Gender change Surgery

Gender Change Surgery

Not feeling comfortable about yourself and then trying to hide the emotions brings a wave of emotions. The individuals who don’t feel like they fit into their gender are born benefiting from changing their sex. At one of the top-rated transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh, you can get yourself a treatment plan to change your gender and feel the best version of yourself. The way of transition varies from one individual to another as it depends on their liking.

Consult the doctor to have a thorough understanding of your condition and enlighten yourself properly. You can discuss with the doctor how you wish to change your appearance and if there’s a specific procedure that you want to get. By considering everything, the doctor tells you better about Sex Change Surgery Cost In Andhra Pradesh for your treatment plan. On average, the transition from male to female or female to male can cost between Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh.

3 steps of sex reassignment surgery in Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Perform A Thorough Check Of Your Mental Health

The initial step of gender change surgery is mental health evaluation. The initial step is to consult a psychologist to ensure you are ready to undergo surgery. If you are diagnosed with ‘Gender Dysphoria,’ you have gender identity disorder. Once the psychologist understands you have the problem, then you are allowed to get the treatment. The doctor even checks whether the individual planning to seek transgender surgery has individuals around them for support throughout the surgery.

Step 2: Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is ideal for individuals who don’t wish to get surgery. Therefore, working on hormones makes a difference in patient condition.

Hormone therapy for female to male

If you are transitioning from female to male, you want a masculine look.

Through hormone therapy, that is possible as it helps to:

  • Make the voice deep
  • Enhance muscle and overall strength
  • Increase body and facial hair
  • Enlargement of clitoris

Hormone therapy for male to female

The treatment allows you to get a more feminine look as you see the changes like:

  • Make muscle mass and strength better
  • Body fat is distributed all over the body
  • Boost breast tissue
  • Reduce testosterone level
  • Reduce facial and body hair

One thing: Hormone therapy allows quickly to have better control over feelings of gender dysphoria.

Step 3: Surgical treatment

Surgical preference varies from patient to patient. Some might feel comfortable simply by getting hormone therapy only. Studies have even shown that individuals prefer to get 12 months of hormone therapy and then proceed for Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. You can discuss what you feel and which procedure you should choose with the doctor.