When should I schedule my initial consultation for circumcision?

Circumcision Surgery: When do I need to get it?

Circumcision procedure performed to take care of male health. The procedure includes removing excess skin from the penis. Circumcision are performed right after male birth for different reasons:

  • Aesthetic reason
  • Overall health
  • Hygiene purpose

In case you haven’t undergone the Circumcision in Vizag during birth then you can get it done when you grow up. You must consult everything with the doctor and understand the way surgery is done. Indeed! It’s a comprehensive male treatment, so getting clarity about it is essential.

Important factors to consider while undergoing a circumcision procedure

Some of the essential factors are:

  • Working around the proper schedule
  • Making your daily routine better
  • Getting everything ready at home
  • Prepare for other surgery if needed

In case you are planning for the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag then it’s better to ask everything to the doctor and get the thing done accordingly. Seeking medical assistance and the right information makes a difference to the entire approach for better results.

Getting the time ready

If circumcision is a part of your Transgender Surgery in Visakhapatnam then you should plan it during a quiet period. You need to make sure that you don’t begin the procedure when you have a heavy event or season on the calendar like a winter holiday. So, choose the time when the workload is extremely less. Doing so, will allow you to handle everything and make your journey go with ease.

What are the reasons to choose adult circumcision?

Some of the major reasons to opt for adult circumcision are to prevent:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Candidiasis (fungal infection)
  • Sexually transmitted infections (HPV, mycoplasma, syphilis, HSV, trichomoniasis, chancroid, and HIV)
  • Physical injuries to the foreskin, including coital injuries
  • Cancers of the penis, prostate, and cervix
  • Phimosis and paraphimosis (tight foreskin)
  • Penile inflammation (balanitis, balanoposthitis, and lichen sclerosus)

Who is a suitable candidate for Adult Circumcision?

As mentioned above, the reason to choose circumcision can be for aesthetic and medical reasons. And sometimes it can be the combination of both. Some of the necessary concerns  are:

  • Non-surgical treatment did not give effective results
  • Persistent pain due to a tight foreskin
  • Penile pain during and after sexual intercourse
  • Persistent and unresolved irritation and discomfort

Schedule an initial consultation to make an informed decision

If you are on the journey of sex change or you want to simply address the circumcision problem then you need to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan for the entire process and discuss the concern you have on your mind. Most importantly the doctor will discuss what kind of impact it is leaving on your life.

The initial consultation is the time when you can be open and up-front about your thoughts. Additionally, the doctor will give you a thorough understanding of how you need to prepare before and after the surgery for smooth recovery.



The Procedure Of Circumcision Surgery And Its Major Benefits

When a baby boy is born, they have skin that covers the tip of their penis. This is the foreskin that the doctor removes at the time of the Circumcision in Vizag. In fact, there is also a particular faith that believes in removing the foreskin as a religious ritual. But there are many parents who do not belong to that specific faith who struggle with the decision to circumcise their child or not.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of undergoing circumcision surgery. In most cases, the surgeon performs this surgery just some days after the baby’s birth. In fact, in our clinic, you can also take advice from our qualified doctor to learn whether you should take this step or not.

What Happens At The Time Of Circumcision?

Just like Genital Reconstruction in Vizag, circumcision is also a procedure that can happen in the transgender clinic within ten days after childbirth. You can contact our doctor to learn better about the timing of the surgery.

In this surgery, the doctor begins the procedure by thoroughly cleaning the penis and also the surrounding area. After that, they applied some local anesthesia to the site so that the baby would not feel any discomfort. To remove the foreskin from the top of the penis, they place a ring around the penis. After that, they apply a topical antibiotic to cover the surgical area and loosely wrap it with gauze. It is a simple and quick procedure for infants.

Benefits Of Circumcising

Given below are the reasons why you must take your child for circumcision:

  • It is for better hygiene

The most basic reason behind circumcision is a religious belief or family tradition. But there are also so many health benefits to this process which is why you must think about circumcision for your newborn.

When the doctor removes the foreskin, it becomes easier to keep the penis clean and sanitary. With a foreskin, it takes extra effort to clean the area.

  • It is also valuable for transgender surgery.

Apart from the child, many people also undergo this surgery for the Transgender Surgery in Visakhapatnam.

  • Fewer urinary tract infections

Boys who have an uncircumcised penis are more likely to be vulnerable to growing a urinary tract. Undergoing circumcision procedures can help in reducing the chances. Remember that these recurrent infections can be harmful later in life, as they can lead to kidney problems later in life. Whereas circumcised boys rarely experience urinary tract infections.

  • It provides protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

After becoming sexually active, circumcised men are less likely to get sexually transmitted diseases(STD) compared to uncircumcised. Some STIs include HIV. a boy with an intact foreskin is more likely to get attached to HIV infection as it contains the immune system cells to which HIV cells attack themselves.

Apart from that, at the time of the intercourse, the foreskin experiences small microtears, which basically act as a pathway for HIV to enter the bloodstream of the person. Whereas when the man is circumcised, the chances are comparatively low.

Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic and undergo gender reconstruction or circumcision surgery. For more details, book your initial consultation now with us.


Let’s bust the myths and facts about Circumcision for gender change

Stating facts about Circumcision

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure for removing the foreskin from the top of the penis. The process makes perfect for infants, or some might get it in adult age. The procedure even gets attention among the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag or even for personal reasons. No doubt, everyone has their personal preference as to whether they wish to get the treatment or not. Keeping that aside, several myths and facts revolve around the surgery.

Getting surgery or not, it’s a personal choice but not at the cost you keep on assuming wrong about the approach of Circumcision in Vizag. And that is why I have shared the most common myths and facts about Circumcision.

Break the chain of myths revolving around Circumcision

Myth 1: Circumcision is just limited to a cosmetic approach

Fact: Removing the excess skin present on the tip of the penis might be termed a cosmetic approach. However, it has medical benefits that a male child and adult can get. That’s not all the procedures of Circumcision offer health benefits that reduce the risk of penile cancer.

Myth 2: Circumcision helps to promote male hygiene

To take care of male hygiene, you have to do something on your part. Through surgery, it’s easier to clean the penis and limit the risk of getting urinary tract infection and inflammatory skin problems. Studies have shown that those who don’t get surgery have higher chances of getting infection and zipper injuries.

Myth 3: Circumcision affects sexual health and desire

Fact: NO! That’s not true; Circumcision won’t limit the ability to have an erection. Whether the surgery get’s done or not, the sexual desire urge won’t get affected. So, sexual sensations are not bothered by Circumcision.

Myth 4: Circumcision will limit the chances of STDs later

Fact: Studies have shown Circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual men. Not just that, it offers protection against herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Additionally, reduces the risk of cervical cancer.

Myth 5: Early Circumcision means better results and benefits

Fact: Well, it goes both ways. Circumcision performed in the first year of life will prevent the chances of urinary tract infection. But, seeking treatment early can create problems of bleeding and bruising. What you all have to do is consult experienced medical health professionals.

Myth 6: Circumcision leads to an increased chance of injury

Fact: Chances of injury or any other problem are very rare. You have to consult an experienced medical health professional, and you are good to go. There won’t be any problem or difficulty in undergoing surgery.

Do you have any doubts?

You can discuss everything and whether seeking the approach is right for you with the doctor. The doctor will give you an aftercare treatment plan to go through recovery smoothly.


Gender Change Surgery: What are the myths and facts about Circumcision?

Various factors are considered when the talk is about getting a surgical procedure. In most cases, the individuals prefer to look online in search to get their answers. No doubt, at times, it makes them informed, but it’s true not everything you read on the net is true to the knowledge. For example, if you plan to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make an informed decision by consulting the medical expert. One such procedure is ‘Circumcision, ‘which comes under cosmetic surgery. You read several myths and facts over the net revolving around this topic.


Are you planning to head towards this cosmetic surgery?

Read the given article to familiarize yourself with the Myths and Facts of Circumcision.

Brief Information on Circumcision Myth & Facts 

Circumcision is a surgical method to take out the excess foreskin on the top part of the penis. Usually, it’s done on the infant, but the benefit can be obtained even in adult age.

Myth: Circumcision can only be classified as a cosmetic treatment

Fact: The surgical approach might point out a cosmetic change. But, there is no need to outweigh the medical benefits. Studies have revealed that ‘Undergoing circumcision reduces the risk of getting diagnosed with penile cancer.’

So, Don’t you think this procedure benefits your overall health? As the Circumcision allows to:

  • Clean the penis easily
  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection
  • Reduced risk of inflammatory skin conditions

Moreover, the chances of having zipper injuries are higher in those who have not gotten Circumcision.

Are you looking to get gender change surgery?

Under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar, get the desired treatment plan which is also made under your specific requirement.

Myth: Undergoing Circumcision can affect the sexual performance

Fact: Circumcision is not going to affect the erection part, as well as sexual performance, do not get down. Even in circumcision men, the sexual pleasure is also the same.

One thing worth noting down is:

Getting Circumcision on time can reduce the chances of STDs in the future. Not just that, but the risk of herpes, syphilis, and HPV (Human papillomavirus) decreases.

Do you think the health benefits of Circumcision are just for Male?


Even women are benefited…HOW?

Studies have shown that ‘The chances of cervical cancer is reduced as the risk of HPV gets down.’

Myth: Let your child decide when he wants to get Circumcision

Fact: The longer the wait, the increased chances of complications. Don’t let this thing be left on your child. If you do so, then the risk is higher & it will even take more time for recovery.

As mentioned above, the risk of urinary tract infection reduces. Getting the surgery done early will make it easier to follow the after-care regime and get the results on time.

Myth: Circumcision surgery increases chances of injury

Fact: Being an advanced surgical method, the cases of injury are rare. The only and most important consideration is to choose a skilled medical expert who knows the right approach to do the surgery.