female into male Gender change Surgery

Understand The Approach For A Female To Male Sex Change Surgery

Female to male sex change surgery

Having that zeal to do the best in life comes from feeling comfortable about yourself. But, sometimes, that confidence level can be too low because of their gender according their feelings. Earlier, people used to stay silent about their gender identity thinking that others would make fun of them or judge them based on their feelings. However, that’s the talk of the past, and now you can get yourself privileged through the advanced approach for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Sex reassignment surgery: Female to male transformation

Gender affirmation surgery has started to get much attention over time because of the new and advanced approach. Modern medicine has graciously accepted the challenge of offering a successful and effective transition through different methods. So, whether you wish to get top surgery to be masculine or want the bottom surgery, including the Genital Reconstruction in Vizag, the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise can offer the same.

FTM surgery: Different approaches combined for better results

  • Metoidioplasty

With FTM, the metoidioplasty converts the clitoris to penis smoothly. At first, the clitoris need enlargement through hormone therapy i.e. testosterone. A thorough approach makes the entire princess work smoothly. The main aim of the procedure is to help result in erectile tissue presence just like the natural one.

  • Scrotoplasty

Scrotoplasty is an important sex change surgery. The procedure requires to form the scrotum. If required, testicular implants are inserted. You can talk to the surgeon about the same.

Please Note!

The clitoris size can be increased to the extent of making sexual intercourse better. If you have any specific thoughts on your mind, please make sure to discuss the same with the cosmetic surgeon during initial consultation.

  • Phalloplasty

For transmale who desire a large penis can choose phalloplasty. The procedure demands intricate details to take desired amount of skin graft to form the penis.

In some cases, the individuals can get scrotoplasty to increase the urethra length and help the penis form the desired route.

Which one is better?

No doubt, every procedure has its method of working. But, yes, metoidioplasty allows for providing erection capabilities with better sensation. Moreover, the penis size gets enlarged, leading to better sexual intercourse. Although, the penis won’t erect that much and won’t be that sensitive.

All that aside, the individuals who have undergone FTM achieve the best possible results. The orgasm is possible. And over time overall ability leading to better sexual satisfaction gets higher. That means getting desirable sexual outcomes.

Final word

The approach of FTM improved with time. The major consideration is medical assistance from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. The doctor throughly checks all your requirements and accordingly suggest the necessary treatment course of action. Therefore, it’s an essential part of your female to male transformation. Just make sure to feel confident about yourself in any way you wish to live your life.

Gender change Surgery male to female

Gender Change: How is chin augmentation effective for the face and jawline?

Chin Augmentation For Gender Change Surgery

Gender change is the transformation process of getting the look that makes you look beautiful. If you feel that your chin is not proportional to your desired eyes, then it’s essential to seek the benefit of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag as part of your sex change procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will help to offer better definition to the jaw and chin to make it seem everything is in proportion to alleviate your self-confidence to a great extent. If you wish to plan for the surgery, then get hold of the cosmetic surgeon who can guide you about the entire process and ensure the results that you get best are according to what you are hoping to get.

Procedure of Chin Augmentation

The chin augmentation is a surgical approach known to make your natural appearance stand out. During the Chin augmentation in Andhra Pradesh under the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon, the chin implant will be placed to help see the results effective in terms of:

  • Volume
  • Definition
  • Desired chin proportions

Whether trans men or women, both can choose the approach to seek beautiful and natural-looking results.

A suitable candidate for chin augmentation

You benefit from the advanced cosmetic procedure if you have a weak chin or poor jaw. What’s more important is that the procedure you choose offers you the desired results. So, men and women need to discuss their concerns by scheduling an initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

When you talk to the cosmetic surgeon, you must discuss every possible concern that comes to your mind. Most importantly, the surgeon will evaluate the patients on all possible levels to see whether they are a good fit or not. The facial surgery approach is the desirable way to make everything work and the surgeon is the one who can make everything come to light.

Recovery after the chin implant surgery

During chin implant surgery, the downtime is less than in other cosmetic surgical methods. You must give yourself at least a few weeks following surgery to return to the desired regime. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to see the necessary results:

  • Make sure that you don’t do any extensive facial movement
  • Don’t follow a strenuous exercise regime

Being careful about everything the surgeon says is the key to seeking the necessary results. Doing so will enable you to return to your daily regime within one week or so.

Learn more under the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

If you think the procedure is right for you and want to seek the same benefits, then schedule an initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, Dr. C Vijay Kumar, to enjoy the best possible results. Discuss any potential concern that comes to your mind.

Sex reassignment surgery

Who Is The Right Candidate To Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Are you thinking about undergoing sex reassignment surgery?

If yes, then do go through this 5 minute read for better details.

