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Male To Female Surgery By Dr Vijay At VJs Transgender Clinic

Being able to accept who you are in this life is essential to prevent yourself from falling into the hole of insecurity and have a sense of belongingness and mental peace as you go out into the world. Many people around the world identify themselves as a gender opposite to the gender they were assigned at birth. Therefore, they seek to undergo a procedure that can make them feel comfortable with their own body.


In this video, a patient named Nanaji had a similar concern about his sexuality, for which he consulted Dr Vijay at VJ’s transgender clinic to go through surgery for male-to-female transformation.  The patient opens up about his desire to get surgery, which he was unable to pursue before due to personal reasons. However, after meeting and discussing this with Dr. Vijay, the patient finally saw a ray of hope. The doctor provided comprehensive information about the procedure before and even during the surgery to address all the concerns the patient had, which led to a successful surgery and a satisfied patient.

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The Indian Transgender Community And Gender Change Surgery: Roundup

The Transgender community faces a lot of issues in their life regularly. Some of those problems are:

  • People don’t treat the transgender community equally
  • Transgender people are unable to find quality medical facilities
  • A lot of issues take place in sex change surgery in Vizag

These are the most common issues they face, and in this blog, we will discuss precisely the transgender community, gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, and the problems they face in their daily life.

Some More Problems Faced By The Transgender Community

 Although the government is working on providing high-quality medical facilities to everyone, when a transgender person visits a government hospital, they also have to pay a considerable amount of money for generic treatment methods.

  • Secondly, Whenever a transgender person visits the hospital, they face many unfriendly environment issues.
  • Suppose any transgender person thinks of going for a sex change surgery. In that case, they can’t entirely rely on government hospitals because the surgeons in government hospitals do not take any responsibility for the surgeries they do.
  • On the other hand, people are unable to find reliable transgender clinics in the private sector as well. So if you are someone from Vizag and looking for a reliable and experienced transgender clinic and surgeon, then VJS Transgender Clinics is the right place for you.

Even though all the rights are provided to transgender people, the government has also considered them the third gender. Still, there are several things that they have been missing their whole life.

Let’s forget the judgment offered by others and their family members. But, if they are still looking for the right medical and life facilities, it becomes extremely difficult for them to live a normal life.

Selecting The Right Transgender Clinic

 Although there are very few transgender clinics in India, and when we talk about the quality of the treatments offered, they also vary. But let us have a look at a few factors that will help you select the right transgender clinic for you:

  • Look at the online reviews of a transgender clinic, with the help of which you can understand the quality of treatment options offered.
  • As most transgender people face budget issues, look at the charges for treatments offered.
  • Being transgender, you must have faced unfriendly environmental issues everywhere, making it crucial to select the best transgender clinic for yourself.
  • When dealing with sex change surgeries, make sure to have a look at the experience and professionalism offered by the surgeons of a specific clinic.


Finding the right transgender clinic is important for you, as it will help you treat your health issues, will not judge you based on your gender, will be affordable, and can help you live your life happily & freely.

To get professional treatment options, get in touch with VJS Transgender Clinics

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In-depth information about the gender change surgery and results

Well, in these words, there are some cases where people are born in the male body, but their soul is a female, and sometimes the opposite also happens. And due to that, those people suffer from many situations because their feelings and body looks do not match. If you are also one of them, then you can get a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh at VJ’S Transgender Clinics.

Moreover, their success rate for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is pretty high, and you can feel free to get your treatment from them. So let’s know about the procedure of this surgery and also reviews of some surgeries.

Information on gender change surgeries

  • Why is gender transformation surgery done?

It is pretty common that only those people get this surgery whose identity is not the same as their physical looks. And people suffering from these issues also face gender dysphoria. This is a kind of distress that occurs when your physical looks do not match your inner identity.

  • Difference between transgender and nonbinary

Transgender surgery is the best option for those whose identity is not the same as their looks from birth time. And gender nonbinary is a great option for those whose gender identity is not same to traditional male or female bodies. According to your situation, you can select the most suitable surgery for you.

  • What are the types of trans-gender surgeries?

Tran gender surgery allows a person’s body to align with the gender, and this surgery can be done on the face, breast, and other private parts of the body as well.

Facial reconstructive surgery: Basically, this surgery helps to make features of the face more masculine or feminine.

