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Preparing For Gender Change Surgery: Things To Remember

Most people believe that arranging the money for sex change surgery is the only thing you need to remember before your surgery. But in reality, there is a long checklist that you would have to follow before your sex change surgery.

If you are someone who knows nothing about Gender Change Surgery in Andhra Pradesh and is planning for the surgery soon, then this post is going to be highly informative for you.

Make sure to read this blog till the end to know everything about the preparation tips for gender change surgery.

Preparing For Gender Change Surgery

 You must be aware that SRS Surgery is one of the most complex surgical methods, in which a lot of complications can occur if you are not dealing with an experienced gender change surgeon.

Hence the first and the biggest preparation tip for you is to select the right Gender change surgeon. If you have done that, they will help you in every situation, whether before or after the surgery.

Some other preparation tips to keep in mind before a Gender Change Surgery are as follows:

  • Whenever people visit for their gender change surgery, they wear tight, fashionable clothes, jewelry, and many other unnecessary things. But it is suggested that you should wear loose clothes, not just that, bring a lot of loose clothes with you.
  • You should avoid wearing nail polish, lotions, perfume, and many more such things.
  • A lot of people eat everything and anything before and after the surgery. Your doctor is responsible for providing the right diet and food items. Hence make sure that you follow all the guidelines and diet-related things from your doctor.
  • Several medicines will be prescribed to you by your doctor before the surgery, with the help of which the overall surgical process can get better. Along with that, a few tips offered by the doctors are first to start taking fluids that can help you clean the bowel of your body. Secondly, you can stop taking any estrogen therapy medicine.
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs with the help of which if you face any inflammation-related issue in your reproductive parts, you can get rid of it.
  • If you were taking or suggesting any blood-thinning medicines, then you would have to stop taking those medicines.
  • There are a few important things and documents that you should bring with you whenever you are visiting for your surgery; some of those items are your identification proof, health insurance details, medicines or medical conditions that you have been facing till now, family members with you, as after the surgery you would not be able to do your daily tasks by yourself.


By preparing yourself for your Sex Change surgery, you can enhance the results after surgery. Hence make sure to follow all the tips mentioned.


Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery

What is the gender recognition certification act? What does it include?

Gender Recognition Act

The gender recognition Act started in 2004, and it’s a pathway for individuals who want to seek gender change. The certificate acts as proof of your gender. So, even if you have undergone SRS Surgery in Vizag or not, you can apply for the same if you have been living for life as per the gender of your own choice for the last two years.

Additionally, the process of applying for the certificate is even hassle-free, as all the necessary documents and affidavits can be uploaded online. Once that’s done, then comes the waiting time for approval by the district magistrate. If you are thinking about getting Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make yourself get the desired look and get your self-confidence elevated. So, the choice of surgery, applying the recognition certification act, and all other factors come in handy to enjoy your journey with ease.

Analyze the concept of gender recognition certificate

Gender recognition certificates include an altogether different concept by choosing different points. So, here’s what the major focus is being put upon:

  • The person can feel discomfort or uneasiness due to the biological sex and gender identity is not linked to one another. Considering everything, it’s essential that the person is allowed to live the life they wish.
  • Moreover, seeking the desired gender identity even allows one to obtain the benefit of hormonal counseling and therapeutic services. It’s important to have proper communication with one another and create the right level of understanding to attain the necessary results.

Operations of Law for Gender Recognition Act, 2004

The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 comes in handy for the person to protect them from harassment or any kind of injustice. The main aim of the act is to help the person live their life freely and not let anyone bother them. The certificate is the means to attain freedom and enjoy life while going through the gender change process.

Most importantly, the process of gender change surgery and the entire process have continuous supervision offered by expert doctors. The certificate acts as a protection against social or economic injustice. No doubt, a lot has been done by the Indian government to make an easy pathway for those going through the gender change procedure. Just make sure to get the required supervision from an experienced medical practitioner to make the entire journey smooth and much more manageable.