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

A Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag is a procedure of different surgeries together that is also commonly known as sex change surgery.

One of the main reasons to undergo this surgery is gender identity disorder. In this situation, the man or woman does not resonate with their biologically assigned gender. They are more comfortable with the opposite sex and identify with it.

Sex reassignment treatment is a new contribution to the operative technique. It is basically a therapeutic aspect of gender transition. It is an operating technique that helps carry out the new perspective on the individual outer look while also altering the function from one gender to another of their current sexual characteristics.

If you wanted to fix the physical or psychological problems related to your gender identification. We would highly recommend you undergo sex reassignment surgery to achieve the desired outcome. MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh is now more common than before. There is less taboo or notion attached to it compared to earlier times.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Let us now move toward who is the perfect candidate to undergo the sex reassignment surgery.

  • The patient should be at least over the age of 18 years for legal reasons.
  • They should undergo hormone therapy for at least one year before they decide to undergo sex change surgery.
  • The doctor must diagnose the patient with any of the following conditions to allow sex change surgery. The requirements are gender dysphoria, anxiety, and/or depression related to this gender identity disorder.
  • The patient must have approval from a qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Operative And Post Operative Gender Change Surgery

The trained professional will conduct the whole process, and apart from that, the patient will also be under general anesthesia. For both males and females, the doctor would perform a different set of procedures to attain the outcome.

With the help of this procedure, the doctor would be able to level the penis. Apart from that, it will also allow the operation of sexual function, and they will also reestablish the irregular opening.

Whereas for the female identity, the doctor would perform the vaginal reformation.

The Steps For Sex Reassignment Operative Technique

These are the steps that the doctor performs to complete the sex reassignment surgery.

  • They remove the internal female organ such as the fallopian tube, ovaries, and uterus.
  • They remove the vagina and vulva.
  • They insert testicular implants and scrotoplasty.
  • They reconstruct the urethra with the help of a graft from the buccal mucosa.
  • They reconstruct the glans with the help of a free radial artery forearm flap.
  • They implant the inflatable and semirigid penile prosthesis.
  • They perform urethral tubularization.
  • Adding on the aesthetics and the natural appearances.

All the professionals such as endocrinologists, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, and urologists will work together for this surgery in different sets. This will help them to achieve the best outcome even in complex gender reassignment surgery.

male to female

The Main Goal & Procedure Of Undergoing MTF Gender Change Surgery

Gender Change Surgery From Men To Women

In this process, the doctor uses a range of techniques to achieve the feminization of the male’s features and anatomy. Depending on the selection of the right clinic and the surgeon for Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you will see this method’s success and result.

This is why it is very important for you to select a hospital that is reliable such as VJ’s Transgender Clinic. They are the best bet for you in order to make sure that you will obtain great success and outstanding results. Under the guidance of a skilled and qualified panel, you will be able to achieve the task with finesse.

The procedure Of Sex Change Surgery From Male To Female

The male-to-female sex change surgery basically includes the transformation of scrotal tissues and penile into a female gentle.

The doctor conducts various procedures so that the patient is able to get a new vagina or neovagina. Some procedures include using a skin graft from the groin or the entirety of the penile skin and scrotal skin to create depth in the vagina. Apart from that, the doctor can also use the peritoneal graft or colon graft to make a neovagina.

Steps Of Male To Female Sex Change

A surgeon begins expelling the orchiectomy or testicles in the surgical steps of male to female sex change. After that, they proceed with the extraction of the penis (penectomy).

They further divert towards making new urethral openings, the labia, and meatus (for urination). The surgeon uses the tissue and the nerve from the tip of the penis to curate the clitoris head. It is a process that includes clitoroplasty.

What Is The Goal Of Sex Change Surgery?

Now let us venture towards the goal of sex change surgery. The main focus of the surgeons is to create the male genital into female genitalia. In this method, the doctor might consider all the aspects, such as the vaginal depth and function of having intercourse.

To put it in retrospect, the primary point of sex change surgery is to address the issue of sex dysphoria in transgender women. This helps them to improve their quality of life in the social setting.

What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Sex Change Surgery In The Reputed Clinic?

There are many clinics that guarantee their patients of getting remarkable work leading to neovagina. They complete this task with the help of a skin graft or a colon graft method. This includes a depth of 5 to 7 inches. It is a feature that undoubtedly constitutes one of the most talked about attributes of undergoing sex change surgery.

Apart from that, the surgeon also offers the technique of one-stage penile surgery and vaginoplasty with rectosigmoid vaginoplasty.

To top it off, breast augmentation surgery is the perfect solution to get the highest quality outcome for breast implants. The doctor inserts the breast implant via various incision areas. Some of those areas include periareolar incision, under the armpit, or inflammatory incision.

Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

What questions trouble people when they opt for transgender surgeries?

Transgender surgery is the best option for individuals unsatisfied with their natural gender as per their behavior. Therefore, you must, thanks to the technology that confers you a transgender surgery by which you can after your whole body in your favorite choice of gender. For this, you can go for the Transgender Surgery in Vizag, where well-qualified doctors co-operate with you.

Additionally, If you want to turn your female body into a male one, then opt for the penis reconstruction in Vizag, where well-experienced and intelligent doctors perform the whole procedure, and you will obtain your favorite gender after undergoing this surgical procedure.

What do you understand about gender transformation surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery represents the surgical procedure under which all the sexual organs of a transgender person modifies into their desired gender. For example, if a person has a body and behaves like a girl, your transgender expert transforms your male body into a female’s body so you can obtain the same gender as your behavior. After having this procedure, you can start behaving as per your sex. Try Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to satisfy your inner desire.

How is this procedure initiated?

After the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID), you will recommend sex reassignment surgery. At the initial stage of this procedure, you may send for hormone treatment to alter your physical characteristics. These hormones are injected through injections that your doctor starts giving you at least before beginning your treatment. Simultaneously, you may pass to ancillary procedures like plastic surgery to modify your physical appearance and laser hair removal techniques to eliminate body hair.

Is it a complicated procedure?

It is a straightforward procedure that takes approximately four to five hours to complete the male-to-female transition under the one-step operation. However, to perform female-to-male transformation surgery, a patient must go through various stages that can attain more time than male-to-female surgery. Here, a team of five to six doctors comes in front to perform different tasks to complete the surgery successfully.

Is every person suitable for this procedure?

A person who meets all the eligibility criteria of this procedure can freely go for it. Even some hospitals only say yes to this surgery if you have achieved GID (Gender Identity Disorder)certificate from a valid institution. Deciding on transgender surgery is not a child’s play. You can only go for it after passing all the required tests. Even your doctor can send you for regular counseling sessions for eighteen months when you come to opt for the transgender procedure.

Can patients live an everyday life after having gender transformation surgery?

Yes, people with transgender procedures live their life like ordinary people. Even they get married and adopt children to make their life happy.



How to recover after undergoing Female to male transgender surgery?

This is the era of the 21st century; everyone wants to look perfect and more attractive among people to influence the opposite sexes. Therefore, individuals who are unsatisfied with their natural looks try to reform their bodies with available cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. Some individuals like to opt for FTM Surgery in Andhra Pradesh who are not satisfied with their internal identity as per their external appearance.

To illustrate, you may see that some people have the body of females, but they behave like men and all their habits, dressing style, and interaction style are like men. So, to help these individuals, the transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh comes in front to get their desired gender and similar internal identity.

Define female to male transgender surgery?

This is a procedure in which your cosmetic experts help people attain their favorite method they feel comfortable with. With the help of surgical equipment, a doctor can turn your female-shaped body into a male-shaped body under general doses of anesthesia so that you will never feel any severe pain. All body features such as facial, breast, vaginal, stomach, etcetera are modified during the process.

Explain the various categories of the top surgery?

Top surgery has two subparts, these are:

  • Periareolar: At this phase, your cosmetic surgeon first makes a single circular cut around the areola, and another larger circular cut a couple of centimeters farther out from the first one. This type of surgery works well in the case of small breasts with little to no sag, hard nipple stalk, and sensation intact.
  • Double incision: Here, your doctor will form two horizontal cuts on the top and bottom of the pectoral muscle. In this procedure, it is necessary to modify nipples (eradicate the nipples so that they will stitch again in masculine shape), and sensation is lost. Opposite to the periareolar method, this is best for heavy and large breasts.

How can you recover after having top surgery?

Generally, you will fully recover from this procedure within six weeks, which the first three weeks are very acute. You must take holidays from your work and try to lay down at the 45-degree angle for the first week so that your stitches will not feel any stress.

  • Weeks 2-3: Here, you can take a bath, hold ten to fifteen pounds of weight, and indulge yourself in minor activities but take proper rest simultaneously so your wound will heal quickly.
  • Week 4-5: Here, your external wounds may almost heal and look like you are ready to include yourself in walking activities, but it recommends that your internal wounds will not heal ideally before six weeks, so you must take care of your chest. You can consume vitamin-E tablets or mass oil on your chest to massage it.
  • Week 6-8: You come back to your typical routine. You can do anything you want, like cycling, climbing and playing, etc. But before doing these activities, you must consult your doctor once so that they can remove your stitches and check all your body notations.

Do not forget to visit VJ’s Transgender Clinic if unsatisfied with your inner identity and outer body structure.