Chest or top surgery: In this specific surgery, surgeons remove breast tissues in order to give a more masculine appearance. And it also helps to increase the size of the breast and makes the shape clear.

Genetial or bottom surgery: This surgery is a procedure to transform or reconstruct genitalia.

  • Is transgender surgery the only option to treat dysphoria?

Well, it depends on the person because there are some who also get hormonal and other therapies in order to get excellent results.

    • Hormone therapy: This therapy helps to increase the masculine or feminine characteristics of a person. And it also helps to adjust the hair volume and voice tone of a person according to the type of sex.
    • Puberty Blockers: they will provide you assistance to prevent you from going through puberty.
    • Voice therapy: this surgery can provide you with excellent results in adjusting your voice tone according to your sex. And it may also improve your communication skill, such as giving introductions according to your pronouns. Ultimately, this therapy will make you able to match your inner identity completely.
Gender change Surgery male to female

Male to female transgender surgery: How to prepare for transition journey?

MTF Gender change surgery

The transition from MTF (Male To Female Surgery) is an important decision you must take with the right approach and planning. Indeed! When you plan for the approach of Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it does give you a lot of confidence to look at the way you feel inside. It’s like the reflection of what you feel.

Gender change surgery – A life-changing experience

The choice of Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is effective in every sense, as it gives you self-confidence and zeal to live your life the way you wished for. Transformation is the way to make the journey better. So, it’s best that you consult the best cosmetic surgeon to attain the procedure in a successful and manageable manner. When you get the expertise of a skilled and trained surgeon, it helps you stay informed all the time. Additionally, you can understand better what to expect and how to deal with everything.

Procedures performed for a male to female gender change

Transgender is altogether a different and unique experience. Therefore as you begin the journey, this will make everything settled down with ease and comfort. The journey of male-to-female transition includes a number of procedures to attain the feminine look.

  • Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical approach to adding breast implants that are an important part of achieving a feminine look. The procedure comes under the feminine look for top surgery.

  • Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery focuses on correcting the feminine look through surgical methods. With FFS, different methods are including like:

  • Nose job surgery
  • Forehead or brow lift
  • Jawline contouring
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek implants


  • Laser hair removal

If you are concerned about the hair on your body, then you can begin the journey of laser hair removal to address the situation. The approach allows for to safe and permanent removal of all the hair. Depending on which body parts you want to get addressed, you can consult the cosmetic surgeon and plan the journey. Thus it is an important part of gender change surgery.

Prepare yourself for MTF surgery

Once you have discussed with the surgeon, you want to get the so-and-so procedure you need to begin the medical transition process. That means preparing yourself by having all the necessary resources and taking care of yourself properly. It’s better to keep all things handy so that during recovery, you don’t encounter any problems.

Are you looking for a surgeon to get gender change surgery?

In that case, VJ’s Transgender Clinic is your one-stop destination to attain the successful and most manageable journey for gender change. Discuss all your concerns and doubt with Dr. C Vijay Kumar and begin the exciting & beautiful transformation for gender change MTF.

Gender change Surgery male to female Transgender

How gender transformation surgery changes the lives of people?

There is no doubt that gender transformation nowadays is widely accepted by people compared to previous years. If we talk about the earlier years, individuals took transgender people as a stigma in their society. They abused them and even beat them. However, these days, nothing is happening like this. The government also supports these people and confers their identity. As a result, they can live their life like other people who are straight by sexuality. Moreover, a special thanks to the latest technology that offers advanced treatment options such as surgical procedures under which transgender people or masses who are unhappy with their birth gender can turn it into the preferable gender that they like, and after that, they will feel happy and satisfied. We feel glad to tell this that now, you can transform your sexuality into your desirable gender under transgender surgery in Andhra Pradesh at the top-rated hospital.

Define transgender

There may still be some people who do not know about transgender and its meaning. But we make sure, after reading this post, you will understand everything profoundly. So what is transgender? Well, transgender people are those who do not bear under straight gender identity or may behave like a girl, but their body seems boy or behaves like a boy, but their body belongs to a girl. These people are famous worldwide as the transgender community.

Furthermore, gender identity refers to the person’s inner sense by which anybody can understand from which group (male or female) you belong. Gender expressions include how a person behaves, communicates, hairstyling, clothing, body features, etcetera. Since the government of India legally accepted them into society, they live with a positive attitude, and people’s behavior is also changed towards them. Now, they can do jobs like others, read and write in educational institutions, and so on.

