The Impact of Transgender Representation on Society

A Closer Look at the Significance of Transgender Identity

The difference between the two genders is not always created by society; it’s an old belief and meaningless topic. Orientation is what society sees fit for young men and young ladies, or young men and young ladies. 

It depends on actual qualities like chromosomes, chemicals, and body parts. It is what individuals do, how they act, connect, and feel about themselves. A few pieces of natural sex are similar everywhere, except different parts can be unique.

The vast majority of individuals allocated male when they were conceived became men, and the more significant part of the people allotted female when they appeared on the scene became ladies.

A transsexual woman could live as a woman and be demoted to a man when she entered the world; a transsexual man could live like a man today but was demoted to a woman when he entered the world.

What is the Distinction Between Sexual Direction and Orientation Personality?

The sexual course of an individual is an impression of their inside data for their sexual direction character, for example, their inward statement of taking care of business, a lady, or of an alternate direction.

Transgender people can take on any sexual course. For instance, a transgender man might be fundamentally drawn to different men and recognized as gay. In contrast, a transgender woman is essentially attracted to ladies and is distinguished as a hetero. 

A transgender individual is an individual who is brought into the world with an actual body and acquired qualities. However, they perceive that their sexual orientation is particular.

What does “orientation progress” mean?

Direction change happens when a singular starts to live as per their direction character, as opposed to the direction they were allocated upon their appearance in the world. 

Every individual is remarkable regarding the degree to which their direction has changed. Likely strides in principle progress might remember changes to the way for which one dresses, their actual appearance, their name, or the language wherein they allude to themselves. 

So if you want to change your gender, you can go with Gender change surgery in India that can guide you for good.

Gender dysphoria

Orientation dysphoria is when someone feels bad because they are not the same gender as they were born. They are transsexual. This means their gender is different from their body. This can make them very unhappy, especially if they don’t get help. 

To treat this problem, you can take a consultation with an expert. They can help you to find the best SRS Surgery in India.

And if you are unsure what exactly you want, you can contact Vj Transgender Clinics.

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Building a Roadmap for Successful Transitions in Healthcare in India

Navigating healthcare changes can be a difficult road, especially for those seeking gender reassignment or undergoing SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery). These transitions, with the correct help and resources, can be empowering and life-changing. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of creating a roadmap for effective healthcare transitions. We will look at the essential components of gender transition surgery and SRS surgery in India, providing useful insights and advice to those considering this life-changing procedure.

  1. Understanding Gender Change Surgery in India: Gender change surgery, also called gender affirmation surgery or gender reassignment surgery, is a complex methodology that plans to adjust a person’s actual qualities to their gender character. In India, there are trustworthy clinics and specific healthcare suppliers, for example, VJ Transgender Clinics, that offer exhaustive support and aptitude in gender change medical procedures. By understanding the cycle, dangers, and advantages of gender change surgery in India, people can come to informed decision about their healthcare process.
  2. The Role of SRS Surgery in Gender Transition: Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also called gender-affirming surgery, is a basic part of the gender transition process for some people. SRS surgery envelops different methods that adjust the privates to match a singular’s gender character. It is a profoundly private choice, and people should approach educated healthcare professionals who can give extensive consideration and support in the interim.
  3. Importance of a Transition Roadmap: A transition roadmap is a far-reaching plan that frames the means, strategies, and support frameworks engaged in a successful transition. It fills in as an aide, assisting people with exploring the different parts of their healthcare process, including operations, psychological wellness support, social and lawful contemplations, and post-employable consideration. Making a roadmap is fundamental to guarantee a smooth and very much organized transition process, limiting pressure and vulnerability.
  4. Accessing Quality Healthcare Services: While leaving on a transition venture, essential to find healthcare suppliers who are capable, learned, and delicate to the remarkable necessities of transgender people. VJ Transgender Clinics and other respectable healthcare offices in India offer particular services, including gender change surgery and progressing post-usable consideration. These clinics give a protected and supportive climate where people can get quality healthcare services customized to their particular requirements.
  5. The Power of Support Networks: Transitioning to healthcare is definitely not a single excursion. It is fundamental for people to construct major areas of strength for an organization that incorporates healthcare professionals, emotional well-being specialists, support groups, and friends and family. These support frameworks assume a vital part in offering emotional help, direction, and approval all through the transition cycle. They offer a place of refuge for people to share their encounters, seek guidance, and celebrate milestones along their excursions.


