Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Everything you need to know about the Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Being transgender, different phases comes in their life. Most importantly, the individuals get concerned about the physical changes and what they can do to make it look the same as their identity. No doubt, with gender change surgery the options are unlimited, and as to what the person wants they can get that specific approach. The feminizing hormone therapy is also referred to as ‘Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy.’

What feminizing hormone therapy is done?

Well! Trans women are given medications that prevent testosterone levels in the body. Estrogen is given which is the key factor for making the women characteristics. So, for the male to female journey can be managed much easily & effectively through this. The surgery may be either combined or given alone, depending on what your preference is. Before making the final call, the doctor will even suggest to you what are the benefits and advantages of getting this done.

What is the need for getting feminizing hormone therapy?

The key consideration here is to change the hormone level and make sure it is the same as the gender identity. Whether it’s female into Male or vice-versa both experience some sort of problem having the gender identity in place and have a concern as to what sex is assigned to them during birth. The feminizing hormone therapy can be used in different scenarios like:

  • Make gender dysphoria less severe
  • Reduce psychological and emotional distress
  • Improve psychological and social functioning
  • Improve sexual satisfaction
  • Improve the quality of life

Is feminizing hormone therapy safe?

Till now, the research which has been done has shown that it is safe and getting it done benefits the patients, just the way they want. Trans women can get this done at the age of 16 or even later in life. In many cases, the medications are given to delay this stage of life.

Is feminizing hormone therapy for everyone?

Well! The feminizing hormone therapy is not for every trans woman. So, it means there are some cases where it is not suggested like:

  • Diagnosed with hormone-sensitive cancer like prostate cancer
  • Diagnosed with a health issue which is not able to get under control
  • Facing an uncontrolled behavioral health issue
  • Facing a situation that is not making it easier to give an informed consent

 Can feminizing hormone therapy affect fertility?

YES! It can affect reproductive health. So, it means you have to make that choice. Talk to the doctor about what sort of option you can try or have in the future. Knowing about all these things beforehand allows the patient to have better clarity on which path to opt for and where to go further in making things work.

Gender change Surgery

Proficient gender change surgeon answer questions on Gender Dysphoria

Dr. C Vijay Kumar: This blog is dedicated to the topic of ‘Gender Dysphoria’. So, all those who are planning to get gender change surgery should have clarity over their thoughts so that they proceed in the right direction.

How transgender and transsexual are different from each other?

  • Transgender is referred to as a non-medical term that has been used since the 1990s and it is used in terms of gender identity to understand how someone’s gender differs as to what was assigned to them at birth.
  • Transsexual is used for the individuals who come under the binary gender category which are one of them: Male or Female.

Bear in mind, not every individual deals with the situation of gender dysphoria planning to get the male to female gender change. Moreover, this situation is likely to trigger at any age, and many times people hide their feelings as to what they are going through. In case, you wish to get sex reassignment surgery then better be clear on your thoughts.

Can hormone therapy affect the emotional state?

In many cases, transgender people consider the choice of masculinizing hormones or feminizing hormones which include estrogen & testosterone. It was noted that their emotions were addressed as the gender dysphoria state got down with time. In case, a person already has a psychiatric disorder then they may have symptoms of manic or psychotic episodes. So, if your consideration is to get the female into Male then it’s better to know about the benefits & risks. You have to be ready to begin this journey so that no issue is triggered.

I have gender dysphoria, Should I not get gender change surgery?

Every individual has their preference as to whether they want to get surgical or medical treatment. If someone has gender dysphoria then it is up to them which treatment they want to get. Many of them feel happy and content just by getting hormone therapy. So, there is no such requirement that you have to get medical treatment. As we have mentioned, some choose to remain silent all this time and don’t feel like expressing their thoughts in front of everyone.

If a man likes to wear women’s clothes but doesn’t consider himself a woman, Does it mean he has a psychiatric disorder?

NO! Such cases are referred to as transvestite & this is not referred to as psychiatric disorders. Liking yourself to dress up in the opposite sex clothes does not mean that there is some problem with you.

Do you have any doubts?

It’s an important phase of your life and do what makes you feel comfortable. But, the most important thing is to be aware of the surgery and how everything will proceed further.

Sex reassignment surgery

How does the process of undergoing Sex reassignment surgery commence?

Our life must be determined by our choices. If the sex whose genitals we are having or was born with is not satisfying us, then even the Indian constitution guarantees the right to undergo gender change Surgery.

Since we have said in the first line that our life is all about choices. If changing your sex physically appears to you a complex process then you can withstand hormonal therapy alone to change from male to female & vice versa.

How does this process commence?

  1. Prerequisites
  • Psychiatric Counselling

If you want to get the sex reassignment surgery or the hormonal therapy done, then first of all the doctor will make sure with the psychiatric counselling whether you are having gender dysphoria.

Did you know?

Gender Dysphoria is the condition in which the person is not satisfied with the sex he was born with and want to be of the opposite sex. Like males want to be females and vice versa.