What kind of treatment will you get under transgender surgery?

Under gender-affirming surgery, transgender masses can alter their bodies to align with their preferred gender. Cosmetic surgeons will treat your face, chest, or genitalia during transgender surgery. A transgender surgery has some common fragments, as given below:

  • Genital or “Bottom” surgery: to transform and reconstruct the genitalia (such as the penis and vagina).
  • Chest or “Top” surgery: to alleviate breast tissue for a more masculine look or enhance breast size and shape for a more feminine appearance.
  • Facial reconstructive surgery: During this procedure, your facial features or characteristics turn masculine or feminine.

Why should people opt for transgender surgery?

Well, transgender surgery is no less than a boon for people struggling with unwanted gender since birth or gender dysphoria. The main motive of sex change surgery is to confer a person’s desirable body that matches the internal sense. Following are the benefits that people get after having transgender surgery. These are:

  • It improves your mental health.
  • You will become more concentrated on your goals.
  • Social stigma ended.
  • You become more confident among people.
  • Get tremendous respect while dealing with crowds.

In conclusion, the government also stimulates transgender people towards surgeries by offering the best offers, such as Kerala’s government providing free transgender surgery to the people so that they can get their desired figure and live happy and healthy lives.


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Things You Should Consider Before Finalizing Your Transgender Surgery

Finally, you have decided to undergo transgender surgery. But what comes after that?

Do you know how you would manage to find the best surgeon who can perform Transgender Surgery in Vizag without any complications?

Do not worry; in this blog, we will discuss how you can make sure to get the best surgeon who can perform top-notch surgery for you.

We have listed things that you should find before you book your appointment with the doctor for the FTM or MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh,

Things You Consider Before Finalizing The Best Tarsngender Surgeon

  1. You should always look for a surgeon who is well accredited and qualified in their specialty area.
  2. You should know that the key to getting the best ever result relies heavily on the experience of the surgeon. Besides that, the competence of the doctor also plays a significant role. Hence, you should make sure to find someone with many years of experience in conducting high-quality transgender surgeries.
  3. Did you know there are many different techniques the doctor can use to conduct the whole surgery? Hence, you should make sure to choose a surgeon who uses the latest technology to perform critical surgery successfully.
  4. You should always pay close attention to the public reviews that the previous patients of the surgeon have given in different sites.
  5. You should ask about the quality of the hospital as it matters as much as the surgeon. You should ensure that the facilities you choose have the latest equipment to conduct the whole procedure. Besides that, they should also be able to handle any kind of situation without any difficulty.

Questions That You Should Ask During Consultation With Transgender Surgeon

These are some of the common questions that you should ask your doctor at the time of consultation. It is vital for you to clear all your doubts in order to form a better understanding. One of the right ways to clear your doubt is to ask the right questions, as given below.

  1. Have you completed certain plastic surgery training?
  2. How much experience do you have, and where have you worked before?
  3. What kind of techniques do you use to conduct the surgery?
  4. Am I the right candidate for transgender surgery?
  5. Where will you perform the transgender procedure?
  6. Is your surgical facility accredited by a state recognized accrediting agency?
  7. How can I achieve the best outcome from the surgery?
  8. How long will the recovery period last?
  9. What will the transgender surgery procedure involve?
  10. What does the recovery involve?
  11. What surgical technique is the best for me?
  12. Is there any risk associated with the whole process?
  13. In case of any complication, how will you handle the whole circumstances?
  14. What will happen if I am not happy with the final outcome?
  15. Can you show me some before and after pictures of your previous patients?

 Final Comments

We have the latest technology and highly qualified doctors and surgeons who conduct the best surgeries in the town. With a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, you will not feel hesitation in completing the whole procedure.

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Gender change: How much does it cost to get the male to female surgery?

Gender change surgery: Male to Female Surgery

The sex change surgery helps individuals beautifully transition into the gender they wish for. The transition begins with hormone therapy to ensure the best approach is taken. Under the expertise of a trained medical expert, you should begin your Transgender Surgery in Vizag. The transition requires several things, like top surgery, bottom surgery, and facial feminization. Our concern is that this blog talks about the individuals planning for a male-to-female gender change surgery.

Cost of MTF surgery

When a person plans for a transition, their major concern is the cost factor. So, with the MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh, the cost factor consideration includes several things. A detailed cost plan will be given to you depending on which method you select, the doctor’s expertise, and other concerns.

