Gender change Surgery

Things that you need to Know about gender reassignment surgery

You may have concerns about what to anticipate during and following gender affirmation or gender reassignment surgery if you are experiencing gender confusion or considering or preparing for such surgery. From beginning to end, we’re here to guide you through this liberating change.

Here are the standard prerequisites, as well as what to anticipate before and after the procedure, for gender affirmation top surgery.

Requirements For Surgery to Change Gender

A significant step on your path to discovering your authentic self is gender affirmation surgery. It is significant to highlight that there are a few conditions that must be fulfilled:

A note from your psychiatrist (or therapist) confirming that you are of sound mind and good judgment is required before surgery.

Complete permission forms.

Take forms to your primary care physician for medical clearance and receive pre-and post-operative instructions.

Additionally, there are a few requirements that are optional but advised. Patients must be at least 18 years old or have their spouses, families, and friends’ full support.

You will talk about the precise operation and surgeries you plan to have during your appointment with your plastic surgeon, as well as your overall state of health and your long-term gender reassignment objectives. There are various alternatives for shaping the body, masculinization of the face, and top surgery. You will develop an extensive gender affirmation surgical plan with your surgeon

.Dr. C. Vijaykumar will evaluate your breasts when you choose the top surgery at the VJ’s transgender clinic the best gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to decide whether a keyhole incision (a periareolar incision around the nipple) or double incision (under the breasts) is the most effective method. The size of your breasts typically dictates the sort of incision. You will be informed of the hazards and the recovery time for the treatment by Dr. C Vijaykumar.

You might be required to get a preoperative anesthesia and medical examination before your operation to make sure you are qualified for anesthesia

What to anticipate following gender-affirming surgery.

First, make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick you up and drive you home following the procedure. Dr. C Vijay Kumar will check your incisions and make sure you are healing correctly when you come back in a day or two.

Although a full recovery usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, some patients can start working 2 to 4 weeks after their surgery. Naturally, this could differ between patients. Your surgeon will provide you with a recovery plan including the procedures and actions you must do as well as the potential adverse effects of the operation.

There is no doubt this surgery by Dr.C Vijaykumar is the most affordable sex change surgery in Vizag Andhra pradesh.

It is advised that you follow up with your primary care physician following top surgery. They will design a personalized long-term care plan for you that will meet your needs and guarantee that you continue to be healthy following surgery.

Gender change Surgery

A Simple Guide to Understand Transgender People

It is critical to understand and learn different aspects of identity, including transgender, in a varied world. This page tries to demystify the transgender concept so that everyone may understand the fundamentals of what it means and why it matters. 

What does transgender mean 

A person’s manners do not match the sex they were assigned at birth. It is known as transgender.

  • Sex assigned at birth: When a child is born, doctors can inform us whether it is a boy or girl founded on physical looks. It is called sex assigned at birth. 
  • Gender identity: Gender identity is when people know how they feel inside, like a girl, boy or both. It is a personal sense of who you are. In simple words, people can behave in the way they feel inside. For example, a baby is born, and the doctor assigns a boy when he grows. He behaves like a girl that is transgender.  

Understanding the gender spectrum 

Identifying transgender people is not a simple task. Gender is more complicated to modify. The baby is a boy or girl or something. But they approach each other closely. Then, they know the child is on a spectrum. Some people identify 100% with the gender they were assigned at birth. While others identify elsewhere on the gender spectrum, you can hear the words like. 

  • Non-binary: those individuals involved who do not feel male or female. It is called non-binary or another term that reflects their different gender identity.   
  • Genderfluid: some individual gender identity can change over time. For example, today, they feel like a girl gender, and tomorrow, they feel a different gender. That gender identity changes are known as genderfluid.  

Coming out as transgender 

It is a significant step to telling others your true gender identity. It is not just a simple thing. They are saying such personal things. Imagine the difficulty of sharing gender identity, especially when they do not know how people will react to them.  

