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Learn About Top And Bottom Procedure In Gender Change Surgery

People often undergo various surgeries to change the appearance of their bodies. There are thousands of reasons for an individual to want to alter their appearance. For many transgender or gender non-conforming people, making subtle changes to their bodies is their way to affirm their identity.

A trans person can undergo Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make their appearance similar to their gender identity. It is something that people often associate with gender reassignment procedures. But technically the trans person or the doctors call it gender confirmation surgeries.

Let us learn more about Sex Change Surgery in Vizag and how it helps trans people.

What Does It Mean To Be A Transgender?

Transgender is a word that denotes those people whose gender identity or gender expression does not associate with the gender that they are assigned from birth. Normally, a parent and a doctor assume the gender of the baby through the appearance of their genitals. But, as they grow up, there are some people who realize that the sense of who they are does not align with how their bodies look.

In simple terms, trans people are those who identify with the opposite gender of what they are from birth. For instance: a child who is male from birth identifies as a female. There are also examples of people who do not identify as either male or female. Rather they denote themselves as “genderqueer” or “non-binary”.

There are many options for trans people to change their appearances so that they will be able to reflect the look that they are from inside. There are many people who use clothing, hairstyle or even make-up to present a certain look. Besides that, they also go for hormonal therapy in order to refine their secondary sex characteristics. There are certain people who choose surgery to change the look of their faces and bodies permanently.

What Is Top-Surgery?

It is typically breast surgery. Many trans people want to change their chest for a typical breast enhancement or breast removal operation.

  • Transfeminine Top Surgery

When a trans person wants to have a more feminine chest then it is defined as transfeminine top-surgery. It involves placing breast implants in a person’s chest to enlarge their breast or for breast reconstruction.

  • Transmasculine Top Surgery

It is a top surgery wherein the person wants to have a more masculine-shaped chest. It is somewhat similar to a mastectomy, wherein the doctor removes the breast tissue to flatten the whole chest.

What Is Bottom Surgery?

This is for those people who want to change their genitals.

  • Transmasculine Bottom Surgery

Some trans people want to remove their uterus and ovaries. They usually opt for a hysterectomy to complete that. This generally reduces the female hormonal level in their body.

  • Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

In this surgery, people who want to reduce the level of male hormones in their bodies might select to remove their testicles.

Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic and book your appointment right now for gender-confirming surgery.

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Things You Should Consider Before Finalizing Your Transgender Surgery

Finally, you have decided to undergo transgender surgery. But what comes after that?

Do you know how you would manage to find the best surgeon who can perform Transgender Surgery in Vizag without any complications?

Do not worry; in this blog, we will discuss how you can make sure to get the best surgeon who can perform top-notch surgery for you.

We have listed things that you should find before you book your appointment with the doctor for the FTM or MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh,

Things You Consider Before Finalizing The Best Tarsngender Surgeon

  1. You should always look for a surgeon who is well accredited and qualified in their specialty area.
  2. You should know that the key to getting the best ever result relies heavily on the experience of the surgeon. Besides that, the competence of the doctor also plays a significant role. Hence, you should make sure to find someone with many years of experience in conducting high-quality transgender surgeries.
  3. Did you know there are many different techniques the doctor can use to conduct the whole surgery? Hence, you should make sure to choose a surgeon who uses the latest technology to perform critical surgery successfully.
  4. You should always pay close attention to the public reviews that the previous patients of the surgeon have given in different sites.
  5. You should ask about the quality of the hospital as it matters as much as the surgeon. You should ensure that the facilities you choose have the latest equipment to conduct the whole procedure. Besides that, they should also be able to handle any kind of situation without any difficulty.

Questions That You Should Ask During Consultation With Transgender Surgeon

These are some of the common questions that you should ask your doctor at the time of consultation. It is vital for you to clear all your doubts in order to form a better understanding. One of the right ways to clear your doubt is to ask the right questions, as given below.

  1. Have you completed certain plastic surgery training?
  2. How much experience do you have, and where have you worked before?
  3. What kind of techniques do you use to conduct the surgery?
  4. Am I the right candidate for transgender surgery?
  5. Where will you perform the transgender procedure?
  6. Is your surgical facility accredited by a state recognized accrediting agency?
  7. How can I achieve the best outcome from the surgery?
  8. How long will the recovery period last?
  9. What will the transgender surgery procedure involve?
  10. What does the recovery involve?
  11. What surgical technique is the best for me?
  12. Is there any risk associated with the whole process?
  13. In case of any complication, how will you handle the whole circumstances?
  14. What will happen if I am not happy with the final outcome?
  15. Can you show me some before and after pictures of your previous patients?

 Final Comments

We have the latest technology and highly qualified doctors and surgeons who conduct the best surgeries in the town. With a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, you will not feel hesitation in completing the whole procedure.

