Gender change Surgery

The Role Of The Psychiatrist In Gender Reassignment Surgeries

A drastic change happens in the body that has to be dealt with care with any surgical procedure. But to make that change happen, several steps happen. Especially when you are planning to get gender change surgery, several concerns can revolve in your mind like, ‘Do I need to consult a psychiatrist?’ or ‘Is it not unfair that I have to consult a psychiatrist first before starting the surgery?’ Well, anything that happens it’s for a reason.


Psychiatrist role during a gender change surgery

In the case of psychotherapy, many factors have to be taken into consideration. All those looking to begin the journey of Male to female to improve the body image in all ways need to get assistance from the experienced surgeon, and the same goes for a female to male surgery. Being a transexual is essential that the proper care is achieved in all ways and the best possible needs are addressed.

What are the two main objectives of a psychiatrist?

Whether you are planning for females into males or males into females, you aim to get the best results. And this is where the psychiatrist plays a significant role in ensuring the best results are achieved. So, the psychiatrists are going to play two primary roles, and that includes:

  • Limit the chances to have unsatisfactory results

Psychological and social conditions have a significant role to play in this concept. It’s important because around 10% of the patients have shown they regret getting transgender surgery. Considering the same reason, it’s essential before the journey starts, there should be a consultation with the psychologist. No doubt, there are even reported cases of suicide and depression.


  • Make the transformation successful in all ways

The psychiatrist’s primary purpose is to ensure all those planning to begin their transformation journey are adequately aware of how every step will be taken. Until the patient’s global satisfaction is not achieved and the patient has to adapt themselves to the new gender completely.


What’s the role of a psychiatrist in gender change surgery?

The psychiatrist’s role for the gender affirmation surgery can be broken down into the following points:

  • Get the detailed confirmation regarding the GD diagnostic
  • Properly maintain all the necessary diagnoses of GD, which are about psychiatric pathology.
  • Check and tell the patient regarding all the negative predictive things which might be going in the mind. Discussing every possible factor is essential to ensure the surgical treatment goes with ease.
  • When you talk to the psychiatrist, he will detect any unrealistic expectations. There won’t be any problem for the surgical team to carry out the following steps during the surgery.
  • The psychiatrist will check that the patient is completely aware of the limitations and if any negative things might occur.

List of the top-rated transgender movies to watch for inspiration 2022

We live in the 21st century, but the transgender community is still not getting that presence as to what it deserves. No doubt a lot has been changed and gotten better with time, but there is a scope to do a lot more. Making the change is essential to help all those planning to begin gender change surgery. To make people aware of the same, more information must be gathered, and the focus should be shifted towards seeing all those things which tell about the transgender community. If you have someone you know getting the Male to female surgery or you getting one, you must be vocal and share the experience.

List of must-watch incredible transgender movies 2022

  • Disclosure

Disclosure is a revelatory documentary with a well-known team of actors, namely Sam Feder, Amy Scholder, and Laverne Cox. The documentary is all about how the media misinterprets the transgender community. Due to how a female into Male or vice versa, trans individuals have to face many struggles. The documentary is all about pointing towards how the industry needs to be held accountable.

  • Paris is Burning

For all the pose lovers, this movie should be watched right away. You get to experience the 80’s ballroom and, most importantly, all that drama through the film. But, the movie has an important message, too, regarding the transphobia, homophobia, and racism experienced by the community.

  • Ma Vie en Rose

Ma Vie en Rose is one of those films in which the story of someone’s journey is well told. This French movie is about a boy who is a girl. The movie genuinely depicts her story most beautifully despite not getting the approval of her loved ones.

  • Tangerine

Tangerine depicts the story of 2 trans women looking for someone who has done wrong to them. It’s one of the funny ways to get a close look at queer lives.

  • The Danish Girl

A Danish painter named Lili Elbe story is presented through the movies as she went through the journey of being a trans female. The film even shows the perfect angle of love, making it ideal for watching.

