Being comfortable with who you are is essential for an individual to feel a sense of belongingness and peace. However, many individuals do not feel satisfied or relate to the gender they were assigned to at birth. This makes them confused and devastated as they don’t seem to fit in the world they are told about. In earlier times, there was no specific solution for this problem, but now people can opt for various methods and treatments to shape themselves into another gender, not just by looking but internally, too.

In this video, the representative at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, Madhav, talks about a quick insight into hormonal therapy. The therapy modifies the hormones inside the body to increase the level of oestrogen or testosterone hormones depending upon the individual’s desire. The increase in hormones gradually shapes the appearance of the body. If you wish to have the appearance of a female, then you will require a higher level of oestrogen hormones, and if you require more masculine looks, then you will require testosterone hormones.


VJ’s Transgender Clinic provides you with an absolute solution for your gender identity so you can feel more comfortable in your skin. From therapy to surgery, our facility offers various services that will solve all your problems associated with your gender identification. If you are having trouble accepting who you are and want to feel comfortable in your skin, then contact VJ’s Transgender Clinic Today!