appearance and if there’s a specific procedure that you want to get. By considering everything, the doctor tells you better about Sex Change Surgery Cost In Andhra Pradesh for your treatment plan. On average, the transition from male to female or female to male can cost between Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh.

3 steps of sex reassignment surgery in Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Perform A Thorough Check Of Your Mental Health

The initial step of gender change surgery is mental health evaluation. The initial step is to consult a psychologist to ensure you are ready to undergo surgery. If you are diagnosed with ‘Gender Dysphoria,’ you have gender identity disorder. Once the psychologist understands you have the problem, then you are allowed to get the treatment. The doctor even checks whether the individual planning to seek transgender surgery has individuals around them for support throughout the surgery.

Step 2: Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is ideal for individuals who don’t wish to get surgery. Therefore, working on hormones makes a difference in patient condition.

Hormone therapy for female to male

If you are transitioning from female to male, you want a masculine look.

Through hormone therapy, that is possible as it helps to:

  • Make the voice deep
  • Enhance muscle and overall strength
  • Increase body and facial hair
  • Enlargement of clitoris

Hormone therapy for male to female

The treatment allows you to get a more feminine look as you see the changes like:

  • Make muscle mass and strength better
  • Body fat is distributed all over the body
  • Boost breast tissue
  • Reduce testosterone level
  • Reduce facial and body hair

One thing: Hormone therapy allows quickly to have better control over feelings of gender dysphoria.

Step 3: Surgical treatment

Surgical preference varies from patient to patient. Some might feel comfortable simply by getting hormone therapy only. Studies have even shown that individuals prefer to get 12 months of hormone therapy and then proceed for Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. You can discuss what you feel and which procedure you should choose with the doctor.

Gender change Surgery male to female

Doctor’s guide: How to prepare yourself for vaginoplasty gender change surgery?

Gender Confirmation Surgery

When there’s a need to undergo a surgical plan, several questions revolve in the patient’s mind. One of the important ones: What to expect? The given blog’s primary focus is to understand what to do or how to prepare for everything when planning for gender change surgery: Vaginoplasty. In the given blog, different aspects are shared to help the trans Male to female understand what to do. The most crucial factor is always to consult the doctor if there are any doubts.

How to prepare for gender change surgery?

The individuals planning for female into Male or Male into female often have difficulty preparing themselves for the surgery. It might seem exhausting in the initial phase as to what to do or how to manage everything. In the given scenario, it’s all-important to start getting everything beforehand.

Do I need to stop taking medications beforehand?

YES! And you need to ask the doctor about the said time when you need to do it and which medications should be stopped.

  • Hormone therapy

Stop it at least three weeks before the surgery.

  • Consult the doctor for better management

You don’t have to stop taking the hormone medications on your own. It’s essential to consult the doctor and make any necessary changes to the prescribed medications.

  • Stopping medications one week before

Few medications increase the chances of blot clots after surgery. So, the doctor suggested that I stop taking it at least one week before the surgery. The medicines that come under this approach are Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, Vitamin E, and Multivitamins. Herbal preparations and any other medication prescribed.

Do I need to stop smoking before vaginoplasty?

YES! When you smoke, the harmful chemicals in it start interfering with the surgical site. Moreover, the chemicals will interfere with blood vessels. As a result, there’s loss of tissue and delayed healing. So, don’t make such a mistake; otherwise, the results are affected. To increase the success rate and reduce the complication rate, you need to be smoke-free at least four weeks before the surgery.

When will I be able to recover after the surgery?

Before you leave for the surgery, it’s better to prepare your surrounding & room accordingly. Vaginoplasty sex change surgery takes at least 6 to 8 weeks for you to recover properly. You may feel better beforehand, and other people will feel normal after eight weeks. For every person, the recovery timeline varies. It’s worth noting that taking the best care of yourself after the surgery helps you see the necessary results on time.

When can I drive after vaginoplasty?

You are not allowed to drive for a few weeks after the surgery. If you want to reach somewhere, then someone in your known to help you.

Should I take any measures beforehand to prepare for surgery?

Here are some of the essential measures that are worth taking before surgery and make it all better:

  • Buy six packages of maxi pads as these are designed to be used at night.
  • Buy necessary lubricant to help you with vaginal rinses
  • Make sure to freeze a meal so that it’s easier to cook
  • Give utmost preference to managing nutritional needs to keep the body fit.

Do you need any help?

Schedule your initial appointment at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to determine what’s right and how everything is planned.

Gender change Surgery male to female

Which are the Different Steps Involved in Gender Change Surgery?

Gender Change Surgery

The transgender community is getting the attention and respect it deserves. There’s no point in living a life like a person that does not make you feel happy and content. This is where gender change surgery is the ideal approach to assist the patient in living a better life.

To begin with the transition journey, it’s crucial to manage all things the right way. Being familiar with what will happen whether you want to get male to female or female to male sex reassignment surgery is all-important. Here are three significant steps worth considering as you plan for gender change surgery.

Three essential steps for gender change surgery

For the success of sex-change surgery for female into Male or vice-versa, these three below steps are the keystone to direct the journey towards success. Let’s give you clarity about all the 3 in detail:

Step 1: Mental Health Evaluation

Before beginning your trans journey, you need to get a green signal from your mental health professional. Individuals with gender identity disorder (gender dysphoria) can get the surgery. Additionally, the patient needs to show that they can give the consent they are ready to seek surgery.

The mental health expert even makes them familiar with whether they have support from any of their loved ones or not. Ideally, it takes around 2 to 3 visits for the individuals to understand the individual is in a better state to get the treatment done.

Step 2: Hormone therapy to help address the sexual characteristics

The hormones are the key factors that control bodily attributes like hair, muscle mass, strength, voice, etc. Getting hormones allows individuals to make themselves appear masculine or feminine.

Male Hormone Therapy

When male hormone therapy is given, the treatment works upon:

  • Making voice deep
  • Boost strength & muscle
  • Enlarge the clitoris
  • Make body and facial hair growth better

Female hormone therapy

As the name suggests, female hormone therapy aims to enhance feminine features. The main aim of female hormone therapy is to work upon:

  • Takedown the testosterone level
  • Get the body fat balanced all over the body
  • Reduce muscle strength and muscle mass
  • Increase breast tissue
  • Address the body and face hair growth

Hormone therapy works little by little in making a difference in the individual condition. Ideally, to notice the maximum results, you need to give at least five years, and then only you can see the difference. Even the studies have shown that individuals behind hormone therapy allow them to get under a relaxed state and feel happy about themselves & their body.

Before you begin hormone therapy, your overall health should be fine. Make sure to consult the doctor to understand what’s right and wrong.

Step 3: Planning for surgery

You might be surprised to know that 75% of the individuals don’t get surgery their entire life for the trans phase. No doubt, everyone has their wish as to what they want and what as well as what makes them feel comfortable the most. Whether you want top surgery, bottom surgery, or both, it’s up to you.

Do you need any help?

Schedule your initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to know about the most effective approach you should follow for your trans journey.