Building a roadmap for successful transitions in healthcare is vital to ensuring a positive and empowering experience for people seeking gender change surgery or going through SRS surgery. By understanding the interaction, accessing quality healthcare services, and sustaining a supportive organization, people can explore their healthcare process with certainty and flexibility.

VJ Transgender Clinics and other legitimate healthcare suppliers in India are devoted to giving exhaustive consideration and support to people all through their transition. Keep in mind, each forward-moving step is a stage towards carrying on with a true and satisfying life.


The Benefits and Risks of Transgender Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Transgender surgery, also known as sex affirmation surgery or sexual introduction reassignment surgery, may be a beneficial procedure that modifies the physical appearance and function of a person’s genital organs to synchronize their sexual introduction separating traits. As more people desire to live truly and happily in their claim tissue, this life-changing practice has grown in popularity and accessibility. This article will look at the various types of transgender surgeries, their advantages and disadvantages, and what to expect before, during, and after the process of Transgender Surgery in Vizag. 

Types of Transgender Surgery

There are various sorts of transgender operations, each suited to the patient’s individual needs. The most common types of transsexual surgery are as follows:

Chest Surgery: This procedure is performed to change the appearance of the chest to make it more manly or feminine. It consists of breast tissue expulsion for those transitioning to a male sexual orientation identity and breast tissue increase for those changing to a feminine sexual orientation identity.

Facial Feminization Surgery: This procedure softens a man’s facial characteristics and gives him a more feminine appearance. Procedures like forehead and jaw reduction, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation may be included.

Genital Surgery includes modifying the genitalia to adjust with the person’s sexual orientation personality. For those transitioning to a male sex character, it can incorporate strategies such as phalloplasty or metoidioplasty, whereas for those transitioning to a female sexual orientation personality, it can incorporate strategies such as vaginoplasty.

Benefits and Risks of Transgender Surgeries

Transgender surgeries can have significant benefits for people who undergo them. These benefits can include improved mental health, increased self-esteem, and greater personal and social acceptance. However, like any surgical procedure, transgender surgeries also have certain risks, such as bleeding, infection, and scarring. Additionally, there is a risk of anaesthesia-related complications, and some people may experience dissatisfaction with the surgery results. With a doctor at Hospitals offering Transgender Surgery in Vizag and  Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag 

Preparing for Transgender Surgery

Before undergoing transgender Surgery, it is important to undergo a thorough physical and mental evaluation to ensure you are a good candidate. You must also discuss your medical history and medications with your surgeon to ensure no potential complications. You may also need hormone therapy or other treatments to prepare for the Surgery.

The Transgender Surgery Procedure

The transgender surgery procedure can vary depending on the Surgery being performed. However, the Surgery will be performed under general anesthesia and involve incisions in the appropriate areas to access the underlying tissue. Once the Surgery is complete, the incisions will be closed with sutures or staples, and you will be moved to a recovery room to begin your post-operative care.

Post-Operative Care

After undergoing Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, you must take certain precautions to heal properly and avoid complications. This may include taking pain medication, wearing compression garments, and avoiding certain activities until fully healing. You will also need to attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure that you are healing properly and address any concerns or issues.


 While the procedure comes with certain risks, the benefits can be significant. By working with a qualified surgeon and taking the necessary precautions before and after the procedure, you can ensure that you achieve the best possible results from your transgender Surgery.

female into male Transgender

Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Female-to-Male Surgery

Gender change surgery, also called sex change surgery, is a complicated and life-changing procedure. It includes careful interventions to change an individual’s physical anatomy to match their gender personality. Female-to-male surgery (FTM) is a sort of gender change surgery that aims to change the body of an individual assigned female at birth to a male body.