  • The Trans List

The Trans list movie includes a list of trans. The trans list is a documentary of 11 public figures and non-binary celebrities who share their stories and about their life.

  • Drunktown’s Finest

Drunktown’s Finest is the story of 3 people living on a Navajo reservation. One of them is a sex worker & a beautiful trans woman. Well! That’s not all; even the film is directed & written by a trans.

There are many other movies like Boys don’t Cry, Passing, Better than Chocolate, and the list goes on and on.

Final word!

Being transgender is not a shame, and those who come out should be respected as it takes a lot of courage. If you are thinking of starting your transgender journey, then get in touch with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan everything the right way.



The Stories Of Trans People And How They Broke The Society Norms

4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India

4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India, To get things done when you are not privileged is a markable thing. It is not ingrained in everyone’s mind to achieve an exceptional goal. People who are not accepted by society have more power and believe in themselves to show others that they are nothing to be feared of.

It is not a hidden fact that transgender is not as accepted in society like India as other communities are. The heterosexuals and their prominent oppression have made it hard, sometimes even impossible, for those who have undergone gender change surgery to excel in their particular field.

Thus we bring light to certain inspiring personalities and a path to find the right way for your success.

It is also necessary to add that success is not equal, and factors like their struggle would determine how they have fought for a simple thing like getting an education. So always believe that you are strong.

Transgender People Who Are Breaking The Barrier

  • Gauri Sawant: Worried about being a disappointment in the eyes of her family, she opted to run away from them at the tender age of 18. It is not easy to fight your struggle alone as she did each moment. As a human species, we tend to ask for constant support. This is why she supports the children and people who wanted to go ahead with a male to female or female into Male surgery by fighting for their rights. She is a very famous personality who has been vocal by serving counseling for trans people in her trust organization Sakshi Char Chowghi.
  • Sathyasri Sharmila: She is the very 1st trans person who has attained the seat of a lawyer. The education system makes it so much harder to achieve their dream degree. Still, she fought tooth and nail against it. Now, at the age of 36, she is in this field to fight for the injustice she has faced. It took her ten years to register herself as a lawyer. The society and its ability to kill their hopes did not linger with her. She woke up in 2018 to find a way to fight the atrocities against her community.
  • Joyita Mondal: In 2017, we saw a change in the jurisdiction by appointing her as the 1st judge in the Lok Adalat, a simple win but a life-changing moment for people who were losing hope. She proved to complete something that would help others win their fight. She has also been ever since very vocal about the reservation of trans people to give them an opportunity for representation.
  • Natasha Biswas: Breaking down the norms set by society, she not only participated in the beauty pageant for trans people but also became the winner. Even though she saw many problems in her life, starting from being abandoned by her family member, she still did not stop looking at the right side of her life.



male to female Penectomy

Everything you need to know about penectomy sex-change surgery

Penectomy Surgery: Gender Change Surgery

Penectomy (Penis Removal) is a surgical method to take out the penis to give the results of what the person wants. If the surgery is done without getting vaginoplasty, it’s referred to as nullification. If the individual is planning to get the vaginoplasty, they consider just getting the penectomy. While going to the next phase, the tissue is taken from the penis to preserve the vaginal area along the clitoris for the desired results. If you are thinking of getting this gender change surgery, then you must be careful about how to proceed further and what needs to be done next.

Penectomy is one of the essential parts of getting gender change surgery

One of the main aims of penectomy is to create a shallow vaginal dimple, and then a new urethral opening is made, which helps in urination while sitting in a simple position.

Did you know?

If you plan to get vaginoplasty, then it’s better not to get penectomy as a separate method. The tissue and skin used from the penis arewill be adequate in case of vaginoplasty. If your consideration is to get vaginoplasty, you are not a suitable candidate to benefit from neo-vagina. The better preference is to wait before you get both of these done and get these at one time.

You should always consult the medical expert as to what to do next, be it female into Male or vice-versa surgery, for getting the best of results.

