Sex reassignment surgery

When someone’s gender identity does not match the sex assigned at birth, the person suffers from gender dysphoria. They may choose to live as per the gender they feel themselves. Some of them may also choose to undergo Gender change surgery in India.

SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY is a series of medical procedures done to improve the physical appearance of a transgender or transsexual person. This also brings a change in the sexual characteristics of the person aligning it with their identified gender.

If you belong to the transgender community in India or wish to know about SRS Surgery in India, then this is the right blog for you.

VJ’S TRANSGENDERS CLINIC is the best when it comes to gender affirmation care in India. They have a team of well-qualified medical professionals and plastic surgeons that strive to provide a transgender person with the best medical assistance to improve the quality of their lives. 

Dr. C Vijay Kumar leads a team with more than forty years of experience in treating people from the transgender community; they use ultra-modern technology in performing various sex-affirming procedures.

We understand that being a transgender is not easy, they have to face many problems which 

Others don’t have to face it. This affects their self-esteem and mental health greatly. Hence the medical staff at VJ”s TRANSGENDER approaches each issue with utmost respect and humility.

If you are facing gender dysmorphia and are afraid to approach anyone for fear they might not understand you, then you can consider connecting with us by either visiting us in our clinic or calling us on our authorized contact number.


We understand that choosing the best institution for your gender-related issues can be daunting. Hence we have compiled the reason why our’s is the best clinic for your needs:

a) Quality care- Our team, led by prominent doctor Dr. C Vijay Kumar is the best at providing you with the best gender-affirming care you need.


b) Success rate- The rate of our successful treatment of transgender people has been one of the best in entire India. We have testimonies from many patients who have received successful treatment at our clinic.

c) Affordability- One of the biggest hindrances in the transgender people getting gender affirmation surgery and other procedures is the cost of these procedures. Our team is dedicated to provide you with the best gender affirmative care that you need at an economic cost so that you can live your life with happiness and liberty.

d) Counselling and mental health assistance- We understand that poor mental health is one the biggest issues plaguing our transgender community. Hence we have some of the best psychologists and therapists on our team who provide quality mental health care to our patients.

e) Hospitality- We at VJ’s COSMETOLOGY CLINIC believe that the first step in treating a patient is showing them respect and kindness. Our staff is hospitable and treats everyone with kindness and with respect.


Understanding our transgender community is the need of the hour if we wish to help them in the true sense. If you are looking to get quality gender care, then you should visit VJ’S TRANSGENDER CLINIC.  We will be pleased to have a chance to treat you.