Support matters

When you give your support to a person, they feel so motivated and different. A person who is transgender and gets support from family and friends can create a different world for him. You can give support by using the right name and pronunciation that match their gender identity.

Gender dysphoria 

It is that condition when a person does not exact the gender, and they feel discomfort and distress. It is known as gender dysphoria Because their body does not match their gender identity. Some therapy, hormones and surgery can help to know the true gender. Gender change surgery in Hyderabad helps to convert knowing gender identity. 

Legal recognition and challenges 

Nowadays, multiple places have laws to defend the freedoms of transgender people. The law allows transgender individuals to make legal documents, such as IDs or passports, to match their true gender identity. Even some face discrimination, and healthcare disparities still exist. 

Why understanding transgender matters

Understanding transgender people and their experiences is important for respecting and accepting society. When you understand everyone deserves respect and dignity, then you create a new world where everyone can live happily without discrimination. 

Transgender means that an individual’s gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth, but nowadays, many techniques to convert gender SRS Surgery in India is one of these. 

Gender Reassignment

How Gender Reassignment is Legally Possible in India

Every Indian citizen, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, etc., has a right to change their gender. They have the right to do so if they feel they don’t align with the gender they are born into. These people are called Transsexuals, who opt to change to different gender with medical help in the form of Gender Change Surgery in India.

It has been made possible for transgender people who undergo SRS Surgery in India. They can identify themselves according to their sexuality on their govt Identities like Aadhar cards, PAN cards, etc. 

Steps to Create a Gender Change Affidavit

Once a person has decided to change their gender, they have to start with preparing an affidavit declaring the change of gender along with a gender name change (if needed). This affidavit must contain the person’s name, their father’s name, address, age & gender and must adhere to the format published by the Department of Publication. These mentioned details are supposed to be used as a supporting proof. This affidavit must be printed on a stamp paper and shall be notarized.

Publishing Advertisement

The next step is to advertise in a leading newspaper in your city or state. The content to be placed in the same advertisement should be the same per the affidavit.

Gazette Procedure

This is the step in which the duly signed application has to be filled out along with the mandatory documents. There is a prescribed fee by the govt, which has to be paid at the time of filing. A Gazette is an official magazine published by the govt.

Gazette Publication

After the submission of the application, the Dept of Publication will review the application for gender reassignment. After the approval, the gender change will be published on Govt e-Gazette. It will take up to 45-60 business days for the transformation of gender notification to appear in the e-Gazette. 

What If the department rejects the Application

Sometimes the application can be rejected by the Department of Publication if the due procedures are not followed. Still, you can apply for the application again. You can also get legal assistance from lawyers to ensure no mistakes and due procedures are observed.

Documents Necessary for Gender Change Application

  • Two Self-attested copies of govt-issued IDs (Aadhar/Voter ID/ Passport).
  • Two Self-attested passport-size pictures.
  • A specimen proforma signed by the applicant and two witnesses.
  • A declaration stating that the information provided in the application is accurate.
  • A letter of request along with the registration fee to the authority.

You can also change your gender in your govt IDs like Aadhar, PAN Card, Passport, Birth certificate, etc. For this, you have to follow the due steps provided for each application to change your gender and name(if required).

Therefore, It is possible for every Indian to change their gender legally and without facing any trouble if due procedures are followed for this process. 

Understanding the transgender community is the need of the hour if we wish to help them in the true sense. 

News Transgender

Building a Roadmap for Successful Transitions in Healthcare in India

Navigating healthcare changes can be a difficult road, especially for those seeking gender reassignment or undergoing SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery). These transitions, with the correct help and resources, can be empowering and life-changing. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of creating a roadmap for effective healthcare transitions. We will look at the essential components of gender transition surgery and SRS surgery in India, providing useful insights and advice to those considering this life-changing procedure.