Who is a suitable candidate for penectomy?

To get the benefit of Male to female penectomy surgery, you need to be a suitable candidate for the same. Here are some of the instances in which the person is a right candidate for penectomy:

  • Around 12 months, you are living as your gender identity.
  • You have got HRT for around 12 months
  • You need to give your consent to obtain this surgical procedure done
  • If you have any medical issues, it’s essential that your situation is under control to proceed further.
  • Make sure you are an ideal candidate to get the surgery, and the same you will get to know when you consult the doctor.
  • The BMI should not be more than 30

How much time do the penectomy results last?

The effects of penectomy surgery are permanent. So, once the surgery is done, there is no way you can make the results go reverse.

Is there anything I should be careful about penectomy?

Undergoing penectomy helps the penis to destroy. Afterward, if you plan to get vaginoplasty, there is no necessary skin available.

Make yourself prepared for the surgery

Make sure that you prepare yourself for the surgery beforehand without such an issue.  For further information, schedule your initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic.


Gender Change Surgery: What are the myths and facts about Circumcision?

Various factors are considered when the talk is about getting a surgical procedure. In most cases, the individuals prefer to look online in search to get their answers. No doubt, at times, it makes them informed, but it’s true not everything you read on the net is true to the knowledge. For example, if you plan to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make an informed decision by consulting the medical expert. One such procedure is ‘Circumcision, ‘which comes under cosmetic surgery. You read several myths and facts over the net revolving around this topic.


Are you planning to head towards this cosmetic surgery?

Read the given article to familiarize yourself with the Myths and Facts of Circumcision.

Brief Information on Circumcision Myth & Facts 

Circumcision is a surgical method to take out the excess foreskin on the top part of the penis. Usually, it’s done on the infant, but the benefit can be obtained even in adult age.

Myth: Circumcision can only be classified as a cosmetic treatment

Fact: The surgical approach might point out a cosmetic change. But, there is no need to outweigh the medical benefits. Studies have revealed that ‘Undergoing circumcision reduces the risk of getting diagnosed with penile cancer.’

So, Don’t you think this procedure benefits your overall health? As the Circumcision allows to:

  • Clean the penis easily
  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection
  • Reduced risk of inflammatory skin conditions

Moreover, the chances of having zipper injuries are higher in those who have not gotten Circumcision.

Are you looking to get gender change surgery?

Under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar, get the desired treatment plan which is also made under your specific requirement.

Myth: Undergoing Circumcision can affect the sexual performance

Fact: Circumcision is not going to affect the erection part, as well as sexual performance, do not get down. Even in circumcision men, the sexual pleasure is also the same.

One thing worth noting down is:

Getting Circumcision on time can reduce the chances of STDs in the future. Not just that, but the risk of herpes, syphilis, and HPV (Human papillomavirus) decreases.

Do you think the health benefits of Circumcision are just for Male?


Even women are benefited…HOW?

Studies have shown that ‘The chances of cervical cancer is reduced as the risk of HPV gets down.’

Myth: Let your child decide when he wants to get Circumcision

Fact: The longer the wait, the increased chances of complications. Don’t let this thing be left on your child. If you do so, then the risk is higher & it will even take more time for recovery.

As mentioned above, the risk of urinary tract infection reduces. Getting the surgery done early will make it easier to follow the after-care regime and get the results on time.

Myth: Circumcision surgery increases chances of injury

Fact: Being an advanced surgical method, the cases of injury are rare. The only and most important consideration is to choose a skilled medical expert who knows the right approach to do the surgery.


Gender change Surgery

Clear Your Doubts Before The Procedure Of Gender-Affirming Surgery

Taking big decisions in your life, like gender affirmation surgery, can be a little complicated. That is why you would constantly require some sort of guidance throughout the procedure.

If you want to go for a male to female surgery, there would be many questions inside your head about the before and after the process.