How to get the gender recognition certificate act?

To seek the gender recognition certificate act, some of the essential points that you need to follow are:

  • Individuals of age 18 years or above can apply for the certificate.
  • The requirements of the major documents like birth certificate and adoption certificate (if adopted).
  • To get the certificate, it’s essential to submit the application form, affidavit, and psychiatrist report,
  • To get the same, it’s important to wait for a time period of at least one year and, in the given frame, should get involved in any kind of unwanted practices.

Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

Sex Reassignment Surgery: What It Is And Its Different Types?

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Sex Reassignment Surgery, or Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, is a procedure that helps people change themselves to their identified gender. Nowadays, people prefer to use the terms gender affirmation or confirmation surgery to describe gender change surgery. It sounds more inclusive and positive.

Why Do People Undergo Gender Affirmation Surgery?

The biggest reason behind undergoing gender change surgery is that people are unable to associate themselves with the designated gender by birth. Basically, when their physical body does not match the gender, they identify with. It is an extensive surgery with many steps and precautions before the doctor conducts the treatment.

What Is The Difference Between Non-binary And Transgender?

The term transgender describes someone who identifies with a different gender than the assigned sex at birth.

Whereas gender nonbinary is someone who does not fit any traditional notions from the male or female category. People from both categories can opt for a Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag if they want to.

What Are The Types OF Transgender Surgery?

With the help of a Gender Affirming surgery, any transgender person would be able to transfer themselves to the desired gender identity. There are various procedures that one goes through based on their needs and desires. Some of the processes include the face, genital, and chest.

Common transgender surgery options include:

  1. Facial Reconstructive surgery: it helps you get a facial feature that resonates with the designated gender, either feminine or masculine.
  2. Top or chest surgery: this procedure helps remove the extra breast tissue to get a more masculine appearance. It also enables you to enhance the size of the breast to get a more feminine look.
  3. Bottom or genital surgery: it is a surgery that transforms or constructs the genital area to the gender they identify with.

Is There Any Other Surgery Apart From Gender Change Surgery For Gender Dysphoria?

No! The gender Affirmation procedure is not limited to only surgery. In fact, not everyone who identifies themselves as transgender undergoes surgery. Based on your age and preferences, people might also choose:

  • Hormone therapy

It helps increase the characteristics of masculine or feminine as per your description. Some attributes include vocal tunes, hair growth on the body, and much more.

  • Puberty blockers

This helps you prevent going through puberty and build the characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

  • Voice therapy

This procedure helps you adjust your tone or voice to help with communication skills while associating with the gender you are identifying with. This also helps you introduce yourself with the designated pronouns easily.

Besides that, people might also socially transfer themselves to the gender they resonate with, through surgery or without surgery. These are some of the common social transitions that you might adapt to.

  1. You might adopt a new name
  2. You might choose different pronouns
  3. Present yourself as per the gender you desire by wearing different clothing or changing your hairstyles.
female into male Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery

What Is The Legal Procedure For Gender Change Surgery In India?

Indian citizens have the right to choose their gender legally, irrespective of their caste, race, gender or creed. If an individual feels that they do not associate with the given or birth gender, they can decide to undergo a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Technically such people are known as transsexuals. They opt for medical assistance to attain that look apart from their style and behaviour.

But it is not an easy task; there are criteria and a procedure that you would have to follow before the surgery. Doctors and professionals such as psychiatrists will perform several tests to determine if they are the perfect candidate for such drastic change.

Let us learn about this in detail to help you in the process.

What Is the Legal Procedure for Gender Change Surgery In India?

We have listed a step-by-step procedure for legally proceeding with the procedure of Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag.

  • You would have to create a gender change affidavit.

After you have finalized that you want to undergo gender transformation, the first thing you should do is prepare an affidavit that would declare the change of gender and name (make sure if the authority requires it or not). Besides that, the affidavit must also adhere to the format the department of publication has prescribed. The affidavit must state your name, father’s name, address, age and gender. You should also note that all the details mentioned in the affidavit must match the supporting identity proof document. You must also print the affidavit on stamp paper and also notarize it.