  1. Understanding Gender Change Surgery in India: Gender change surgery, also called gender affirmation surgery or gender reassignment surgery, is a complex methodology that plans to adjust a person’s actual qualities to their gender character. In India, there are trustworthy clinics and specific healthcare suppliers, for example, VJ Transgender Clinics, that offer exhaustive support and aptitude in gender change medical procedures. By understanding the cycle, dangers, and advantages of gender change surgery in India, people can come to informed decision about their healthcare process.
  2. The Role of SRS Surgery in Gender Transition: Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also called gender-affirming surgery, is a basic part of the gender transition process for some people. SRS surgery envelops different methods that adjust the privates to match a singular’s gender character. It is a profoundly private choice, and people should approach educated healthcare professionals who can give extensive consideration and support in the interim.
  3. Importance of a Transition Roadmap: A transition roadmap is a far-reaching plan that frames the means, strategies, and support frameworks engaged in a successful transition. It fills in as an aide, assisting people with exploring the different parts of their healthcare process, including operations, psychological wellness support, social and lawful contemplations, and post-employable consideration. Making a roadmap is fundamental to guarantee a smooth and very much organized transition process, limiting pressure and vulnerability.
  4. Accessing Quality Healthcare Services: While leaving on a transition venture, essential to find healthcare suppliers who are capable, learned, and delicate to the remarkable necessities of transgender people. VJ Transgender Clinics and other respectable healthcare offices in India offer particular services, including gender change surgery and progressing post-usable consideration. These clinics give a protected and supportive climate where people can get quality healthcare services customized to their particular requirements.
  5. The Power of Support Networks: Transitioning to healthcare is definitely not a single excursion. It is fundamental for people to construct major areas of strength for an organization that incorporates healthcare professionals, emotional well-being specialists, support groups, and friends and family. These support frameworks assume a vital part in offering emotional help, direction, and approval all through the transition cycle. They offer a place of refuge for people to share their encounters, seek guidance, and celebrate milestones along their excursions.


Building a roadmap for successful transitions in healthcare is vital to ensuring a positive and empowering experience for people seeking gender change surgery or going through SRS surgery. By understanding the interaction, accessing quality healthcare services, and sustaining a supportive organization, people can explore their healthcare process with certainty and flexibility.

VJ Transgender Clinics and other legitimate healthcare suppliers in India are devoted to giving exhaustive consideration and support to people all through their transition. Keep in mind, each forward-moving step is a stage towards carrying on with a true and satisfying life.


Exploring the UCSF Guidelines for Successful Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty, a vital part of gender affirmation surgery, is crucial in the path of transgender individuals endeavoring to match their physical appearance to their gender personality. To guarantee the security, viability, and progress of vaginoplasty methods, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has created exhaustive guidelines. In this blog, we will take a look at the UCSF suggestions for viable vaginoplasty, digging into the various parts of this surgical technique. Understanding these standards is critical for persons seeking vaginoplasty and healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering comprehensive transgender healthcare, from mental health exams to postoperative care. Join us as we navigate the UCSF guidelines and shed light on the steps taken to ensure a positive and affirming vaginoplasty experience.

Figuring out Vaginoplasty:

Vaginoplasty is a surgical system that includes the creation of a neovagina, furnishing transgender ladies with a more compatible anatomical construction. SRS surgery in India offers transgender people a protected and reliable choice to match their physical body to their gender personality. The UCSF guidelines intend to guarantee the security and ideal results of this life-evolving method.

  1. Mental Health Evaluation:

    Prior to going through vaginoplasty, the UCSF guidelines emphasize the significance of a careful mental health evaluation. This evaluation decides an individual’s preparation for surgery and guarantees they have realistic expectations and a stable mental state. Teaming up with mental health experts experienced in transgender healthcare is urgent for offering proper help and care.

  2. Hormone Therapy:

    The UCSF guidelines suggest that people go through hormone therapy for a specific span before vaginoplasty. Hormone therapy incites feminizing impacts, for example, bosom improvement and fat rearrangement, which add to additional satisfactory surgical results. The specific hormone therapy routine might vary relying on the individual’s unique needs and clinical history.

