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Female to Male Sex Change Surgery; Its procedures and things needed to know

Female-to-male sex change surgery is a gender transition surgery that people who were born female undergo. There is an increase in the demand for Gender change surgery in India in the wake of more transgender and dysmorphic people coming forward with their identities. This demand has significantly made the prices of such surgeries affordable.

People suffering from dysmorphia undergo therapies like HRT and counseling before undergoing SRS Surgery in India. Their transition is completed after the surgery. 

Many studies have shown that people who opt for gender transition are the happiest of the lot. Their quality of life and standards gets enhanced to a different level.

A woman has to undergo many types of surgeries and procedures to complete the transition from female to male.

A Female to male transition surgery involves the removal of female organs and genitals. The male organs replace the female organs afterward.

There are five surgeries one has to go through to complete the transition from female to male.  

We are sharing the list of the surgeries which complete this transition given below:

  • Hysterectomy: In this process, the physician removes the uterus from a woman undergoing a female-to-male transition. It starts from Rs 71000.
  • Vaginectomy: In this procedure, the vaginal canal and openings are removed. Doctors reconstruct these tissues into male genitals. This surgery costs around Rs 62000.
  • Phalloplasty: this involves the formation of the penis and urinary tract. Lower arm tissues or thigh tissues are used in this process. This process consists of two stages. It costs around Rs 21000.
  • Metoidioplasty: It lengthens your existing genital tissues, converting them into a defined phallus. This only requires one surgery. The cost of metoidioplasty is around Rs 89288.

Facial Masculinisation surgery

It is the alteration and cosmetic changes made to the face and throat to make you look and feel more masculine. Facial surgery includes:

  • Forehead lengthening: Females have short foreheads. Forehead lengthening is done to increase the distance between the eyebrows and hairline to give you a more masculine look. It costs around Rs 84000.
  • Cheek Implants: They are placed between the bone and facial skin to develop a more masculine and elongated shape. It costs Rs 1,82,000.
  • Rhinoplasty: It involves the process of reshaping the nose to give it more big openings; it gives you a more masculine look. It costs around Rs 89,000.
  •  Jaw Contouring; In this procedure, the physician increases the width of your face by providing a definition between the lower face and throat. Its cost ranges between Rs 52,000 to R 1,57,000.

People who want to undergo this surgery need to look at things like post-surgery care, insurance, additional charges, etc, before opting for such a procedure. Such things can be a burden if not taken care of in the early stage.

To become a newer version of you with sex change surgeries, come to VJ Transgender Clinics for optimal results and care. We completely understand the transgender community and care for their health and well-being. It is the need of hour to consider the LGBT community as a part of our society.

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Navigating the Diverse Range of Priorities Among Individuals seeking Female to Male Surgery in India

In the realm of gender transition, the journey from female to male is deeply personal and unique for each individual. As they embark on this transformative path, a myriad of priorities come into play, shaping their experiences and decisions. Understanding this range of priorities is essential for fostering empathy and support within the broader community.

Authentic Self-Expression

For many individuals seeking female-to-male surgery, the paramount priority is authentic self-expression. This process allows them to align their physical appearance with their internal gender identity, fostering a sense of congruence that is liberating and empowering.

Emotional Well Being

Emotional well-being emerges as a crucial consideration. The psychological impact of being misaligned with one’s gender identity can be profound. Female-to-male surgery often serves as a vital step towards alleviating gender dysphoria. Contributing to improved mental health and overall well-being. 

Social Acceptance and Inclusion

The desire for social acceptance and inclusion is another prevalent priority. Individuals seeking female to male surgery often yearn for acceptance from friends, family, and society at large. The procedure serves as a means to live authentically and gain recognition for their true selves.

Professional and Educational Pursuits

Balancing gender transition with professional and educational pursuits is a priority that underscores the resilience and determination of those seeking Gender change surgery in India. Navigating societal expectations while pursuing career goals or education can present unique challenges, making thoughtful consideration of timing and support networks crucial. 

Relationship Dynamics

The impact of gender transition on personal relationships is a multifaceted consideration, individuals often grapple with how their transition may influence existing relationships, whether familial, romantic, or platonic. Navigating these dynamics and maintaining open communication becomes a significant priority.

