Gender change surgery is not that common in the world. People who want to be the other gender have had these surgeries. The men and women who are transgender also get these surgeries done. The surgeries for transgender are known as transgender affirmation surgeries. Transgender surgeries are more common in the world. There are many hospitals for Transgender surgery in India.

Definition of transgender 

A transgender person is not known as a female or a male in this society. They do not have any particular gender Identity. A transgender female was registered as male on her birth document, but her gender identity is female. Similar to a transgender female, males are labelled as female sex at birth but have identities of male. Some transgender people don’t have one gender identity. Their genders are combined with both the elements of male and female. The main cause of transgender surgery is Gender dysphoria. 

What is gender Dysphoria? 

Gender dysphoria is a feeling that a person has because of the difference between the biological sex organ and the identity of gender. This dissatisfaction feeling can be so intense. In this condition, people will go for sex reassignment surgeries and the best SRS surgeries in India are done in the VJ Transgender clinic. Problems like depression and anxiety also occur.

The success story of a transgender actress, Navya Singh

About Navya Singh 

Navya Singh was born in Katihar, which is a small district in Bihar. She was 12 years old when she found that she was born with the wrong body. Her behavior and emotions are not similar to her gender. She suffered from gender dysphoria as a boy. As she grew up she loved the way prefer to live. She used to do all the work like boys. Due to this, people started mocking her by saying hijra. She was 16 years world when her friends raped her just to realise that she was not a girl. After this incident, she kept silent. There was nobody who could help her with her transgender. 

How did she get to know about the transgender surgery?

One day, she read in the newspaper that a boy had undergone surgery to become a girl. After reading that news, she discussed with her parents about the surgery and told them she did not want to live with the identity anymore. That news played like a hope for her, and she wanted to visit the doctor. 

Appointment with a doctor

She called at the best transgender clinic in Hyderabad VJ transgender clinics. She explained everything to the doctor, and the doctor understood her situation and advised her to have surgery. She was a little bit nervous and had questions about the surgery, but she wanted to live her life as a normal person, so without thinking anything, she agreed with the doctor. The doctor wanted to give all the information and knowledge about the surgery before the beginning. 

During the surgery

The surgery is done in parts because there are some steps. Navya did not feel any discomfort during the surgery because the whole surgery was performed under the effect of anesthesia. Also, she was happy because, after surgery, nobody would mock her by calling her hijra and kinnara. 

Procedure of surgery

Gender-affirming surgery can give life to transgender people with a body that matches their sex organs. These procedures treat the face, chest or genitalia. For transgender surgery, the options are as follows. 

  • Surgery of Facial reconstructive to make features of the face more masculine or feminine.
  • Chest surgery removes the tissue of the breast for a masculine appearance or for enhancing the size and shape for a feminine appearance. This surgery is also called top surgery.
  • Genital surgery is used for transforming and reconstructing the genitalia and is also known as bottom surgery.

After the surgery

The procedure of transgender surgery was quite difficult, but she was happy because she got her proper identity after the surgery. Now she is enjoying her life. She is an Indian actress who faced several problems during her childhood. 

Transgender surgeries are the best option for people who want a particular identity according to their gender. Science makes it possible to give identities according to gender. For treatment, people search for the best hospital and clinic, and the VJ Transgender Clinic is the best Transgender Surgery in India because there are the best surgeons available for surgeries of transgender.