  • You should publish an advertisement.

The second step you must follow for a legal gender change procedure is to place an advertisement in a leading newspaper in your residing city as per your supporting address proof documents. You can place the advertisement in the regional or national newspaper. However, ensure that the newspaper advertisement’s content is the same as mentioned in the affidavit.

  • Gazette Procedure

This is a step in which you would achieve to file the duly signed application along with the mandatory documents. You would also have to pay the required government fees at the time of filing. A gazette is nothing but an official magazine that the government publishes. And every central and state government has their own version of gazettes. You can easily notify in any of the gazettes. However, some government authorities might ask you to notify the central government gazette. Typically an Individual can publish the public advertisement or notices in Part IV of the central government gazette.

  • Gazette publication

After submission of the application, the authority will read and review the gender change notification application. After they get the necessary approval from the department, they will further proceed to publish the same in the government e-gazette. This process might take up to 40 to 60 business days for the gender change notification to appear in the e-gazette. The authority publishes the gazette every Saturday. One can easily download it from the official website.


Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

Learn About Top And Bottom Procedure In Gender Change Surgery

People often undergo various surgeries to change the appearance of their bodies. There are thousands of reasons for an individual to want to alter their appearance. For many transgender or gender non-conforming people, making subtle changes to their bodies is their way to affirm their identity.

A trans person can undergo Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make their appearance similar to their gender identity. It is something that people often associate with gender reassignment procedures. But technically the trans person or the doctors call it gender confirmation surgeries.

Let us learn more about Sex Change Surgery in Vizag and how it helps trans people.

What Does It Mean To Be A Transgender?

Transgender is a word that denotes those people whose gender identity or gender expression does not associate with the gender that they are assigned from birth. Normally, a parent and a doctor assume the gender of the baby through the appearance of their genitals. But, as they grow up, there are some people who realize that the sense of who they are does not align with how their bodies look.

In simple terms, trans people are those who identify with the opposite gender of what they are from birth. For instance: a child who is male from birth identifies as a female. There are also examples of people who do not identify as either male or female. Rather they denote themselves as “genderqueer” or “non-binary”.

There are many options for trans people to change their appearances so that they will be able to reflect the look that they are from inside. There are many people who use clothing, hairstyle or even make-up to present a certain look. Besides that, they also go for hormonal therapy in order to refine their secondary sex characteristics. There are certain people who choose surgery to change the look of their faces and bodies permanently.

What Is Top-Surgery?

It is typically breast surgery. Many trans people want to change their chest for a typical breast enhancement or breast removal operation.

  • Transfeminine Top Surgery

When a trans person wants to have a more feminine chest then it is defined as transfeminine top-surgery. It involves placing breast implants in a person’s chest to enlarge their breast or for breast reconstruction.

  • Transmasculine Top Surgery

It is a top surgery wherein the person wants to have a more masculine-shaped chest. It is somewhat similar to a mastectomy, wherein the doctor removes the breast tissue to flatten the whole chest.

What Is Bottom Surgery?

This is for those people who want to change their genitals.

  • Transmasculine Bottom Surgery

Some trans people want to remove their uterus and ovaries. They usually opt for a hysterectomy to complete that. This generally reduces the female hormonal level in their body.

  • Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

In this surgery, people who want to reduce the level of male hormones in their bodies might select to remove their testicles.

Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic and book your appointment right now for gender-confirming surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery

Who Is The Right Candidate To Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Are you thinking about undergoing sex reassignment surgery?

If yes, then do go through this 5 minute read for better details.

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

A Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag is a procedure of different surgeries together that is also commonly known as sex change surgery.

One of the main reasons to undergo this surgery is gender identity disorder. In this situation, the man or woman does not resonate with their biologically assigned gender. They are more comfortable with the opposite sex and identify with it.