  • Penectomy surgery

Penectomy surgery is one of the major steps in gender change. The procedure emphasizes penis removal. So, individuals who don’t want to keep this penis can choose the same. On average, the penectomy surgery cost around Rs 30,000.

  • Orchiectomy surgery

Orchiectomy surgery means testicle removal of either one or both through an inventive plan. So, with the transition from male to female, opting for the given procedure makes a lot of difference. On average, the orchiectomy procedure costs Rs 32,000.

  • Vulvoplasty

Vulvoplasty is another common procedure in bottom surgery. The procedure includes vulva creation and removal of the testes, scrotum, and penis. On average, valvuloplasty as a method of gender change surgery is Rs 60,000.

  • Zero depth bottom surgery

The zero-depth bottom surgery includes the penis and scrotum tissue removal. These are arranged to create a vulva and help the urethra perform the necessary function. On average, the cost of zero-depth bottom surgery is Rs 1,00,000.

  • MTF vaginoplasty

During vaginoplasty, the surgeon uses tissue and skin from the penis for the creation of the inner and outer vagina. The surgeon uses a skin graft for the creation of the vaginal canal during vaginoplasty.

  • MTF hip widening surgery

As the name suggests, MTF hip widening surgery aims to create that extra volume in the buttocks and hip area. The excess fat will be removed to create smooth curved lines. On average, the surgery cost around Rs 70,000.

Facial feminization surgery for gender change

Facial feminization surgery aims to transform male traits into feminine ones. The approach includes several surgical options that aim to reshape, rebuild, and repair facial traits. The procedure include several different procedure like:

  • Relocating the hairline to create a smaller forehead
  • Contouring and resizing the chin & jaw
  • Lip and cheekbone augmentation

If you want, you can get the procedure combined. Make sure to discuss your concerns with the medical expert. On average, the cost of facial feminization is Rs 80,000.

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Gender Change: How is chin augmentation effective for the face and jawline?

Chin Augmentation For Gender Change Surgery

Gender change is the transformation process of getting the look that makes you look beautiful. If you feel that your chin is not proportional to your desired eyes, then it’s essential to seek the benefit of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag as part of your sex change procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will help to offer better definition to the jaw and chin to make it seem everything is in proportion to alleviate your self-confidence to a great extent. If you wish to plan for the surgery, then get hold of the cosmetic surgeon who can guide you about the entire process and ensure the results that you get best are according to what you are hoping to get.

Procedure of Chin Augmentation

The chin augmentation is a surgical approach known to make your natural appearance stand out. During the Chin augmentation in Andhra Pradesh under the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon, the chin implant will be placed to help see the results effective in terms of:

  • Volume
  • Definition
  • Desired chin proportions

Whether trans men or women, both can choose the approach to seek beautiful and natural-looking results.

A suitable candidate for chin augmentation

You benefit from the advanced cosmetic procedure if you have a weak chin or poor jaw. What’s more important is that the procedure you choose offers you the desired results. So, men and women need to discuss their concerns by scheduling an initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

When you talk to the cosmetic surgeon, you must discuss every possible concern that comes to your mind. Most importantly, the surgeon will evaluate the patients on all possible levels to see whether they are a good fit or not. The facial surgery approach is the desirable way to make everything work and the surgeon is the one who can make everything come to light.

Recovery after the chin implant surgery

During chin implant surgery, the downtime is less than in other cosmetic surgical methods. You must give yourself at least a few weeks following surgery to return to the desired regime. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to see the necessary results:

  • Make sure that you don’t do any extensive facial movement
  • Don’t follow a strenuous exercise regime

Being careful about everything the surgeon says is the key to seeking the necessary results. Doing so will enable you to return to your daily regime within one week or so.

Learn more under the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

If you think the procedure is right for you and want to seek the same benefits, then schedule an initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, Dr. C Vijay Kumar, to enjoy the best possible results. Discuss any potential concern that comes to your mind.

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The Main Goal & Procedure Of Undergoing MTF Gender Change Surgery

Gender Change Surgery From Men To Women

In this process, the doctor uses a range of techniques to achieve the feminization of the male’s features and anatomy. Depending on the selection of the right clinic and the surgeon for Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you will see this method’s success and result.

This is why it is very important for you to select a hospital that is reliable such as VJ’s Transgender Clinic. They are the best bet for you in order to make sure that you will obtain great success and outstanding results. Under the guidance of a skilled and qualified panel, you will be able to achieve the task with finesse.