  3. Referral for Surgery:

    The UCSF guidelines recommend that people looking for vaginoplasty ought to get a referral from a qualified healthcare proficient experienced in transgender healthcare. This referral guarantees that the patient has met the fundamental rules and has gone through the necessary appraisals for the surgery.

  4. Realistic Expectations and Informed Consent:

    Informed consent is a basic part of the UCSF guidelines for vaginoplasty. Patients should completely figure out the risks, advantages, and possible results of the surgery. It is fundamental for healthcare suppliers to talk about the surgical process, anticipated recuperation, and likely entanglements, empowering patients to settle on informed choices and have realistic expectations with respect to the methodology.

  5. Preoperative Care:

    The UCSF guidelines stress the significance of preoperative care to enhance surgical results and limit difficulties. This might incorporate lifestyle changes, for example, stopping smoking and keeping a healthy weight, as well as ceasing specific drugs that could obstruct the surgery or recuperation process.


 For people considering vaginoplasty, it is fundamental to consult with experienced healthcare experts who are learned about the most recent guidelines and are focused on giving far-reaching transgender healthcare. If you are looking for gender change surgery in India, VJ Transgender Clinics is a trustworthy establishment that offers merciful care also, complete services for people looking for gender change surgery.

Gender Reassignment

How Much You Need To Pay For Gender Reassignment In India.

If you are suffering from gender dysmorphia, we have good news for you. You can undergo Gender Change Surgery in India. It is a procedure that helps a gender dysmorphic person to shift to their self-identified gender. This surgery has “Top surgery,” “bottom surgery,” and facial feminization surgery.

People undergoing SRS Surgery in India undergo a transition process, which begins with progesterone, followed by testosterone, estrogen HRT, aka Hormone Therapy. 

India has seen a rise in gender reassignment surgeries, according to data. One of the factors for this rise is the affordable cost of a sex change surgery.

The cost range of gender reassignment surgery in India is as follows:

  • Male to Female: Rs 2 to 5 lakhs
  • Female to male: Rs 4 to 8 lakhs.

The hormone therapy, during which hormones like estrogen and progesterone are injected, costs Rs 2500 per month. And if you want a visiting therapist, you will be charged around Rs 8300 per session. 

Cost Per Procedure

We will break down the whole cost of your gender transition journey per the procedures and other factors to keep in mind. 

Male to Female Surgery:

A Breakdown of Male to Female Surgical Options

  1. Penectomy: This surgery involves the removal of the penis from the patient. It is for the transwoman who doesn’t want to keep the penis. It starts from Rs 90000.
  2. Orchiectomy: It is testicle removal surgery. It starts from Rs 83000.
  3. Vulvoplasty: This surgery involves the creation of a vulva after the removal of the penis, scrotum, and testicles. It starts from Rs 30000.
  4. Zero depth bottom Surgery: In this surgery, the physician rearranges the tissues of the penis and scrotum to generate a vulva and properly functioning urethra. It costs around Rs 42000.
  5. Vaginoplasty: During this surgery, the physician uses the skin and tissues of the penis to reconstruct the inner and outer vagina. The surgeon will also use a skin graft to construct a vaginal canal. It starts from Rs 8 lakhs.

Facial Feminisation surgery and its costs

It consists of cosmetic surgeries used to change male facial traits into feminine ones. It involves the reshaping of the chin and jawline, removal of facial hair, relocation of the hairline, etc. Here are some procedures and their costs as follows:

  1. Tracheal Shave: This surgery involves the shaving of the trachea. Used by trans-women and non-binary people, this surgery costs around Rs 52000. It is also called ”Adam’s Apple removal surgery.”
  2. Cheek implantation surgery: This surgery is used to make cheeks look full and more feminine by either cheek implants or cheekbone enhancement. It costs around Rs 74000.
  3. Jawline Feminization Surgery: This part of the surgery involves the reconstruction of the jawline to make it look more feminine. The outer jaw is surgically proportioned to make it more suitable for the face. It starts from Rs 85000.
  4. Chin Feminization surgery: In this surgery, features of the chin and jawline are enhanced to make them look more feminine. It is also called chin enlargement surgery. It costs around Rs 85000.
  5. Forehead surgery: In this surgery, the extra skin of the forehead is removed to reduce the height of the hairline. It costs around Rs 33000.
  6. Voice feminization surgeries: This surgery is performed to apply a more feminine voice to the patient. It costs around rs 84000.