FTM surgery generally includes methodology like chest reconstruction, hysterectomy, and phalloplasty. The particular systems performed can vary depending on the individual’s objectives and medical requirements. While FTM surgery can be life-changing for some individuals, it is vital to consider both the benefits and risks related to the methodology.

Benefits of FTM Surgery:

For some individuals who identify as transgender, FTM surgery can give huge benefits as far as their psychological and emotional well-being. By changing their physical appearance to match their gender personality, many individuals feel more great and sure about their own bodies. This can assist to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and dysphoria.

In addition to the mental benefits, FTM surgery can likewise work on physical health. For instance, chest reconstruction can mitigate breathing troubles that might be caused by restricting the chest. Hysterectomy can decrease the risk of specific medical problems like ovarian cancer and endometriosis.

Risks of FTM Surgery:

Like any surgery, FTM surgery conveys specific risks. A few risks of FTM surgery include bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions related to anesthesia. Also, FTM surgery can prompt complications like urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.

It is likewise vital to consider the emotional risks related to FTM surgery. While many individuals experience significant mental benefits after surgery, certain individuals might feel disappointed with the outcomes or experience feelings of disappointment. People must cautiously consider their inspirations for looking for FTM surgery and work intimately with a certified medical care professional to guarantee that they are making an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Gender Change Surgery:

If you are considering gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it is essential to work with a certified and experienced medical services provider. Search for a reliable provider with a great track record of success and who can respond to your inquiries and address your needs. It is likewise vital to ensure that your provider has a thorough comprehension of the physical and emotional risks related to FTM surgery.

Preparing for Sex Change Surgery:

Vizag is home to various medical services suppliers who offer FTM surgery. While choosing a provider, it is essential to search for one who has a strong reputation for quality consideration and who can give the particular procedures that you require. Make certain to ask inquiries about the provider’s experience in sex change surgery in Vizag and to discuss any doubts that you might have.


FTM surgery can be a life-changing method that offers many benefits to the people who look for it. However, it is important to carefully consider both the benefits and risks related to the strategy and to work closely with a certified medical services professional during the process. By doing the same, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision and that you are getting the best possible consideration.


The Benefits and Risks of Transgender Surgery of the Head and Neck

For many transgender people, gender transition surgery, also known as sex change surgery, is a life-changing decision. While the decision to have surgery is extremely personal, it is critical to understand the benefits and dangers. VJ Transgender Clinics is one of the top providers of gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, including head and neck surgery. We also offer safe and effective sex change surgery in Vizag and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits and hazards of transgender head and neck surgery, as well as how VJ Transgender Clinics helps people in Vizag and beyond attain their ideal physical appearance.

Benefits of Transgender Surgery of the Head and Neck

Transgender surgery of the head and neck can be an important step in the gender affirmation process. This sort of surgery can assist people with accomplishing a more feminine or masculine appearance by modifying the shape and construction of the face, jaw, and neck. For the vast majority transgender people, this can give a feeling of peace and confidence in their physical appearance.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, surgery of the head and neck can likewise have useful benefits. For instance, surgery to the jaw can further improve speech and eating, while surgery to the forehead can assist with alleviate headaches and different distresses.

Risks of Transgender Surgery of the Head and Neck

Similarly as with any surgery, there are risks related with transgender surgery of the head and neck. These risks incorporate bleeding, infection, nerve damage, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the outcomes. It’s important to talk about these risks with your specialist prior to going through surgery and to gauge the expected benefits against the potential risks cautiously.

Picking the Right Provider for Gender Change Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

Picking the right provider for gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh is important for accomplishing the most ideal results. At VJ Transgender Clinics, our team of experienced specialists and clinical experts is devoted to giving protected, effective, and humane care to our patients. We comprehend the exceptional requirements and concerns of transgender people and work closely with every patient to foster a customized treatment plan that meets their particular objectives.

Sex Change Surgery in Vizag: What to Expect

If you’re thinking about sex change surgery in Vizag, it’s important to know what to expect. At VJ Transgender Clinics, we offer different surgical options for transgender patients, including surgery of the head and neck. Our team will work with you to foster a treatment plan that tends to your particular requirements and objectives. We’ll likewise give direction and support all through the whole process, from the underlying counsel to post-operative consideration.