Sex reassignment treatment is a new contribution to the operative technique. It is basically a therapeutic aspect of gender transition. It is an operating technique that helps carry out the new perspective on the individual outer look while also altering the function from one gender to another of their current sexual characteristics.

If you wanted to fix the physical or psychological problems related to your gender identification. We would highly recommend you undergo sex reassignment surgery to achieve the desired outcome. MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh is now more common than before. There is less taboo or notion attached to it compared to earlier times.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Let us now move toward who is the perfect candidate to undergo the sex reassignment surgery.

  • The patient should be at least over the age of 18 years for legal reasons.
  • They should undergo hormone therapy for at least one year before they decide to undergo sex change surgery.
  • The doctor must diagnose the patient with any of the following conditions to allow sex change surgery. The requirements are gender dysphoria, anxiety, and/or depression related to this gender identity disorder.
  • The patient must have approval from a qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Operative And Post Operative Gender Change Surgery

The trained professional will conduct the whole process, and apart from that, the patient will also be under general anesthesia. For both males and females, the doctor would perform a different set of procedures to attain the outcome.

With the help of this procedure, the doctor would be able to level the penis. Apart from that, it will also allow the operation of sexual function, and they will also reestablish the irregular opening.

Whereas for the female identity, the doctor would perform the vaginal reformation.

The Steps For Sex Reassignment Operative Technique

These are the steps that the doctor performs to complete the sex reassignment surgery.

  • They remove the internal female organ such as the fallopian tube, ovaries, and uterus.
  • They remove the vagina and vulva.
  • They insert testicular implants and scrotoplasty.
  • They reconstruct the urethra with the help of a graft from the buccal mucosa.
  • They reconstruct the glans with the help of a free radial artery forearm flap.
  • They implant the inflatable and semirigid penile prosthesis.
  • They perform urethral tubularization.
  • Adding on the aesthetics and the natural appearances.

All the professionals such as endocrinologists, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, and urologists will work together for this surgery in different sets. This will help them to achieve the best outcome even in complex gender reassignment surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

What questions trouble people when they opt for transgender surgeries?

Transgender surgery is the best option for individuals unsatisfied with their natural gender as per their behavior. Therefore, you must, thanks to the technology that confers you a transgender surgery by which you can after your whole body in your favorite choice of gender. For this, you can go for the Transgender Surgery in Vizag, where well-qualified doctors co-operate with you.

Additionally, If you want to turn your female body into a male one, then opt for the penis reconstruction in Vizag, where well-experienced and intelligent doctors perform the whole procedure, and you will obtain your favorite gender after undergoing this surgical procedure.

What do you understand about gender transformation surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery represents the surgical procedure under which all the sexual organs of a transgender person modifies into their desired gender. For example, if a person has a body and behaves like a girl, your transgender expert transforms your male body into a female’s body so you can obtain the same gender as your behavior. After having this procedure, you can start behaving as per your sex. Try Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to satisfy your inner desire.

How is this procedure initiated?

After the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID), you will recommend sex reassignment surgery. At the initial stage of this procedure, you may send for hormone treatment to alter your physical characteristics. These hormones are injected through injections that your doctor starts giving you at least before beginning your treatment. Simultaneously, you may pass to ancillary procedures like plastic surgery to modify your physical appearance and laser hair removal techniques to eliminate body hair.

Is it a complicated procedure?

It is a straightforward procedure that takes approximately four to five hours to complete the male-to-female transition under the one-step operation. However, to perform female-to-male transformation surgery, a patient must go through various stages that can attain more time than male-to-female surgery. Here, a team of five to six doctors comes in front to perform different tasks to complete the surgery successfully.

Is every person suitable for this procedure?

A person who meets all the eligibility criteria of this procedure can freely go for it. Even some hospitals only say yes to this surgery if you have achieved GID (Gender Identity Disorder)certificate from a valid institution. Deciding on transgender surgery is not a child’s play. You can only go for it after passing all the required tests. Even your doctor can send you for regular counseling sessions for eighteen months when you come to opt for the transgender procedure.