The procedure Of Sex Change Surgery From Male To Female

The male-to-female sex change surgery basically includes the transformation of scrotal tissues and penile into a female gentle.

The doctor conducts various procedures so that the patient is able to get a new vagina or neovagina. Some procedures include using a skin graft from the groin or the entirety of the penile skin and scrotal skin to create depth in the vagina. Apart from that, the doctor can also use the peritoneal graft or colon graft to make a neovagina.

Steps Of Male To Female Sex Change

A surgeon begins expelling the orchiectomy or testicles in the surgical steps of male to female sex change. After that, they proceed with the extraction of the penis (penectomy).

They further divert towards making new urethral openings, the labia, and meatus (for urination). The surgeon uses the tissue and the nerve from the tip of the penis to curate the clitoris head. It is a process that includes clitoroplasty.

What Is The Goal Of Sex Change Surgery?

Now let us venture towards the goal of sex change surgery. The main focus of the surgeons is to create the male genital into female genitalia. In this method, the doctor might consider all the aspects, such as the vaginal depth and function of having intercourse.

To put it in retrospect, the primary point of sex change surgery is to address the issue of sex dysphoria in transgender women. This helps them to improve their quality of life in the social setting.

What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Sex Change Surgery In The Reputed Clinic?

There are many clinics that guarantee their patients of getting remarkable work leading to neovagina. They complete this task with the help of a skin graft or a colon graft method. This includes a depth of 5 to 7 inches. It is a feature that undoubtedly constitutes one of the most talked about attributes of undergoing sex change surgery.

Apart from that, the surgeon also offers the technique of one-stage penile surgery and vaginoplasty with rectosigmoid vaginoplasty.

To top it off, breast augmentation surgery is the perfect solution to get the highest quality outcome for breast implants. The doctor inserts the breast implant via various incision areas. Some of those areas include periareolar incision, under the armpit, or inflammatory incision.

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A quick look at The Male to Female gender reassignment surgery

Male to female gender change surgery

The MTF sex-change surgery is one of the most appropriate ways of helping individuals get the desired physical features. The transition journey can be tough, but all things are easily manageable with the right assistance and expertise.

Indeed! It’s about positively impacting mental health and ensuring the female characteristics stand out. Everyone decides how they would like to undergo male to female surgery in Andhra Pradesh to have that desired improved look. If you want to undergo sex-change surgery, here are the necessary procedures you can choose.

Bottom surgeries


When you visit one of the leading transgender clinic in India, you are in a state to build your outer and inner labia through the penis and scrotum skin. Moreover, the foreskin tissue is used for creating vaginal opening and urethra for urination and clitoris. After surgery for six months, it’s necessary to dilate the vagina for 2 to 3 days. It means lubricating the vagina for 2 to 3 minutes.


During vulvoplasty, the surgeon uses tissue from the penis to create the external vaginal part. If you choose to get vulvoplasty, it’s not possible to have vaginal intercourse, and you need to stay in hospital for three days.


The orchiectomy removes testicles, is performed under local anesthesia, and takes 20 minutes. Undergoing the procedure helps the testosterone production to go down and helps you be at ease with your hormone regime. Moreover, recovery does not take much effort, and you can return to your normal self on time.

Additional procedures

Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery helps you have feminine features. The procedure helps to reshape the cheekbones, lips, chin, jaw, and forehead. Additionally, it’s also about considering individual goals and getting the treatment done.

Breast augmentation

Breast development is another essential part of gender change surgery. Take advantage of an implant or fat transplant to enhance your breast and add volume. Discuss the necessary treatment plan with your doctor.

Voice feminization surgery

The vocal pitches of both males and females are different. So, addressing that change in vocal cord treatment can benefit the individuals. Undergoing vocal feminization helps to improve your overall pitch. 

Tracheal shave

The tracheal shave helps to reduce Adam’s apple size to make it more feminine. The procedure helps to make small incisions and perform the necessary surgery.

Buttock enhancement

Buttock enhancement helps to give the desired shape to the buttocks by doing advanced techniques like implants or fat grafting. The procedure will help you have an hourglass figure.

Final comments

If you would like to know more, then schedule your initial consultation under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to begin the most beautiful transformation of your life. Feel free to discuss any doubt that comes to your mind.