If you’re thinking about sex change surgery in Vizag or somewhere else, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team to know more about your choices and how we can assist you with accomplishing your desired physical appearance.

Gender change Surgery Transgender

What is gender change surgery? Also know about types and risks.

Gender Change Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery(SRS), Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), or Transgender Surgery is a procedure that helps individuals who recognize their gender as dissimilar from the gender of their birth. So trans people get Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

The Need For Gender Change Surgery

The main motive of the surgery is to tailor the features of the body to match the gender, which is similar to the identity of the person. Therefore, the demand for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is exceptionally high. Here people get Female To Male (FTM) or Male To Female (FTM) surgery.

Types Of Gender Change Surgery

Gender change surgery is for people who do not resonate with their gender. There are a few types of gender change surgery that one can get, so here is the list:

● Chest or Top surgery: this surgery is done to tailor the tissues of the breast to make the look more manly, or it is also done to increase the breast size to create a more feminine look.
● Facial reconstructive surgery: in this procedure, the changes are made to create the male or female look.
● Genital or Bottom surgery is the procedure to reform the genital or reproductive area of the patient.

During The Gender Change Surgery

The changes during the surgery depend on the procedure one opts for. Like if a trans person opts for facial reconstructive surgery, then there will be the following changes:

● Cheekbones: with the help of several injections, some recognizable changes are made in cheekbones.
● Jaw: the surgeon uses fillers or cuts off the jaw to make it look more competent.
● Chin: it helps to define cheeks and make them look more prominent.
● Nose: in this procedure, the surgeon opts for a surgery which is called rhinoplasty to reshape the nose.

Changes In Transgender Women

If you are an assigned male at birth (AMAB), then your surgeries include the following:
● Cutting of adam’s apple
● Elimination of scrotum and penis
● Implants of the breast
● Formation of vagina

Changes In A Trans Man

If you are an assigned female at birth (AfAB), then your surgeries include the following:
● Removal of the breasts tissues
● Removal of uterus and ovaries
● Forming of penis and scrotum


Every surgery involves some kind of risk, the same as surgery for gender reassignment. After this surgery, the body goes through thousands of changes which can sometimes cause a few complications. So here are a few complications that can occur after the surgery:

● Extreme bleeding from parts of the body.
● Infection
● Some adverse effects of anesthesia

The Perspective Of The Surgery

The people who get gender change surgery witness some positive changes in their life. Most of the patients are satisfied with their surgery and enjoy their happy life, as trans people who go through gender dysphoria go through a lot of mental health issues. This surgery reduces their stress and allows them to relish their life to the fullest.

Time To See A Healthcare Provider

If planning to go for gender change surgery, the right choice is to get it from VJ’S Transgender Clinic for the right approach and most appropriate treatment.


The Legal & Social Challenges of Gender Change

Every new integration into the culture is criticized in its initial days, and the same is the case with gender change surgeries. Although the government authorities are working strictly towards normalizing everything linked with gender change, there are still a few challenges that everyone who undergoes sex change surgery in Vizag has to face.

In this post, we will talk about some of the most common legal and social challenges of gender change, with the help of which you can prepare yourself before going for a gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

The Legal & Social Challenges of Gender Change

 Although the world is getting more modern every single day, there are still a few people who are unable to grow themselves along with the change in time. Due to these people face these legal and social challenges linked to a gender change.

Let us have a look at some of those challenges:

  • Legal Recognition:

 The first and foremost challenge you would have to face is legal recognition. Although gender change surgery is completely your idea, and you can do that, but the process of legal recognition is a bit lengthy.

You would first have to get all the permissions, bring the certifications, reports that would be required, and many more things that make the process challenging.

On the other hand, a few countries are not offering legal permission to people for gender change surgery.

  • Discrimination:

The next challenge the person going for a sex change surgery faces is discrimination from society. People will start judging you based on your decision to change gender, but only a few will understand your reasons.

  • Social Stigma:

Most people have this social stigma or disapproval in their minds for gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Although you would have to think about yourself and your happiness, hence make your decision accordingly.

