Sex reassignment surgery

Our life must be determined by our choices. If the sex whose genitals we are having or was born with is not satisfying us, then even the Indian constitution guarantees the right to undergo gender change Surgery.

Since we have said in the first line that our life is all about choices. If changing your sex physically appears to you a complex process then you can withstand hormonal therapy alone to change from male to female & vice versa.

How does this process commence?

  1. Prerequisites
  • Psychiatric Counselling

If you want to get the sex reassignment surgery or the hormonal therapy done, then first of all the doctor will make sure with the psychiatric counselling whether you are having gender dysphoria.

Did you know?

Gender Dysphoria is the condition in which the person is not satisfied with the sex he was born with and want to be of the opposite sex. Like males want to be females and vice versa.

  • Evaluation of the Network

The person who wants to undergo gender change surgery (female into male or vice versa), must have a strong backing network and support of the family and friends. If ze is not having so, the doctor would advise the patient to think again as it would be challenging for ze when nobody is willing to accept him the way he has changed himself.

  1. Hormonal Therapy

Again it would be the patient’s choice whether he wants to undergo the genital transformation surgery after taking up this approach or not. Hormones are responsible for putting forth sexual characteristics like breast size, muscle mass and the hairs on the body.

How long does it take to see the effect?

To see the minimum effect, we may have to wait for a month. But for the complete effect, it may take as more as 5 years since it allows your body to grow naturally.

  1. Surgery

It’s completely based on the person’s will whether he wants to step in this terminating stage or wants to make it over before that. Those who want to get the genital work done along, choose the surgical procedures for undergoing.

But, What do the Guidelines Say?

The person who has undergone hormonal therapy must wait for at least 12 months before opting up for the surgical procedure.

So what exactly does the surgery do?

Like in male to female surgery, plumpy breasts are created along with the creation of the vagina through vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

While in female to male, the breast tissues and fats are removed and the penis is created with the specifically chosen procedures.

Wind Up!

It’s your call, how you want to change your appearance in regards to gender dysphoria. You can undergo sex reassignment surgery as well if you want to change your aesthetics.