Gender change Surgery

If you are a minor willing to undergo Gender Change Surgery in India, there is good news for you. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health has revised the minimum age criteria, lowering it to 14. Hence Gender Transition surgery is possible for minors in India.

It is now possible for transgender kids to sign up for hormonal therapies by the age of 14. Although it is uncertain if minors can undergo SRS Surgery in India along with adults. Despite the risk which can happen while children experience such treatments, the transgender association still has agreed to pass this ordinance.

The New Developments 

According to the Association of Transgender Health, some sex change surgeries can be conducted between the age of 15 to 17. They also declared that hormonal therapy could be started among minors by age 14.

However, there are specific facts that you need to take care of before proceeding to such therapies. The same is due to considering minors immature and redundant in cognitive understanding.

Is Gender Transition Common among Minors

Gender Transition surgeries amongst minors are very rare. There is even no evidence that such things happened in the past. However, some sex change treatments are common amongst transgender youth in the United States. These include puberty blockers, estrogen blockers, and hormone therapy.

Is Gender Transition Effective on Minors?

Gender Transition is effective amongst everybody suffering from gender dysphoria, including minors. Early results of treatment have proven many advantages, Which include :

  1. better mental health
  2. decrease in depression
  3. lower anxiety. 

Will Gender Transition therapy be safe for Minors?

Minors can undergo gender transition surgery, but they still have their own risks, which are yet to be found. Surgery is, however, not a preferable option for minors as of now. However, many of them can undergo hormonal therapy, counseling, and social transition without any need for surgery. The possibility of surgery is also a topic of ongoing research and debate.

Thus, people should take any decision regarding such medical intervention amongst minors after considering each individual’s preferences.

Treatments Minors can undergo

The Endocrine Society and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health approve some guidelines. They are:

  1. Puberty Blockers: You can opt for these only after you go through some psychological tests. These block the brain from releasing hormones for sexual development.
  2. Hormonal therapy: If you go through puberty after puberty blockers, you can opt for the other gender. If not, you can go for Hormonal therapy. In this therapy, you consume manufactured estrogen or testosterone. These medications are available as tablets and injections, which you can take weekly.

In conclusion, Minors, as approved by doctors, can opt for hormonal therapies and other forms of medication in case they identify themselves as transgender people. 

But if they want to opt for gender transition surgery, they need to take care of certain things or wait till they turn 18 (as prescribed by doctors) to avoid any complications in their health. 

Understanding the transgender community is the need of the hour for the future. We need to act if we want to help the transgender in a true sense.