  • Family & Community Rejection:

One of the biggest challenges you would have to face is family and community rejection. Although if you want to go for SRS surgery in Vizag, make sure your family members support you in this decision, as without their support, you would not be able to process the surgery.

  • Access to Healthcare:

There are a lot of issues linked with health insurance whenever you are planning to go for a gender change surgery. Contact your insurance company and sort out everything before the surgery.

  • Inequality:

Many people will make you feel not equal to them just because you have undergone a specific surgery.


Although there are several legal and social challenges of Gender Change surgery, but you need to be very clear about your decision and why you are taking it up. Make sure you keep yourself and your happiness before you, no matter what others say.

If you are looking for the best hospital for gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, then VJ Transgender Clinics is the best place for you.

Gender change Surgery male to female Transgender

How gender transformation surgery changes the lives of people?

There is no doubt that gender transformation nowadays is widely accepted by people compared to previous years. If we talk about the earlier years, individuals took transgender people as a stigma in their society. They abused them and even beat them. However, these days, nothing is happening like this. The government also supports these people and confers their identity. As a result, they can live their life like other people who are straight by sexuality. Moreover, a special thanks to the latest technology that offers advanced treatment options such as surgical procedures under which transgender people or masses who are unhappy with their birth gender can turn it into the preferable gender that they like, and after that, they will feel happy and satisfied. We feel glad to tell this that now, you can transform your sexuality into your desirable gender under transgender surgery in Andhra Pradesh at the top-rated hospital.

Define transgender

There may still be some people who do not know about transgender and its meaning. But we make sure, after reading this post, you will understand everything profoundly. So what is transgender? Well, transgender people are those who do not bear under straight gender identity or may behave like a girl, but their body seems boy or behaves like a boy, but their body belongs to a girl. These people are famous worldwide as the transgender community.

Furthermore, gender identity refers to the person’s inner sense by which anybody can understand from which group (male or female) you belong. Gender expressions include how a person behaves, communicates, hairstyling, clothing, body features, etcetera. Since the government of India legally accepted them into society, they live with a positive attitude, and people’s behavior is also changed towards them. Now, they can do jobs like others, read and write in educational institutions, and so on.

What kind of treatment will you get under transgender surgery?

Under gender-affirming surgery, transgender masses can alter their bodies to align with their preferred gender. Cosmetic surgeons will treat your face, chest, or genitalia during transgender surgery. A transgender surgery has some common fragments, as given below:

  • Genital or “Bottom” surgery: to transform and reconstruct the genitalia (such as the penis and vagina).
  • Chest or “Top” surgery: to alleviate breast tissue for a more masculine look or enhance breast size and shape for a more feminine appearance.
  • Facial reconstructive surgery: During this procedure, your facial features or characteristics turn masculine or feminine.

Why should people opt for transgender surgery?

Well, transgender surgery is no less than a boon for people struggling with unwanted gender since birth or gender dysphoria. The main motive of sex change surgery is to confer a person’s desirable body that matches the internal sense. Following are the benefits that people get after having transgender surgery. These are:

  • It improves your mental health.
  • You will become more concentrated on your goals.
  • Social stigma ended.
  • You become more confident among people.
  • Get tremendous respect while dealing with crowds.

In conclusion, the government also stimulates transgender people towards surgeries by offering the best offers, such as Kerala’s government providing free transgender surgery to the people so that they can get their desired figure and live happy and healthy lives.


Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

Sex Reassignment Surgery: What It Is And Its Different Types?

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Sex Reassignment Surgery, or Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, is a procedure that helps people change themselves to their identified gender. Nowadays, people prefer to use the terms gender affirmation or confirmation surgery to describe gender change surgery. It sounds more inclusive and positive.

Why Do People Undergo Gender Affirmation Surgery?

The biggest reason behind undergoing gender change surgery is that people are unable to associate themselves with the designated gender by birth. Basically, when their physical body does not match the gender, they identify with. It is an extensive surgery with many steps and precautions before the doctor conducts the treatment.

What Is The Difference Between Non-binary And Transgender?

The term transgender describes someone who identifies with a different gender than the assigned sex at birth.