These surgeries may seem costly, but they are far more affordable in India than the other nations.

Gender change Surgery

What is Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation?

In the world, some people who are transgender are not different, in which people behave differently from the opposite sex person, causing hormonal changes. Trans males and trans females are two types of transgender. Trans male in which male sex is assigned to female at birth. Trans female in which female is assigned to male at birth. 

When a transgender person is confused about gender identity, he suffers from gender dysphoria. In that case, surgery helps to become a person’s self-known gender. There are various treatments for transgender such as breast surgery, hair removal surgery, penis surgery, ovaries surgery, and SRS Surgery in India.

Sexual orientation

A person is attracted emotionally, romantically, and sexually to the other person, known as sexual orientation. It does not only depend on the other sex. It also depends on the same sex person, like lesbian and gay. Homosexuals in this person are attracted to a same-sex person, known as gay or lesbian.

What is gender identity? 

Gender identity is when a person knows about their gender, such as male, female, and other. Another word that means gender identity is when a person behaves to another sex, such as if a baby is born male but behaves like a female after a few years. It’s known as transgender. Gender identification, in which a person recognizes self-know gender. Gender identification mostly develops in childhood while being aware attracts the same sex person. It also identifies the same sex.

Gender expression

Gender expression is when a person expresses his known gender publicly through behavior, hair, body language, voice, make-up, and dress. But gender identity is different from gender expression, such as gender identity, in which a person experiences changes in hormones and behaviors, and gender expression, in which a person behaves like what he deeply experienced on his own. 


A person who has different things to different people is known as a transgender. Another word means transgender, which relates to the gender identity of a person, like male, female, both (male and female), and nonbinary. There are two types of transgender. 

Trans male 

Trans male in which male assigned to female 

Trans female 

Trans Female in which a female assigned to a male 

Gender transition 

Gender transitions when a person completely changes to a self-knowing gender and openly behaves in society by name, changing the voice, dressing sense, and hair. Medication treatment, hormone therapy, or surgery sometimes helps appear physically. Gender transition is what a person deeply understands through hormone therapy about gender identity. 

Gender dysphoria 

A person who is transgender suffers from gender dysphoria. In which a person is distressed about their gender, like one gender, which sex is assigned at birth, and second, which himself knows gender identity. This condition mostly occurs in childhood, but some do not suffer from gender dysphoria. When they know about the identity of gender, they adopt Gender change surgery in India to convert into a known gender.   


Gender change Surgery

क्या लिंग परिवर्तन करवाने से पहले काउंसलिंग (counseling) का सहारा लेना जरूरी है ?

अक्सर लोगों के मन में ट्रांसजेंडर या फिर लिंग परिवर्तन को लेकर कई सवाल घूमते है की क्या हमे इस सर्जरी का सहारा लेना चाहिए या नहीं, वहीं लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी से पहले हमे किन बातों का खास ध्यान रखना चाहिए और इस सर्जरी को करवाने से पहले क्या काउंसलिंग का सहारा लेना ठीक होगा या नहीं इसके बारे में चर्चा करेंगे ;

लिंग परिवर्तन के लिए परामर्श लेना क्या है ?