Can patients live an everyday life after having gender transformation surgery?

Yes, people with transgender procedures live their life like ordinary people. Even they get married and adopt children to make their life happy.


Sex reassignment surgery

Gender change: Enlist the FAQs about sex reassignment surgery

Gender Change Surgery in India

The transgender experience comes with something that’s extremely different and comes with a care-free approach. The thought of not having the desired gender assigned to them at birth can complicate everything. And to deal with this thinking, the individuals go down the road of Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to make sure what they feel internal; they can look the same from the outside.

No doubt, taking the desired step comes with all different responsibilities. Additionally, several questions can come to mind when you want to begin the process. Indeed! It’s about having positive effects and ensuring the right surgical procedure is opted for. And the blog talks you through the list of FAQs about sex reassignment surgery answered by the medical experts at one of the leading transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh.

FAQs about the Sex reassignment surgery

Should I start hormone therapy before gender change?

Hormone replacement therapy means taking hormones like estrogen to begin the MTF journey. It’s the transition that allows the individual to have desired physical appearance. Although, hormone therapy can be used before, during, and after the surgical transition to effectively make the gender change go.

Are there effects of estrogen hormone?

The estrogen holds its properties, which serve its purpose for males and females. It holds the property to reduce male features and boost female features. Moreover, It can reduce the sex drive and lead to several mood swings. Some of the known effects that it can leave are:

  • Breast development

  • Loss of erection

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength

  • Softer and smoother skin

  • Shrinkage of testicles,

  • Decreased acne

  • Decreased facial and body hair

  • Slowing of balding

  • Helps to redistribute fat from the abdomen to the buttocks, thighs, & hips

Do I need to take additional steps to prepare for SRS with Hormone therapy?

No doubt, proper understanding, and planning are worth everything. You should know about the risk factors, side effects, type of operation, and necessary steps to perform surgery. Most importantly, get the mental health evaluation test as told by the surgeon.

Should I keep a time gap between SRS and hormone therapy?

Make sure to keep a time gap of at least one year to begin SRS after the HT. Additionally, two years after the mental health evaluation. It’s difficult to term the total time it takes a number of factors will make the difference in time factors:

  • Total procedure requires

  • Recovery time

  • And much more

You can discuss with the surgeon if any two procedures should be combined. The said approach allows for reducing the recovery time and complications. Discuss with your surgeon if it’s possible to combine any procedure.

What is the quality of life after SRS?

One research has shown that a person’s overall quality of life improves after sex reassignment surgery. Around 94% to 100% of patients feel surgical satisfaction and zeal to enjoy their overall life better. Moreover, it’s the support and cares the patients get throughout the treatment journey.

Would you want to know more?

Book an initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic for smooth functioning of transition and get the best necessary results.

Female Feminization Surgery male to female Sex reassignment surgery

Significant rise has been seen in demand for sex-change surgery in India

Sex change surgery in India: Seeing a huge ‘Happy Curve.’

Indeed! Who doesn’t like the proper body curve? Well, one is the body curve, and the other curve is seeing a specific demand slope getting higher with time. The medical field and its ever-booming demand have greatly changed everyone’s life. One such happy curve among India’s increasing demand for gender change surgery.

With time, more and more people are getting open to sharing their feeling on:

  • How do they feel about themselves?
  • Talking openly about their feelings
  • Motivating others to come out and share their story

Indeed! Every person who comes out and their journey of transition from male to female surgery in Andhra Pradesh will bring a huge difference in everyone’s life. Additionally, it’s also about the easy availability of the male-to-female and female-to-male transition that brings a huge difference in an individual’s life as the experienced medical expert will always be by their side.