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Right Candidate For Different Procedure In Facial Feminization Surgery

Based on the sex organ of a child, the doctor assigns the gender. People donate them as cis-male or cis-female. However, transgender is those who are typically given a gender based on their sex organ, but they do not associate with it as time passes. They might go through gender dysphoria and identify with the opposite sex. It is not a cute sight to behold. Instead, it is distressing physically, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally.

And this body image issue makes them want to identify with the ideal standard. Hence many transgender females undergo Facial Feminization Surgery in Vizag to treat gender dysphoria.

What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

It involves many different procedures that help the candidate change their masculine feature into a more feminine one. Some significant procedures in facial feminization surgery include:


  1. Slightly modifying the hairline to reduce the forehead size.
  2. Face upliftment.
  3. Augmentation of lips.
  4. Resizing the chin and jaw.
  5. Reshaping.

 An Overview Of Facial Feminization

We all know that facial features help people identify their genders, such as the shape and structure of jaws, eyes, cheeks, and eyebrows. Facial feminization is a part of the male to female surgery that helps them transition to the desired gender they want to associate with. This procedure also provides them more comfort and confidence, unlike before.

Facial feminization includes a series of cosmetic surgeries to make a face look more feminine and delicate. Some of the common procedures include:

  • Eyebrow Lifting

In this cosmetic surgery, the surgeon raises the eyebrow to make the facial feature more feminine.

  • Hairline advancement

The surgeon removes the male peak from the hairline and brings it forward.

  • Reshaping chin and jaw

To give a more feminine look, the professionals make the jaw a little pointed, as the male jaws are typically square.

  • Reshaping Adam’s apple

The key secondary sexual organ in males is adam’s apple which is not present in females. In this surgery, the doctor reshaped the adam’s apple to give them a feminine appearance.

  • Rhinoplasty

It is a nose surgery that helps you get a slimmer and trimmer nose to match the whole feminine look.

  • Cheek augmentation

You can choose cheek implants or cheek augmentation surgery if you want to give your cheeks a feminine look.

 Who Is The Right Candidate For Facial Feminization Surgery?

Not everyone is eligible to undergo the procedure of facial feminization surgery. We have listed some of the most prominent elements to help you learn who is the right candidate for this surgery.

  1. Your health should be good and maintained, including both mental and physical.
  2. The doctor must diagnose you with gender dysphoria before they begin the procedure.
  3. You should not have certain health conditions such as blood clotting, bleeding disorders, kidney diseases, and heart diseases.
  4. You must be at least 18 years old or older.
  5. You should know all the limitations of undergoing cosmetic surgery.
  6. You must have a normal lipid profile, blood sugar, blood count, electrolytes, and enzymes in your body.
  7. You should definitely avoid excessive use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

 Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic and book your appointment now for a facial feminization surgery. For further details, our doctor will give you initial consultation to clear all your doubts.

Gender change Surgery

Make the most of the top surgery for the gender change procedure

Gender change surgery

Top surgery is an important part of those planning for the transgender approach. The procedure aims to alleviate confidence by focusing on changing the person’s overall appearance. For the ones planning to begin with trans women, the procedure can include feminine breast surgery, chest construction, breast mammoplasty, Chin Contouring In Vizag, and much more.

With top surgery, it’s like doing the procedure that helps to increase overall confidence. The methods and approach to Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh are satisfying & easy to manage. Top surgery for transgender aims to help increase their confidence. If you don’t feel good about yourself with the gender assigned to you during birth then begin with sex change surgery.

What are the reasons for top surgery in gender change?

Transgender women and non-binary people are looking for top surgery to address the discomfort or stress. Most importantly, hormone therapy helps to stimulate breast growth to get the necessary results for attaining the desired breast size. For transgender surgery the criteria require a different approach:

  • Persistent and proper documentation of everything

  • Make a well-informed decision and make sure to seek proper consent to begin the treatment plan

  • It’s essential to get your overall health checked so that there’s the only issue

  • The person should be of the ideal age so that he or she can make the necessary decision to start the treatment journey.

If you only want to begin hormone therapy, then make sure to make the necessary decision accordingly. If there’s any concern or doubt, then better get clarity over the same by the doctor.

Be mindful of the risk factors

It’s essential to be mindful of the adverse effects. Although the procedure has advanced with time, that makes it easier to manage the side-effects. Some of the possible complications that can occur during your gender change surgery plan are:

  • Solid swelling of clotted blood that forms within the tissues

  • Breast pain

  • Scar tissue that can affect the breast implant shape adversely

  • Fluid begins to accumulate that is present beneath the skin

  • The implant are displaced, infected, or leaked

  • Seeing dissatisfaction in terms of surgery appearance

It’s essential to know all about the necessary complications, and proper steps required against the same. Otherwise, there’s a possibility the problem can get worse over time.

Look for the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

When you plan the journey of gender change, it’s essential to get the best of everything. The expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is essential so that what results you are looking for are attained. The expert surgeon not just knows the right approach but ensures to follow all the advanced methods and techniques. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, then schedule an initial consultation at Vj’s Transgender Clinic plan everything the right way. In case there’s any doubt on your mind, then make sure to discuss the same.