Access to Healthcare and Support

Access to competent healthcare and a supportive network is a priority that cannot be overstated. Seeking experienced professionals for female-to-male surgery and building a robust support system are crucial elements in ensuring a smooth and informed transition process.

Financial Consideration

Financial considerations are a reality for many individuals seeking SRS Surgery in India. Costs associated with the procedure, hormone therapy, and related healthcare expenses can be significant. Negotiating these financial challenges while pursuing gender-affirming care becomes a central aspect of their journey.


Understanding the intersectionality of identities adds depth to the range of priorities. Factors such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and disability intersects with the experience of gender transition, influencing the challenges and priorities individuals face. 


The range of priorities found in individuals seeking female-to-male surgery is as diverse as the individuals themselves. Navigating this journey requires acknowledgment of the unique challenges and considerations each person brings to their transition. If you are considering female-to-male to surgery, look no further than Vj’s Transgender Clinic. 

The decision to undergo female to male surgery is deeply personal and influenced by a broad spectrum of priorities. Recognizing and respecting this diversity is essential for fostering a more inclusive and understanding society for all.

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Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Female-to-Male Surgery

Gender change surgery, also called sex change surgery, is a complicated and life-changing procedure. It includes careful interventions to change an individual’s physical anatomy to match their gender personality. Female-to-male surgery (FTM) is a sort of gender change surgery that aims to change the body of an individual assigned female at birth to a male body.

FTM surgery generally includes methodology like chest reconstruction, hysterectomy, and phalloplasty. The particular systems performed can vary depending on the individual’s objectives and medical requirements. While FTM surgery can be life-changing for some individuals, it is vital to consider both the benefits and risks related to the methodology.

Benefits of FTM Surgery:

For some individuals who identify as transgender, FTM surgery can give huge benefits as far as their psychological and emotional well-being. By changing their physical appearance to match their gender personality, many individuals feel more great and sure about their own bodies. This can assist to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and dysphoria.

In addition to the mental benefits, FTM surgery can likewise work on physical health. For instance, chest reconstruction can mitigate breathing troubles that might be caused by restricting the chest. Hysterectomy can decrease the risk of specific medical problems like ovarian cancer and endometriosis.

Risks of FTM Surgery:

Like any surgery, FTM surgery conveys specific risks. A few risks of FTM surgery include bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions related to anesthesia. Also, FTM surgery can prompt complications like urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.

It is likewise vital to consider the emotional risks related to FTM surgery. While many individuals experience significant mental benefits after surgery, certain individuals might feel disappointed with the outcomes or experience feelings of disappointment. People must cautiously consider their inspirations for looking for FTM surgery and work intimately with a certified medical care professional to guarantee that they are making an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Gender Change Surgery:

If you are considering gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it is essential to work with a certified and experienced medical services provider. Search for a reliable provider with a great track record of success and who can respond to your inquiries and address your needs. It is likewise vital to ensure that your provider has a thorough comprehension of the physical and emotional risks related to FTM surgery.

Preparing for Sex Change Surgery:

Vizag is home to various medical services suppliers who offer FTM surgery. While choosing a provider, it is essential to search for one who has a strong reputation for quality consideration and who can give the particular procedures that you require. Make certain to ask inquiries about the provider’s experience in sex change surgery in Vizag and to discuss any doubts that you might have.


FTM surgery can be a life-changing method that offers many benefits to the people who look for it. However, it is important to carefully consider both the benefits and risks related to the strategy and to work closely with a certified medical services professional during the process. By doing the same, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision and that you are getting the best possible consideration.

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The Indian Transgender Community And Gender Change Surgery: Roundup

The Transgender community faces a lot of issues in their life regularly. Some of those problems are:

  • People don’t treat the transgender community equally
  • Transgender people are unable to find quality medical facilities
  • A lot of issues take place in sex change surgery in Vizag

These are the most common issues they face, and in this blog, we will discuss precisely the transgender community, gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, and the problems they face in their daily life.

Some More Problems Faced By The Transgender Community

 Although the government is working on providing high-quality medical facilities to everyone, when a transgender person visits a government hospital, they also have to pay a considerable amount of money for generic treatment methods.

  • Secondly, Whenever a transgender person visits the hospital, they face many unfriendly environment issues.
  • Suppose any transgender person thinks of going for a sex change surgery. In that case, they can’t entirely rely on government hospitals because the surgeons in government hospitals do not take any responsibility for the surgeries they do.
  • On the other hand, people are unable to find reliable transgender clinics in the private sector as well. So if you are someone from Vizag and looking for a reliable and experienced transgender clinic and surgeon, then VJS Transgender Clinics is the right place for you.

Even though all the rights are provided to transgender people, the government has also considered them the third gender. Still, there are several things that they have been missing their whole life.

Let’s forget the judgment offered by others and their family members. But, if they are still looking for the right medical and life facilities, it becomes extremely difficult for them to live a normal life.

Selecting The Right Transgender Clinic

 Although there are very few transgender clinics in India, and when we talk about the quality of the treatments offered, they also vary. But let us have a look at a few factors that will help you select the right transgender clinic for you:

  • Look at the online reviews of a transgender clinic, with the help of which you can understand the quality of treatment options offered.
  • As most transgender people face budget issues, look at the charges for treatments offered.
  • Being transgender, you must have faced unfriendly environmental issues everywhere, making it crucial to select the best transgender clinic for yourself.
  • When dealing with sex change surgeries, make sure to have a look at the experience and professionalism offered by the surgeons of a specific clinic.


Finding the right transgender clinic is important for you, as it will help you treat your health issues, will not judge you based on your gender, will be affordable, and can help you live your life happily & freely.

To get professional treatment options, get in touch with VJS Transgender Clinics

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Everything you need to know about feminizing surgery for gender change

Gender-Affirming Surgery

For individuals planning for gender change surgery, the important part is to feminize the entire body. So, it’s not just the body function but the entire look that is a part of gender-affirming surgery. When you plan for the Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you should discuss all your concerns with the surgeon who is expert and skilled to handle everything with precision. No doubt, the decision is yours on how you would like your gender change surgery plan to go. In all, you are in a position to get your gender affirmation surgery planned in a precise manner.

Types of feminizing surgery for gender change

When you plan for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, you have two different choices on which sort of surgery you would like to undergo. So, for the feminine body, you can choose the surgery from the two options:

  • Top surgery

In top surgery, one of the procedures you can get is fuller breasts. So, depending on what changes you want, talk to the surgeon and plan the entire process.

  • Bottom surgery

The bottom surgery is for the removal of the penis and testicles. Other than that feminizing look even creates the creation of labia, vagina, and other reproductive parts.

The procedure of bottom and top surgery

Depending on your treatment plan, the doctor will help you prepare for the surgery. Bear in mind that before and after care are crucial for the overall success of gender change. For example:

If the treatment plan includes breast augmentation, then initially, the size will be discussed, and accordingly, the process will be done. The doctor will make the incision in the desired place to ensure the incision is placed where it’s not visible directly.

On the other hand, if there’s bottom surgery, then the approach of penectomy and orchiectomy is performed. There’s a possibility of combining the procedures to increase the overall success rate and make the downtime period less. You can discuss the same with the surgeon to prepare yourself well in advance to begin the journey of having a feminizing look. You can even get vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and clitoroplasty.

Are there any risks of gender change surgery?

With any surgical procedure, there are a few risk factors. Therefore, it’s important to address the same well on time. With the expertise of the medical doctor, you will get to know which treatment plan is appropriate for you to undergo and what possible risk factors can come along with the same. The possible risk factors are:

  • Scar tissue formation
  • Slight need to perform the surgery again if the results are not desirable or it seems to look not right
  • Bleeding
  • The vagina is small to perform sexual intercourse
  • The urethra or vagina is narrow or seems to have the closure
  • Bladder problem or bladder infection

Get to know the facts about gender change surgery

To seek all the minute yet imperative details about planning the gender change surgery, you need to schedule an initial consultation at Vj’s Transgender Clinic. Feel free to discuss all your concerns.

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What Is The Legal Procedure For Gender Change Surgery In India?

Indian citizens have the right to choose their gender legally, irrespective of their caste, race, gender or creed. If an individual feels that they do not associate with the given or birth gender, they can decide to undergo a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Technically such people are known as transsexuals. They opt for medical assistance to attain that look apart from their style and behaviour.

But it is not an easy task; there are criteria and a procedure that you would have to follow before the surgery. Doctors and professionals such as psychiatrists will perform several tests to determine if they are the perfect candidate for such drastic change.

Let us learn about this in detail to help you in the process.

What Is the Legal Procedure for Gender Change Surgery In India?

We have listed a step-by-step procedure for legally proceeding with the procedure of Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag.

  • You would have to create a gender change affidavit.

After you have finalized that you want to undergo gender transformation, the first thing you should do is prepare an affidavit that would declare the change of gender and name (make sure if the authority requires it or not). Besides that, the affidavit must also adhere to the format the department of publication has prescribed. The affidavit must state your name, father’s name, address, age and gender. You should also note that all the details mentioned in the affidavit must match the supporting identity proof document. You must also print the affidavit on stamp paper and also notarize it.

  • You should publish an advertisement.

The second step you must follow for a legal gender change procedure is to place an advertisement in a leading newspaper in your residing city as per your supporting address proof documents. You can place the advertisement in the regional or national newspaper. However, ensure that the newspaper advertisement’s content is the same as mentioned in the affidavit.

  • Gazette Procedure

This is a step in which you would achieve to file the duly signed application along with the mandatory documents. You would also have to pay the required government fees at the time of filing. A gazette is nothing but an official magazine that the government publishes. And every central and state government has their own version of gazettes. You can easily notify in any of the gazettes. However, some government authorities might ask you to notify the central government gazette. Typically an Individual can publish the public advertisement or notices in Part IV of the central government gazette.

  • Gazette publication

After submission of the application, the authority will read and review the gender change notification application. After they get the necessary approval from the department, they will further proceed to publish the same in the government e-gazette. This process might take up to 40 to 60 business days for the gender change notification to appear in the e-gazette. The authority publishes the gazette every Saturday. One can easily download it from the official website.


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Understand The Approach For A Female To Male Sex Change Surgery

Female to male sex change surgery

Having that zeal to do the best in life comes from feeling comfortable about yourself. But, sometimes, that confidence level can be too low because of their gender according their feelings. Earlier, people used to stay silent about their gender identity thinking that others would make fun of them or judge them based on their feelings. However, that’s the talk of the past, and now you can get yourself privileged through the advanced approach for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Sex reassignment surgery: Female to male transformation

Gender affirmation surgery has started to get much attention over time because of the new and advanced approach. Modern medicine has graciously accepted the challenge of offering a successful and effective transition through different methods. So, whether you wish to get top surgery to be masculine or want the bottom surgery, including the Genital Reconstruction in Vizag, the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise can offer the same.

FTM surgery: Different approaches combined for better results

  • Metoidioplasty

With FTM, the metoidioplasty converts the clitoris to penis smoothly. At first, the clitoris need enlargement through hormone therapy i.e. testosterone. A thorough approach makes the entire princess work smoothly. The main aim of the procedure is to help result in erectile tissue presence just like the natural one.

  • Scrotoplasty

Scrotoplasty is an important sex change surgery. The procedure requires to form the scrotum. If required, testicular implants are inserted. You can talk to the surgeon about the same.

Please Note!

The clitoris size can be increased to the extent of making sexual intercourse better. If you have any specific thoughts on your mind, please make sure to discuss the same with the cosmetic surgeon during initial consultation.

  • Phalloplasty

For transmale who desire a large penis can choose phalloplasty. The procedure demands intricate details to take desired amount of skin graft to form the penis.

In some cases, the individuals can get scrotoplasty to increase the urethra length and help the penis form the desired route.

Which one is better?

No doubt, every procedure has its method of working. But, yes, metoidioplasty allows for providing erection capabilities with better sensation. Moreover, the penis size gets enlarged, leading to better sexual intercourse. Although, the penis won’t erect that much and won’t be that sensitive.

All that aside, the individuals who have undergone FTM achieve the best possible results. The orgasm is possible. And over time overall ability leading to better sexual satisfaction gets higher. That means getting desirable sexual outcomes.

Final word

The approach of FTM improved with time. The major consideration is medical assistance from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. The doctor throughly checks all your requirements and accordingly suggest the necessary treatment course of action. Therefore, it’s an essential part of your female to male transformation. Just make sure to feel confident about yourself in any way you wish to live your life.