  • तेजी से जटिल होती दुनिया में, स्वयं को समझना, खासकर अपनी लिंग पहचान को समझना, अक्सर एक भूलभुलैया में घूमने जैसा महसूस करा सकती है। 
  • लिंग परामर्श मनोचिकित्सा की एक विशेष शाखा है, जो लिंग पहचान, लिंग अभिव्यक्ति और यौन अभिविन्यास से संबंधित मुद्दों से निपटती है। यह एक चिकित्सीय दृष्टिकोण है जिसे व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान की खोज करने, लिंग-संबंधी मुद्दों से जूझने, या लिंग भूमिकाओं और अपेक्षाओं से संबंधित संघर्षों का अनुभव करने के लिए एक सहायक वातावरण प्रदान करने के लिए डिज़ाइन की जाती है।
  • लिंग परामर्श के साथ, व्यक्ति अपने लिंग अनुभवों के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है, अपनी पहचान के बारे में प्रभावी ढंग से संवाद करना सीख सकते है और व्यक्तिगत विकास और कल्याण की दिशा में सार्थक कदम उठा सकते है।
  • इसके अलावा लिंग परिवर्तन के दौरान चाहे कोई व्यक्ति अपनी पहचान ट्रांसजेंडर , नॉन-बाइनरी, जेंडरक्वीर के रूप में कर रहा हो, या उनकी लिंग पहचान पर सवाल उठा रहा हो, तो लिंग परामर्श इन अनुभवों और भावनाओं को नेविगेट करने के लिए आवश्यक समर्थन और मार्गदर्शन प्रदान करते है, यह सुनिश्चित करते हुए कि प्रत्येक व्यक्ति अपनी अनूठी यात्रा में मान्य और समझा हुआ खुद को महसूस करें।

लिंग परामर्श क्यों जरूरी है ?

  • लिंग परामर्श इसलिए जरूरी है क्युकी इससे व्यक्ति खुद की आत्म-समझ को बढ़ाने में कामयाब हो पाते है, और साथ ही उनको ये भी पता लगता है की उनका लिंग वास्तविक में है क्या। 
  • लिंग परामर्श आपके मानसिक स्वास्थ्य का समर्थन करते है और साथ ही समाज में सामने आने वाली समस्याओं से भी आपकी रक्षा करते है।
  • काउंसलिंग आपके अद्वितीय लिंग पहचान और अनुभवों को पूरी तरह से अपनाने में मदद करते है।
  • लिंग परामर्श व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित भेदभाव से निपटने में सहायक माने जाते है। 
  • स्वस्थ संबंधो को लिंग परामर्श बेहतरीन बनाते है। 
  • लिंग परामर्श में आपको संक्रमण के दौरान दिशानिर्देश के बारे में विस्तार से जानना चाहिए।  
  • भारत में लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी के बारे में सलाह लेना बहुत जरूरी है, खास कर अगर आप एक ट्रांसजेंडर है तब।

लिंग काउंसलिंग के बाद थेरेपी का फायदा कौन उठा सकते है ?

  • व्यक्ति अपनी लिंग पहचान की खोज कर रहे है, तो उनके लिए ये थेरेपी सहायक मानी जाती है।
  • यदि जन्म के समय निर्धारित लिंग के साथ परेशानी की भावनाएं मौजूद है, तो लिंग परामर्श इस चुनौतीपूर्ण समय के दौरान मुकाबला करने की रणनीति और सहायता प्रदान कर सकते है।
  • जिस लिंग में लगातार परिवर्तन नज़र आ रहा है, वो लोग इस थेरेपी का फ़ायदा उठा सकते है।
  • अपनी लिंग की वास्तविक पहचान को पाने के लिए भी आप इस तरह की थेरेपी से फ़ायदा उठा सकते है। 
  • लिंग संबंधी मुद्दों के कारण रिश्तों में संघर्ष कर रहे लोग भी लिंग काउंसलिंग के बाद थेरेपी का सहारा ले सकते है।

लिंग काउंसलिंग परामर्श थेरेपी में जब कोई पुरुष महिला जैसे और कोई महिला पुरुष जैसे दिखाई दे तो ऐसे में आपको भारत में SRS सर्जरी का चयन करना चाहिए।

लिंग काउंसलिंग के दौरान क्या उम्मीदे की जा सकती है ?

