Gender change Surgery Scrotoplasty

Gender Change Surgery: All you need to know about scrotoplasty treatment

Gender Change Surgery: Scrotoplasty Treatment

Scrotoplasty is a surgical method for treating or repairing scrotum or creating new ones. Especially in the case of gender change surgery, it’s an all-important procedure for trans male individuals. The surgical procedure comes under trans surgery, which allows the cosmetic results to be better in all possible ways. To seek the best possible care, you must consult one of the known transgender surgeons: Dr. C Vijay Kumar, who has expertise in making sure trans individuals get the desired appearance they wish to have.

No matter which sort of transgender procedure you wish to have for your Male to female or vice-versa, talk to the surgeon about the same. He will effectively enlighten you about the entire process and what you must keep in mind.

FTM transition (Female To Male Surgery)

For the Female into Male, scrotoplasty is one of the most effective procedures in gender affirmation. Having the desired appearance which makes you feel about yourself is all-important. The primary purpose of this surgery is to create a new scrotum and make sure every step completes with utmost caution. The suitable candidate for this sort of surgery are:

  • Living as a member of their desired sexual identity
  • Diagnosed with gender dysphoria
  • Mental health professionals have checked the condition and analyzed that they are making conditions without getting influenced by anyone else.

What are the preparation steps involved in Scrotoplasty?

As you plan to begin your scrotoplasty procedure, the most critical aspect is to get clarity over everything on ‘How is the procedure performed? During the initial consultation, you have to ask the surgeon about preparation steps, after-care, and other necessary factors. So, from scheduling your drive home to an after-care advance plan, it’s essential to discuss everything.

What are the steps involved in female to male scrotoplasty procedures?

When you plan for your female to male surgery for Scrotoplasty, the entire process is carried out in specific steps. Moreover, other procedures are combined with it like:

  • Metoidioplasty

Taking genital tissue for new penis creation

  • Phalloplasty

Extra skin taken from another body part for penis creation.


Scrotoplasty procedure for trans Male

The procedure includes a series of steps which include the following:

  • Initially administered is general anesthesia
  • Afterward, an incision is made in the labia majora lower part and around the pubic bone.
  • The flaps are turned upward for sac creation
  • Additionally, the use of dissolvable sutures

What’s the after-care regime after the scrotoplasty procedure?

For patients who seek scrotoplasty procedures with other treatments, the recovery period is slightly longer. Additionally, your health is properly analyzed to ensure no such complications that will come in between and might affect the results. The doctor will give you the necessary medications to help you deal with the pain. Ideally, under this procedure, you need to give yourself 3 to 4 weeks to remove the catheter from the body.

Female Feminization Surgery Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Everything you need to know about female feminization surgery

Are you thinking about starting your trans journey phase?

Indeed! That phase comes with a lot of questions and doubts in mind. It’s like an entire journey that everyone wants to experience the right way and ensure gender change surgery is even worth it than coming out. Obviously, to look the best in every way possible is essential, and especially making sure it matches with the gender that you feel like makes a lot of difference. In case you are planning to start your Male to female journey, then it’s important to know what’s right and wrong and which sort of surgical plan can help you with your citation.

Female Feminization Surgery

Under Female Feminization Surgery, there are two main techniques which are:

  • Surgery on the bones/Cartilage of the skull
  • Work on the soft tissue that covers cartilage & bone

Under FFS, it’s all essential to work upon the necessary difference, like noticing the difference between male and female skills. Even if there are minor changes, it’s all essential to focus on the same and get the surgical plan made accordingly to seek all the necessary results properly.

Bear in, just like FFS, those who wish to seek female into Male gender change surgery can choose the necessary surgical plan and procedure to make the features stand out.

Which are the main procedures in FFS?

  • Brow shaving

Brow shaving is an important way to make the features look best in all ways. Under the said approach, orbital rims are a grind, and then the brow bossing forehead implant is removed.

  • Brow lifting

Brow lifting is all about skin tightening on the forehead and getting the eyebrows raised properly.

  • Scalp advancement

As the men and women have different hairlines. In the case of women, the hairline is more advanced to make it look all better.

  • Jaw reshaping

Under jaw reshaping, the bone is removed from the back corner of the jaw and takes out the necessary part to make it seem right in all possible ways.

  • Chin reshaping

Another approach is chin reshaping, where the bone is removed from the chin and reshaped to make it look all effective and shorter, just the way a woman’s features will stand out.

Apart from these, there are chin augmentation, nose reshaping, and reconstruction to make the female features stand out in all possible ways.

When is nose and forehead surgery performed?

Under the FFS method, the best part is that you can seek the transition phase whenever you wish. In case you want the Feminization Rhinoplasty and forehead surgery to be performed together, then simply ask the surgeon about the same.

Take proper care after the surgery.