Whereas gender nonbinary is someone who does not fit any traditional notions from the male or female category. People from both categories can opt for a Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag if they want to.

What Are The Types OF Transgender Surgery?

With the help of a Gender Affirming surgery, any transgender person would be able to transfer themselves to the desired gender identity. There are various procedures that one goes through based on their needs and desires. Some of the processes include the face, genital, and chest.

Common transgender surgery options include:

  1. Facial Reconstructive surgery: it helps you get a facial feature that resonates with the designated gender, either feminine or masculine.
  2. Top or chest surgery: this procedure helps remove the extra breast tissue to get a more masculine appearance. It also enables you to enhance the size of the breast to get a more feminine look.
  3. Bottom or genital surgery: it is a surgery that transforms or constructs the genital area to the gender they identify with.

Is There Any Other Surgery Apart From Gender Change Surgery For Gender Dysphoria?

No! The gender Affirmation procedure is not limited to only surgery. In fact, not everyone who identifies themselves as transgender undergoes surgery. Based on your age and preferences, people might also choose:

  • Hormone therapy

It helps increase the characteristics of masculine or feminine as per your description. Some attributes include vocal tunes, hair growth on the body, and much more.

  • Puberty blockers

This helps you prevent going through puberty and build the characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

  • Voice therapy

This procedure helps you adjust your tone or voice to help with communication skills while associating with the gender you are identifying with. This also helps you introduce yourself with the designated pronouns easily.

Besides that, people might also socially transfer themselves to the gender they resonate with, through surgery or without surgery. These are some of the common social transitions that you might adapt to.

  1. You might adopt a new name
  2. You might choose different pronouns
  3. Present yourself as per the gender you desire by wearing different clothing or changing your hairstyles.
Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

Learn About Top And Bottom Procedure In Gender Change Surgery

People often undergo various surgeries to change the appearance of their bodies. There are thousands of reasons for an individual to want to alter their appearance. For many transgender or gender non-conforming people, making subtle changes to their bodies is their way to affirm their identity.

A trans person can undergo Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make their appearance similar to their gender identity. It is something that people often associate with gender reassignment procedures. But technically the trans person or the doctors call it gender confirmation surgeries.

Let us learn more about Sex Change Surgery in Vizag and how it helps trans people.

What Does It Mean To Be A Transgender?

Transgender is a word that denotes those people whose gender identity or gender expression does not associate with the gender that they are assigned from birth. Normally, a parent and a doctor assume the gender of the baby through the appearance of their genitals. But, as they grow up, there are some people who realize that the sense of who they are does not align with how their bodies look.

In simple terms, trans people are those who identify with the opposite gender of what they are from birth. For instance: a child who is male from birth identifies as a female. There are also examples of people who do not identify as either male or female. Rather they denote themselves as “genderqueer” or “non-binary”.

There are many options for trans people to change their appearances so that they will be able to reflect the look that they are from inside. There are many people who use clothing, hairstyle or even make-up to present a certain look. Besides that, they also go for hormonal therapy in order to refine their secondary sex characteristics. There are certain people who choose surgery to change the look of their faces and bodies permanently.

What Is Top-Surgery?

It is typically breast surgery. Many trans people want to change their chest for a typical breast enhancement or breast removal operation.

  • Transfeminine Top Surgery

When a trans person wants to have a more feminine chest then it is defined as transfeminine top-surgery. It involves placing breast implants in a person’s chest to enlarge their breast or for breast reconstruction.

  • Transmasculine Top Surgery

It is a top surgery wherein the person wants to have a more masculine-shaped chest. It is somewhat similar to a mastectomy, wherein the doctor removes the breast tissue to flatten the whole chest.

What Is Bottom Surgery?

This is for those people who want to change their genitals.

  • Transmasculine Bottom Surgery

Some trans people want to remove their uterus and ovaries. They usually opt for a hysterectomy to complete that. This generally reduces the female hormonal level in their body.

  • Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

In this surgery, people who want to reduce the level of male hormones in their bodies might select to remove their testicles.

Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic and book your appointment right now for gender-confirming surgery.