Phalloplasty is for all those who are looking to get sex-change surgery. All those who have their sex assigned as female at birth will choose this option. This surgical approach allows the female into male sex-change surgery to get a penis. It allows them to have their authentic gender and even address the symptoms which might occur due to the stress of the transgender journey.

What is the working approach of phalloplasty for gender-affirming?

This works best for all those who consider their inner gender as different as compared to what is assigned them during birth. Be it male to female or vice-versa both have their rights to look & feel they want to be. With phalloplasty there are other options which are included like:

  • Top Surgery

This includes masculinizing chest surgery and removing the breast so that a masculine look is obtained.

  • Hysterectomy

It includes uterus removal.

  • Vaginectomy

It includes vaginal removal.

  • Metoidioplasty

In this case, the doctor will turn the clitoris into the penis.

  • Facial masculinization surgery

It includes making the cheeks, jaw, chin, & forehead have that masculine look.

What happens in a phalloplasty?

This type of gender change surgery includes the creation of the penis creation from another body part. To perform this surgery there are several steps are included like:

  • Lengthening the urethra
  • Creating the penis tip
  • Removing the vagina
  • Creating the scrotum
  • Putting in penile and scrotal implants
  • Creating the penis‌

For penis creation, the 3 main body areas used are the leg, abdomen, and arm. Before choosing any of the choices the doctor will talk with you & accordingly let you know what is right for you. Additionally, your demands are also considered for making the ultimate choice.

What are the results of phalloplasty?

The penis function is different for every individual. Initially, your goals are considered and accordingly further treatment will move forward. The basic aim of this surgical procedure is to allow the penis to have:

  • Ability to retain orgasm for enough time
  • Able to stand properly for urination
  • Maintaining & getting an erection

The size of the penis is going to depend on how much skin & tissue is taken from the grafting site. An erectile implant may be inserted which helps in increasing the sensation.

Who is the suitable candidate for phalloplasty?

Here are the cases in which phalloplasty is suggested:

  • All those taking hormones from 1 year
  • Age 18 or more than that
  • Living as their gender from last one year
  • BMI of less than 35
  • Do not smoke
  • Undergo hysterectomy or oophorectomy at least 8 weeks before getting phalloplasty.

What does recovery feel like with phalloplasty?

It takes around 6 weeks to get back to the usual routine. Although full recovery will take around 12 to 18 months. Following surgery, you need to use a catheter that will help you in urination. In case you are traveling to Vizag then you need to stay here for a few weeks till the time you start feeling normal.