Female Feminization Surgery Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Everything you need to know about female feminization surgery

Are you thinking about starting your trans journey phase?

Indeed! That phase comes with a lot of questions and doubts in mind. It’s like an entire journey that everyone wants to experience the right way and ensure gender change surgery is even worth it than coming out. Obviously, to look the best in every way possible is essential, and especially making sure it matches with the gender that you feel like makes a lot of difference. In case you are planning to start your Male to female journey, then it’s important to know what’s right and wrong and which sort of surgical plan can help you with your citation.

Female Feminization Surgery

Under Female Feminization Surgery, there are two main techniques which are:

  • Surgery on the bones/Cartilage of the skull
  • Work on the soft tissue that covers cartilage & bone

Under FFS, it’s all essential to work upon the necessary difference, like noticing the difference between male and female skills. Even if there are minor changes, it’s all essential to focus on the same and get the surgical plan made accordingly to seek all the necessary results properly.

Bear in, just like FFS, those who wish to seek female into Male gender change surgery can choose the necessary surgical plan and procedure to make the features stand out.

Which are the main procedures in FFS?

  • Brow shaving

Brow shaving is an important way to make the features look best in all ways. Under the said approach, orbital rims are a grind, and then the brow bossing forehead implant is removed.

  • Brow lifting

Brow lifting is all about skin tightening on the forehead and getting the eyebrows raised properly.

  • Scalp advancement

As the men and women have different hairlines. In the case of women, the hairline is more advanced to make it look all better.

  • Jaw reshaping

Under jaw reshaping, the bone is removed from the back corner of the jaw and takes out the necessary part to make it seem right in all possible ways.

  • Chin reshaping

Another approach is chin reshaping, where the bone is removed from the chin and reshaped to make it look all effective and shorter, just the way a woman’s features will stand out.

Apart from these, there are chin augmentation, nose reshaping, and reconstruction to make the female features stand out in all possible ways.

When is nose and forehead surgery performed?

Under the FFS method, the best part is that you can seek the transition phase whenever you wish. In case you want the Feminization Rhinoplasty and forehead surgery to be performed together, then simply ask the surgeon about the same.

Take proper care after the surgery.

Once the surgery is done, you have to take the best care of yourself. Follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor to make sure the entire procedure goes with utmost ease. Also, when you consult an experienced surgeon, it makes sure to reduce the risk and complications associated with surgery.

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Everything you need to know about the Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Being transgender, different phases comes in their life. Most importantly, the individuals get concerned about the physical changes and what they can do to make it look the same as their identity. No doubt, with gender change surgery the options are unlimited, and as to what the person wants they can get that specific approach. The feminizing hormone therapy is also referred to as ‘Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy.’

What feminizing hormone therapy is done?

Well! Trans women are given medications that prevent testosterone levels in the body. Estrogen is given which is the key factor for making the women characteristics. So, for the male to female journey can be managed much easily & effectively through this. The surgery may be either combined or given alone, depending on what your preference is. Before making the final call, the doctor will even suggest to you what are the benefits and advantages of getting this done.

What is the need for getting feminizing hormone therapy?

The key consideration here is to change the hormone level and make sure it is the same as the gender identity. Whether it’s female into Male or vice-versa both experience some sort of problem having the gender identity in place and have a concern as to what sex is assigned to them during birth. The feminizing hormone therapy can be used in different scenarios like:

  • Make gender dysphoria less severe
  • Reduce psychological and emotional distress
  • Improve psychological and social functioning
  • Improve sexual satisfaction
  • Improve the quality of life

Is feminizing hormone therapy safe?

Till now, the research which has been done has shown that it is safe and getting it done benefits the patients, just the way they want. Trans women can get this done at the age of 16 or even later in life. In many cases, the medications are given to delay this stage of life.

Is feminizing hormone therapy for everyone?

Well! The feminizing hormone therapy is not for every trans woman. So, it means there are some cases where it is not suggested like:

  • Diagnosed with hormone-sensitive cancer like prostate cancer
  • Diagnosed with a health issue which is not able to get under control
  • Facing an uncontrolled behavioral health issue
  • Facing a situation that is not making it easier to give an informed consent

 Can feminizing hormone therapy affect fertility?

YES! It can affect reproductive health. So, it means you have to make that choice. Talk to the doctor about what sort of option you can try or have in the future. Knowing about all these things beforehand allows the patient to have better clarity on which path to opt for and where to go further in making things work.