Once the surgery is done, you have to take the best care of yourself. Follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor to make sure the entire procedure goes with utmost ease. Also, when you consult an experienced surgeon, it makes sure to reduce the risk and complications associated with surgery.

Adam's Apple Reduction male to female

Everything you need to know about MTF Tracheal Shave (Adam’s Apple Reduction)

MTF Tracheal Shave (Adam’s Apple Reduction)

Tracheal shave or Adam’s apple reduction surgery is one of the most asked for procedures in individuals planning to get Male to Female Surgery in Vizag. The said procedure comes under the female feminization procedure. Changing your appearance is essential to feel confident and, most importantly, good about yourself.

So, if you are about to begin your journey as a trans woman and non-binary trans individual, then this approach is one of the most reliable ones for you.

To begin the journey of male to female surgery in Odisha, the first step is to address the masculine look effectively. It’s about being comfortable in your skin and making sure everything is correct. Moreover, tracheal shave surgery is done in cisgender women who want a feminine look.

How much is the MTF surgery cost in India?

When you plan to get Facial Feminization Surgery, the average cost for the same lies in the range of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. Depending on which procedure you wish to opt for, the doctor tells the total cost. During the initial consultation, you can ask the doctor about the same.

It’s even possible that you can get other facial feminization procedures along with the same, like:

  • Lip Lift Surgery
  • Jaw Reduction
  • Forehead contouring
  • Rhinoplasty

Under the said approach, the total cost of the surgery is reduced. Ask the doctor whether you are a suitable candidate to get the same.

Tracheal Shave procedure for MTF surgery

Adam’s apple reduction surgery is an all-effective approach carried out as an outpatient method. Before the treatment, the patient is given local anesthesia to make her feel comfortable. The procedure begins by contouring the notch that’s present on thyroid cartilage. Afterward horizontal incision of around 2 cm is made under the chin. Technological advancement has made it possible to not worry about the scar as it’s not visible after surgery.

How much time does tracheal shave surgery take?

The tracheal shave surgery takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What does recovery feel like with tracheal shave surgery?

After the surgery, the doctor will keep a close watch over your entire health. Although you are discharged from the hospital the next day, there is no such major problem. Some of the essential things to keep in mind after the surgery:

  • Being a surgical procedure, it’s possible to have pain. To deal with the same, you are given painkillers. Just make sure to take them as suggested by the doctor.
  • Take rest for at least 1 or 2 days. Just make sure not to participate in any strenuous or vigorous activity. Additionally, you should speak softly and not sing. All in all, you need to give rest to your throat and voice.
  • Intake of soft food and a liquid diet is preferable after the surgery.
Gender change Surgery

Is It Possible To Have Orgasm After Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Undergoing gender reassignment surgery is not an easy decision; tons of work and therapy lead one person to achieve this and identify themselves with the gender they associate with rather than the one they are born with. This is why it is normal to have a lot of questions regarding gender change surgery. This is why we have brought ahead some of the common questions we are asked about gender change surgery.

One such question that brews inside the head is whether a transgender woman, i.e., male to female, can achieve orgasm post the surgery. 

Can Trans Women Orgasm After Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Let’s cut the slack and directly answer your question. Yes, it is absolutely possible to have an orgasm after the procedure. Gender affirmation surgery is one way that ensures a transformation of the individual who has gender dysphoria from the gender they have birthed with to the gender they cooperate with.

Male to female or female into Male both require serious intricacies in the process and must be done under the assistance of a skilled surgeon.

In male-to-female surgery, the doctor creates female genitalia by removing the testicles and the penis. The doctor then creates a vagina from the skin of the penile, also known as vaginoplasty and whereas the scrotal skin is used for making a labia.

The surgeon does not end the surgery there; they also make the clitoris, also known as clitoroplasty. They are typically made from the highly sensitive glans which are seen on the tip of the penis. The importance of clit is very significant in women’s pleasure point. There are many women who can not achieve orgasm without stimulation on the clit. This is why they create such organs during the process so as to make the trans woman feel pleasure at the time of sexual activity.

One of the biggest goals of gender change surgery is the ability to relish sexual intimacy and also obtain orgasms. According to research, it is seen that many trans women are satisfied with the surgery. 

How Much Time Will It Take For The Trans Women To Enjoy Orgasm Post Surgery?

Generally, it takes time for trans women to start enjoying orgasm post-surgery. It takes time for the body to heal 100 %. Apart from that, they also need to get acquainted with the process of women’s body function. They have to find the right way they can enjoy the stimulation to achieve orgasm. With time, they would be able to communicate with their partner about their sexual needs too. Transgender women should not hesitate to seek professional help for sexual activities; sex therapy would help them with excellent knowledge. 

Remove The Hesitation

It is a great taboo in society to talk about gender change, surgery, pleasure, and sex. You, as an individual, can dictate your life without any complication from the community.