That is why we are here tio help you out with some common doubts that people have when they decide to undergo gender change surgery.

What Kind Of Care Should Transgender People Expect?

Before you start the procedure of female into Male or vice versa surgery, we highly recommended reading the standard healthcare program made by an international organization for transgender health by using new scientific studies done on transgender healthcare. This would help the doctors to understand and achieve the best result in the unique healthcare needs of trans people or gender non-conforming people. It would be very appreciable if you chose a clinic that would refer to similar healthcare standards.

Is It Possible To Have Children After Gender Affirming Surgery?

Discuss all kinds of options available for you to meet your needs. As there are many transgender people who plan to have a biological child in their future goals. They could opt for preserving their eggs or sperm before the gender change surgery through a sperm bank and egg freezing. Plan the best for you with the doctor’s guidance at VJ’s Transgender Clinic.

How To Prepare Oneself Before The Transgender Affirming Surgery?

Apart from physically preparing yourself for the gender change surgery, you would also have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before going further with the gender-affirming procedure. Try to talk to people who have gone through the same journey and would be able to advise you with their real-life experience. You could also try to speak to a counselor and help yourself be mentally calm or under the dysphoria of gender to cultivate for the surgery with an honest mindset. Having good support from your family or friends would quickly help you win any situation. If you are alone in this journey, having faith in yourself would vividly build up your strength.

What To Expect After Gender Affirming Surgery?

After the surgical aspects of your gender change surgery have been finished, the doctor would recommend you go for a physician to follow up with your daily healthcare. They could also provide you with a custom plan that would easily meet your required needs for better health after the surgery. Apart from that, you would also be recommended to visit a urologist or gynecologist depending on what kind of surgery you have undergone for a regular check-up of cancer screening.

Apart from the health factor, you might also consider further changing your name and identification. All your paperwork would have to be sorted out after the surgery.


Does The Organisation Provide Health Care Facilities To Transgender?

Accommodating the needs of the citizen is a top service of the government. We elect them to make our lives a little more comfortable and better, especially with the basic facilities, including education, healthcare, and many more.

But is it applicable for everyone?

It is indeed a tricky question that depends on the various layers of the situation. But in general, the government do try to provide a safe place for the citizen.

One of the communities is transgender, which faces a lot of backlash in society, thus making it more critical for the government to provide better facilities.

Health Care and Transgender

Does the health care system look after the gender change surgery? It mainly depends on the situation and the case post-section-377. There is still much more than the Indian government had to do to give transgender people a safe place. Though in some states, for example, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there is some aid to female surgery of Male to female, 80% of the financial assistance is still not looked after.

NGOs And LGBTQ+ Organisation

It is much easier for people who want to opt for a gender change from female into Male or male to female but does not have any financial aid to support the decision to reach out to such NGOs or LGBTQ+ organization that works for the best iNterest of transgender na their development in the society.

Does Health Insurance Cover Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Yes, to an extent, they cover gender-changing surgery again; it depends on the case. But firstly, transgender does need to get an assertive declaration from the medical expert, which states they must undergo surgery.

Disclaimer: the claim on the financial aid by the health insurance depends on the individual organization and their beliefs which would make the accessibility easy or hard accordingly. The above-stated line does not reflect what they could provide during gender change surgery.

Protection Available By The Government For The Transpeople

September 6, 2018, has been a life-changing day for many people. It has been an announcement of freedom for the LGBTQ+ community. The government of India has struck down article 377, which criminalized gay sex. It has not been a complete win for the community’s people but rather a start towards a better journey.

The inclusion of the other genders in the government paper has been an excellent start to accepting the community. However, there is still a lot to fight and win, but the start has begun and made it more plausible for people to fight for their rights.

Acceptance in The Society

Though politically inclusion has been started for whatever reason, the acceptance in the society would eradicate the evil. Educating the new generation and making the older one understand to accept LGBTQ+ is the key to overcoming such problems and making the place safer and secure for the transgender.