Chin Contouring

Chin implant for gender change surgery: Who is the ideal candidate?

Enhance your facial features with a chin implant

Gender change is the pathway to alleviate your confidence and look how you feel about yourself. If you have got yourself on the path of gender change surgery, then there are several steps that you can take. Especially to alleviate your facial features. And that’s where the method of Chin augmentation in Andhra Pradesh is under the expertise of trained and skilled medical experts.

Chin augmentation: Alleviates your beauty

Chin is one of the paramount parts of enhancing beauty and strength. And that’s the reason it’s an effective choice for Transgender Surgery in Vizag. With a chin implant or chin augmentation, you not just get confidence with your looks, but your face has that contour.

What are the reasons for performing chin augmentation?

Enhancing or improving the chin is possible through advanced methods. Chin surgery aims to rectify the weak chin or help it to be more balanced with other facial features like the nose. Currently, the cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure through advanced methodology and procedures, so that desired and improved results are obtained.

Apart from the chin augmentation, there’s a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and a facelift that helps to achieve the desired facial symmetry.

Ideal candidate for chin implant

During the gender change, it’s obvious you go through a series of surgical methods to make your look and features just how you feel about yourself. If your chin is small compared to facial features, the doctor can suggest you undergo the chin implant procedure. There’s a possibility that your nose looks small or you want to make your neckline alleviate. So, to create the desired proportion, the procedure helps to achieve the desired results you are looking for. The ideal candidate for chin augmentation are:

  • Those with receding or weak chin
  • Have a normal bite with dental structure
  • Have realistic expectations

It’s important to discuss with the surgeon about everything so that you are informed about the necessary steps before, during, or aftercare. Most importantly, it helps to balance the overall face to improve aesthetics.

What do you need to know about chin augmentation surgery?

Chin augmentation surgery uses chin implants to help the facial features stand out. The surgeon will talk you through the procedure and its necessary placement. Being mindful of the same is essential to give it a better definition and pleasing appearance. Staying proportion is essential so that your overall look is 100% natural. Additionally, the surgeon will guide you about the aftercare tips essential to achieve the desired outcomes.

Final word

Schedule an initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to seek the most effective results. Talk to Dr. C Vijay Kumar about the entire procedure and about the necessary aftercare tips.

male to female

Gender change: How much does it cost to get the male to female surgery?

Gender change surgery: Male to Female Surgery

The sex change surgery helps individuals beautifully transition into the gender they wish for. The transition begins with hormone therapy to ensure the best approach is taken. Under the expertise of a trained medical expert, you should begin your Transgender Surgery in Vizag. The transition requires several things, like top surgery, bottom surgery, and facial feminization. Our concern is that this blog talks about the individuals planning for a male-to-female gender change surgery.

Cost of MTF surgery

When a person plans for a transition, their major concern is the cost factor. So, with the MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh, the cost factor consideration includes several things. A detailed cost plan will be given to you depending on which method you select, the doctor’s expertise, and other concerns.

  • Penectomy surgery

Penectomy surgery is one of the major steps in gender change. The procedure emphasizes penis removal. So, individuals who don’t want to keep this penis can choose the same. On average, the penectomy surgery cost around Rs 30,000.

  • Orchiectomy surgery

Orchiectomy surgery means testicle removal of either one or both through an inventive plan. So, with the transition from male to female, opting for the given procedure makes a lot of difference. On average, the orchiectomy procedure costs Rs 32,000.

  • Vulvoplasty

Vulvoplasty is another common procedure in bottom surgery. The procedure includes vulva creation and removal of the testes, scrotum, and penis. On average, valvuloplasty as a method of gender change surgery is Rs 60,000.

  • Zero depth bottom surgery

The zero-depth bottom surgery includes the penis and scrotum tissue removal. These are arranged to create a vulva and help the urethra perform the necessary function. On average, the cost of zero-depth bottom surgery is Rs 1,00,000.

  • MTF vaginoplasty

During vaginoplasty, the surgeon uses tissue and skin from the penis for the creation of the inner and outer vagina. The surgeon uses a skin graft for the creation of the vaginal canal during vaginoplasty.

  • MTF hip widening surgery

As the name suggests, MTF hip widening surgery aims to create that extra volume in the buttocks and hip area. The excess fat will be removed to create smooth curved lines. On average, the surgery cost around Rs 70,000.

Facial feminization surgery for gender change

Facial feminization surgery aims to transform male traits into feminine ones. The approach includes several surgical options that aim to reshape, rebuild, and repair facial traits. The procedure include several different procedure like:

  • Relocating the hairline to create a smaller forehead
  • Contouring and resizing the chin & jaw
  • Lip and cheekbone augmentation

If you want, you can get the procedure combined. Make sure to discuss your concerns with the medical expert. On average, the cost of facial feminization is Rs 80,000.