Journey of beautiful transition with gender change

The journey of Steffan to Shira is enough to motivate others to do what they feel happy with. When Steffan visited one of the leading Transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh, he was slightly nervous. No doubt, he did some research to come from New Jersey to India to undergo the sex-change surgery.

The journey of male to female transition started when she didn’t feel confident in her own body. The feeling that you don’t have the right gender assigned to you at birth is termed ‘Gender Dysphoria.’ Earlier, people used to think of it as a mental health disorder. The GD is a condition that requires several things like:

  • Consulting the psychiatric
  • Getting hormones checked
  • Undergoing surgical reconstructive conditions

The problem also resulted in a huge shift in the patient life. So, seek medical assistance and familiarize yourself with the most reliable and effective care. Like every other individual, Steffan began with the hormonal treatment to begin the trans female journey.

Scheduled initial consultation and started to prepare

As she scheduled an initial consultation with the medical health provider, it was known what kind of surgery was needed and how to schedule everything. Like every other individual, her feminine desire was at her peak, and she wanted to do every possible bit to achieve that feminine features and look. The expertise of surgical health experts brought the necessary difference and helped to get everything customized as needed.

Gender affirmation surgery includes many surgical procedures to improve your overall well-being. Moreover, the advanced technology and FDA-approved procedures are the biggest factors in enhancing results, increasing comfort, and making everything get done more safely & precisely.

Best surgical plan combined with different procedures

Both male and female features are different from one another. So, her wish to get a more feminine look included several surgeries like:

  • Upper eyelid surgery/blepharoplasty
  • Hairline lowering/scalp advancement
  • Forehead contouring and reconstruction
  • Brow bone contouring
  • Adam’s apple reduction
  • Cheek fat grafting
  • Breast augmentation

Seeing the difference and taking care

After the surgery, it’s all about seeing the difference and caring for yourself. The health expert guided her; afterward, she started to follow all those things and make a difference in her life.

Sex reassignment surgery

Which are the leading global destination for sex-change surgery?

Global Destination For Gender Change Surgery

The world is transforming and technological advancement. Most importantly, the rise in technology is well-noticed in the world of gender change surgery. Be it male to female or female to male; everyone has the privilege and right to transform themselves into something that makes them feel confident.

Suppose you want to begin the journey of MTF Surgery, then you select the best destination. You don’t have to undergo treatment where all the necessary facilities are unavailable. Therefore, you need to do enough search to ensure all things are appropriately managed. And look for one of the best destinations where you have peace of mind that everything goes smoothly. The blog will give you an understanding of which place to opt for sex reassignment surgery.

Leading destinations for Sex Change Surgery

Destination 1: India

India is the leading destination to plan for a male to female and female to male sex-change surgery. Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag at Vj’s Transgender Clinic is getting attention among individuals. Whether you talk about the doctor’s expertise: Dr. C Vijay Kumar, you will get the most precise and customized treatment based on the latest technology.

India has all the availability to make your MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh journey go in the right direction. Everything seems to flow from easy to book your stay to the initial consultation. Thus, the success rate of the SRS gender change is bound to go in the right direction.

Apart from the availability of all the necessary abilities, the treatment cost is highly affordable. On average, the cost of gender change surgery is around Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh which is highly affordable compared to any other developed nation. During the initial consultation, you need to discuss what you are looking for with the doctor. Accordingly, you will get the treatment plan to begin your beautiful transformation journey. Indian medical tourism is a jack of all trades as you can seek treatment for every possible condition with proper medical facilities. That’s not all. There are beautiful sights and places you get to explore as a tourist in India.

Destination 2: Thailand

Thailand is another destination on this list. From plastic surgeons to infertility treatment, every treatment is available. The country’s vibrant nature and atmosphere allow the transgender to get the surgery without any problem. The availability of medical facilities and board-certified doctors makes the treatment easy to convey to you.

Destination 3: Serbia

Serbia is another nation that has graciously accepted the transgender community. No doubt, this was not the case for anyone. But time changes everything, and the given changes prove that perfectly.