Gender change Surgery

Major Techniques Used By The Surgeons For Gender Change Surgery India

How Does The Sex Reassignment Surgery Work?

The whole process takes around three to seven hours. In this procedure, the doctor includes the removal of the penis and also reshaping of the tissue of the genetic area for a male to female surgery. This whole process is done to give the appearance of more females and also to construct the vagina.

People chose gender change surgery so that they would be able to associate with the correct gender they feel rather than the one given at birth.

Given Below Are The Procedure Of Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • With the help of an invasive tool, an incision is made on the scrotum. Then the doctor pulls back the flap of the skin. And after that, the testes are removed.
  • The doctor cut a shorter urethra to remove the penis. With the excess skin left, the construction of the vagina and labia is done.
  • Unlike female into Male, people who do Male to female surgery retain a prostate.
  • With the help of estrogen, the doctor would stimulate breast development following the surgery. Apart from that, some also undergo the hip widening process, increase the voice pitch and inhibit the growth of facial hair.


What are The Different Techniques Used?

There are multiple techniques used for creating a vagina. One of the techniques that are known for being least invasive and more effective is by using an inverted skin of the penis to make the newly created cavity of the vagina. The doctor makes an incision on the penis from the base to the head; then, the doctor peels away the skin from the shaft.


In most of the procedures used, the surgeons used the portion of the penis head to form a clitoris. This procedure is done to allow sexual enjoyment and stimulation. In the case of a small penis, the doctor then uses a thigh, scrotal, or abdominal skin graft for the construction. Before teh sex reassignment surgery begins, the pubic hair in the scrotal skin is removed entirely for proper surgery.

 What Are The Goals Of Surgeons In Gender Change Surgery?

These are the goals that the surgeon has in their mind while forming up the construction of the surgery.

  • Their main goal is to create a vagina that looks similar to the biological one.
  • Their next goal is to preserve all the nerves and sensory points that would help the trans person get a good sensation while touching and the ability to orgasm.
  • They also create a long vaginal cavity which is both long and wide. Their cavity is sized enough for intercourse to happen.
  • The urethral orifice is also placed in the correct position, which matches the anatomy of the woman’s body. The place of the urethral orifice is above the vaginal opening.
  • The erectile tissues which are present are entirely removed. This process is done to prevent any engorgement of the tissue at the time of sexual intercourse.

As you start the journey of transgender surgery, you need the confidence and the guidance of the right expert who will help you reach your destination.

Gender change Surgery

Sex change: Look for one of the best surgeons to get gender change surgery

Gender Change Surgery

Earlier, people used to feel ashamed to talk about this subject, or if someone told them they wanted to get themselves transformed from female to Male, then it was referred to as a sin. But thankfully, with time and changes made by the government and society, gender-change surgery is getting the necessary attention it deserves.

On top of it, sex-change surgery is a transfixing subject as most people in the past have made an effort to bring that change. Earlier, whether someone wanted to get male to female or female to male sex change surgery, most things happened clandestinely (as a secret or illicit practice). Moreover, even trans individuals wanted to keep it all secret, thinking that they would be judged by society or might not get accepted the way they wanted to.

History of sex-change surgery surgeons

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld

One of the known surgeons was dedicated to changing the life of homosexuals for the better. He was the one who came up with the term ‘Transsexuality.’ His passion and care for the trans community show in his hard work that he gathered the people’s stories and worked towards getting accepted into society.

Dr. Harry Benjamin

In 1949, he came up with the term ‘Benjamin Syndrome.’ He was the first one who believed that it’s okay to change the body to match the identity a person feels. Whether someone wants to do that through hormonal therapy or surgery, both routes are considered normal.

Present Day Gender Change Surgeon: Bringing a change

Dr. C Vijay Kumar

Undoubtedly, what surgeons have done in the past is exceptional, and it takes effort. But, to ensure that necessary change is managed and the present-day trans community can seek the required benefits, today’s surgeons have to give their best. One such name as renowned gender reassignment surgeon is Dr. C Vijay Kumar. Experience of more than 40 years and still counting.

All the trans individuals seeking MTF or FTM surgery can seek the ultimate care under his expertise. The main goal of Dr. C Vijay Kumar is to help trans individuals seek the best treatment plan for themselves.

At VJ’s Transgender Clinic, the most pleasing and comfortable environment is created to assist the trans community to get the desired results with utmost satisfaction and safety. Here’s the list of most common gender reassignment surgical options:

  • Facial feminization
  • Forehead reconstruction
  • Dimple creation
  • Chin contouring
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Top surgery
  • Hysterectomy
  • Genital reconstruction
  • Much more!

Do you want to plan for gender reassignment surgery?

You can talk to the team or doctor anytime for any queries or doubts. We look forward to being a part of your journey.