Hysterectomy is a surgical way that is used to remove the tissue and organs around the uterus. After this surgery, women are not able to get pregnant and have no menstruation. This surgical treatment takes a little bit longer to recover, but it depends on the type of surgery. 

Dr C Madhav Kiran describes the laparoscopic and open hysterectomy surgery in this video. Both surgeries remove the uterus from the body, so the patient is not able to get pregnant in the future. Often, this surgery is done in female to male surgery. You will learn about the costs of open hysterectomy and laparoscopic surgery when you watch this video. 


First of all, we discuss open hysterectomy. This surgery a large incision is made which leaves scars. This procedure is safe from the other surgeries. The second is laparoscopic surgery, which is also used to remove the uterus. This surgery does not need a large incision, so you do not get any scars.  This surgery helps to remove the uterus as well as ovaries without scars. This surgery is safe as compared to an open hysterectomy. After surgery, you do not need to stay longer; the next day, you get discharged and continue your daily activities. It is paramount to follow the doctor’s appointments and instructions which include: do not lift heavy weights, avoid long travel, need to take proper rest, and more. 

If you have doubts regarding laparoscopic and open hysterectomy, you can contact  VJ’s Transgender Clinic and get an answer.