Due to the advancement in technology, medical science introduced the option of sex reassignment surgery. It is the best option for those who are not the same as their behavior. In this era, people who are transgender want to get their particular identity. These transgender surgeries are preferable to get a particular identity before going for transgender surgery, removal of genital hair so that doctors can easily perform the procedure of gender reassignment surgery. 


What is the definition of sex reassignment surgery? 

Sex reassignment surgery is also known as gender reassignment surgery. It is a procedure that is helpful for getting a particular Identity. Nowadays, it is the most preferable surgery for the transition of self-identified gender. Transgender surgery is available in the best transgender clinic in Hyderabad


Different types of sex reassignment surgery. 

There are three types of transgender surgery. 

  • Facial reconstructive surgery: This surgery is beneficial for reconstructing masculine and feminine facial features. 
  • Top surgery: The top surgery is also known as the chest surgery. In this surgery, the breast tissues are removed to give a masculine appearance. Also, it enhances the breast size and shape for a feminine appearance.
  • Genital and bottom surgery: The genitalia are transformed and reconstructed in the bottom surgery. 


Is the sex reassignment surgery possible for minors? 

Definitely, because of advancements in medical science, it is possible for minors to get sex reassignment surgery done. The minimum age for hormonal therapy is 16 years, whereas for sex reassignment surgery, the minimum age should be 18. However, the age limit for gender reassignment surgery varies depending on the law of the country and the physical and mental condition of the person. Puberty blockers, estrogen blockers and hormone therapy are very common for gender transition for minors. The transgender surgery in India is legal after the age of 18. 


What are the benefits and drawbacks of sex reassignment surgery? 

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of gender reassignment surgery. 

Advantages of the sex reassignment surgery

These surgeries are beneficial for people who experience gender dysphoria. The primary benefit of these surgeries is they give peace and good mental health. The other benefit is that it gives a particular gender identity to the people. The medicines and diet are also expensive for the receiver. Doctors suggest having a high-protein diet and a liquid diet for a few days.

Risk of SRS surgeries 

Surgeries are quite risky. As with other surgeries, SRS surgeries also have some risks. The patient feels difficulties emptying the bladder. The other risks are bleeding, infection and some side effects of anesthesia. SRS surgeries take about 2 to 7 lakhs in India for only surgery. The price of the surgery varies according to the hospital and conversion. 

Transgender surgeries are the best option for people who want a particular identity according to their gender. Science makes it possible to give identities according to gender. For treatment, people search for the best hospital and clinic, and the VJ Transgender Clinic is the best clinic for these surgeries because there are the best surgeons available for surgeries of transgender.