  • Evaluation of the Network

The person who wants to undergo gender change surgery (female into male or vice versa), must have a strong backing network and support of the family and friends. If ze is not having so, the doctor would advise the patient to think again as it would be challenging for ze when nobody is willing to accept him the way he has changed himself.

  1. Hormonal Therapy

Again it would be the patient’s choice whether he wants to undergo the genital transformation surgery after taking up this approach or not. Hormones are responsible for putting forth sexual characteristics like breast size, muscle mass and the hairs on the body.

How long does it take to see the effect?

To see the minimum effect, we may have to wait for a month. But for the complete effect, it may take as more as 5 years since it allows your body to grow naturally.

  1. Surgery

It’s completely based on the person’s will whether he wants to step in this terminating stage or wants to make it over before that. Those who want to get the genital work done along, choose the surgical procedures for undergoing.

But, What do the Guidelines Say?

The person who has undergone hormonal therapy must wait for at least 12 months before opting up for the surgical procedure.

So what exactly does the surgery do?

Like in male to female surgery, plumpy breasts are created along with the creation of the vagina through vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

While in female to male, the breast tissues and fats are removed and the penis is created with the specifically chosen procedures.

Wind Up!

It’s your call, how you want to change your appearance in regards to gender dysphoria. You can undergo sex reassignment surgery as well if you want to change your aesthetics.


What are the different symptoms experienced with gender dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is an important part of undergoing gender reassignment surgery. It is the kind of discomfort that an individual experiences when their gender is different as compared to what they already have. In simple terms, it is the concern regarding the physical characteristics. 

Such feeling is experienced in transgender and those who are not confirmed about their gender. In many cases, there is no need for physical evaluation but at times it is needed. Through this evaluation, a person’s discomfort is addressed as compared to identity. It is about giving them an effective treatment plan to make them feel better about their condition. 

Symptom of gender dysphoria 

  • A person feels the desire that it is better to have secondary characteristics
  • A person feels the desire to be another gender than what they are
  • An individual desires to be treated differently just the way another gender is treated

Before the doctor proceeds with the gender change surgery, this is evaluated to better understand whether the person is ready to undergo such a huge change or not. 

It is noticed that a person starts having such feelings in their childhood and then it continues even in their adulthood phase. 

Schedule your initial consultation

If you are experiencing such feelings and you are in a dilemma about what to do or how to deal with this situation. Dr. C Vijay Kumar will help you get answers to all your questions and plan the most effective treatment for you. 


How much is the total cost of gender change surgery in India?

As we all know sex-change surgery is complex and there are different steps involved in it. One of the common concerns among the patients is the cost of gender change surgery. Bear in mind the price for the gender change surgery cost will depend on your needs which the doctor will evaluate after checking your condition. 

Psychiatrist evaluations for Gender Dysphoria

When you are about to begin your transition process, you will be asked to get gender dysphoria which a psychiatrist will carry out. Usually, it is carried out in one single sitting, and depending on your condition you will be asked whether you need to get further treatment or not. One session of ‘Gender Dysphoria’ on average is around Rs 2000 but it will also depend on the surgeon you choose and where it is present. 

Hormonal therapy for gender change surgery

Once the evaluation is done, the doctor will proceed with hormonal therapy. This is given for around 6 months and such visits will cost you Rs 5000/-. The transition of male to female or female to male needs proper planning. The hormones have to be taken rapidly so that the transition is possible just the way you want. Once the hormonal therapy is done you will be asked to visit the clinic again to get the clearance that you are ready to undergo the surgery. 

Schedule your initial consultation

If you would like to know more about the gender change surgery then schedule your initial consultation with our surgeon. Don’t get worried or feel nervous, as our surgeon is only there to give you the satisfactory and desired results you want. 


Everything you need to know about the gender reassignment surgery

Gender Affirmation or Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender change surgery or affirmations surgery is for the individuals who feel the need to get the transition. From top to bottom, gender reassignment surgery can help the transgender to feel better about themselves and get the body they always wished for. Even the studies have shown that through gender reassignment surgery the patient’s mental health even gets better. 

What is meant by sex reassignment surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery is the way to transform individuals to feel confident about themselves. Be it male to female or female to male with the surgical approach everything is possible. Here are the types of transgender surgery:

  • During facial reconstruction, the facial features are improved whether you wish to have a feminine or masculine look. 
  • Top surgery allows the individuals to improve their masculine look or get the desired breast size & shape. 
  • Bottom surgery includes all the reconstruction of the genitals.

Is there any treatment for gender dysphoria?

Apart from surgery, there are other options as not everybody chooses to get the surgery. As per your liking and needs, you can get the best possible option by consulting the doctor. Here are some of the options which you can choose:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Puberty blockers block the phase of puberty
  • Voice therapy is given which helps you with your communication skills

Although many studies have shown that individuals’ quality of life will improve with gender change surgery. 

How is gender reassignment surgery beneficial?

With transgender surgery, the patients enjoy long-term health benefits. One of the studies has pointed out that the need for mental health treatment has been reduced by 8% in the individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery.