Sex reassignment surgery

That feeling of coming out and telling the world what you feel. Moreover, the added joy that everyone accepts the way you are. But, to be more confident, you choose to go down the path of gender change surgery. No doubt, medical advancement has made a lot of difference, and it has made it possible for the transgender community to live the way they want and look the way they feel about themselves. No, if your thoughts revolve around, ‘Which Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to choose?’ This blog will get all the necessary details to help you make the essential choice.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

SRS Surgery: Whether you are looking to get male to female or female to male sex change surgery, the availability of the different options allows you to make the right choice. Some of the possibilities of sex-change surgery are:

  • Skin Graft technique

The skin graft method is one of the standard vaginoplasty, which is the most preferred option because the risk and complications with this option are way too low. The surgical approach requires penile skin, which includes the scrotal skin, and skin is present in the gronial area or abdomen, which creates the vaginal cavity.

  • Sigmoid Colon Graft technique

For patients with short genitals, it’s the preferred choice. The sigmoid colon is cut through the low transverse abdominal incision, which helps in creating a lubricated vagina, and there is proper depth in the same. But, the complications and risks involved with this approach are higher than other options.


Suppose you are planning to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make sure to get a hold of the medical expert to understand better what’s suitable for your condition or not.

How to decide to get gender change surgery?

Here’s the checklist which you should consider while planning to get the gender change surgery:

  • Dimension of scrotal and penile skin

For most people getting skin graft surgery is the right choice. If this happens, some risks and complications can occur with the same. If you are worried about the difficulties, it’s worth opting for the abdominal skin graft method.

  • Consider the body structure

If you want to get the sigmoid colon graft method, BMI is considered to plan everything effectively. In this case, the proper examination is done, and most importantly, the physical condition is determined to see whether the following stages of the sex-change surgery.

  • Chronic medical conditions

If you have a chronic medical problem, it’s not right for you to get sex reassignment surgery: Colovaginoplasty. The conditions like thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, or HIV+ won’t make the person suitable for the surgery. It’s imperative to consider your overall well-being to be sure the future risks and complications are avoided.