  • काउंसलिंग के पहले सत्र में परामर्शदाता को लिंग काउंसलिंग में शामिल लोगों के साथ अच्छे से संबंध बनाना होता है, जिससे उन्हें विश्वास हो सकें, की वो जो भी उपचार शुरू करेंगे उसका उन्हें फ़ायदा जरूर होगा।
  • अपनी कहानी को परामर्शदाता के सामने प्रस्तुत करना ताकि वो आपकी परेशानी को समझ कर आपकी समस्या को हल करवाने के बारे में सोचें। 
  • कई लोगों को पता नहीं होता की वो ट्रांसजेंडर है या नहीं तो ऐसे में परामर्शदाता लिंग पहचान और भूमिकाओं की खोज करवाने में उनकी मदद करते है। 
  • लिंग काउंसलिंग का चयन करने के बाद आपको कई सारी चुनौतियों का सामना करना पड़ सकता है।
  • मुकाबला तंत्र विकसित करना। 
  • अपने एक लक्ष्य को निर्धारित करना। 

लिंग काउंसलिंग में किस तरह के तकनीक का प्रयोग किया जाता है ?

संज्ञानात्मक व्यवहार थेरेपी (CBT) :

जोकि व्यक्तियों को उनकी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित नकारात्मक विचार पैटर्न को पहचानने और चुनौती देने में मदद करता है, उन्हें स्वस्थ, अधिक सकारात्मक विचारों से प्रतिस्थापित करता है।

माइंडफुलनेस तकनीक का सहारा लेना :

इस तकनीक में व्यक्ति की उपस्थित बहुत जरूरी है और उनकी वर्तमान स्थिति को स्वीकार करना सिखाकर, माइंडफुलनेस लिंग डिस्फोरिया या सामाजिक दबाव से जुड़े तनाव और चिंता को कम कर सकते है।

नैरेटिव थेरेपी का सहारा लेना :

व्यक्तियों को अपनी कहानियों को फिर से लिखने, अधिक सकारात्मक आत्म-छवि और उनकी लिंग पहचान की स्वीकृति को बढ़ावा देने की अनुमति देती है। जिससे व्यक्ति अपनी कहानी आसानी से लिखने में सहायक हो पाता है।

फैमिली सिस्टम थेरेपी :

फैमिली सिस्टम थेरेपी में, परिवार को शामिल करना फायदेमंद हो सकता है। यह दृष्टिकोण परिवार के सदस्यों को व्यक्ति की लिंग पहचान को समझने, स्वीकृति और स्वस्थ संचार को बढ़ावा देने में मदद कर सकते है।

मुखरता प्रशिक्षण : 

यह व्यक्तियों को अपने लिए प्रभावी ढंग से खड़े होने में मदद करता है, खासकर जब उन्हें अपनी लिंग पहचान से संबंधित भेदभाव या कलंक का सामना करना पड़ता है।

स्व-देखभाल रणनीतियों को अपनाना : 

लिंग चिकित्सक अक्सर स्व-देखभाल प्रथाओं को विकसित करने, मानसिक स्वास्थ्य और समग्र कल्याण को बढ़ावा देने में व्यक्तियों का मार्गदर्शन करते है।

सुझाव :

अगर आप ट्रांसजेंडर या लिंग परिवर्तन सर्जरी को करवाने के बारे में सोच रहें है तो उससे पहले लिंग काउंसलिंग का चयन आपको करना चाहिए ताकि आपको पता चल सकें की क्या ये सर्जरी आपके लिए सहायक है भी या नहीं। वहीं इस काउंसलिंग को आप वी जे एस ट्रांसजेंडर क्लिनिक से भी करवा सकते है। 

निष्कर्ष :

उम्मीद करते है की आपने जान लिया होगा की ट्रांसजेंडर सर्जरी का चयन करने से पहले काउंसलिंग का चयन क्यों करना चाहिए। वहीं लिंग संबंधी जानकारी हासिल करने के लिए काउंसलिंग का सहारा लेना एक बेहतरीन सोच है। इसलिए इस संबंधी अगर आप सलाह लेना चाहते है तो इसके लिए आपको बेहतरीन काउंसिल परामर्शदाता का चयन करना चाहिए।