Gender change Surgery Scrotoplasty

Gender Change Surgery: Scrotoplasty Treatment

Scrotoplasty is a surgical method for treating or repairing scrotum or creating new ones. Especially in the case of gender change surgery, it’s an all-important procedure for trans male individuals. The surgical procedure comes under trans surgery, which allows the cosmetic results to be better in all possible ways. To seek the best possible care, you must consult one of the known transgender surgeons: Dr. C Vijay Kumar, who has expertise in making sure trans individuals get the desired appearance they wish to have.

No matter which sort of transgender procedure you wish to have for your Male to female or vice-versa, talk to the surgeon about the same. He will effectively enlighten you about the entire process and what you must keep in mind.

FTM transition (Female To Male Surgery)

For the Female into Male, scrotoplasty is one of the most effective procedures in gender affirmation. Having the desired appearance which makes you feel about yourself is all-important. The primary purpose of this surgery is to create a new scrotum and make sure every step completes with utmost caution. The suitable candidate for this sort of surgery are:

  • Living as a member of their desired sexual identity
  • Diagnosed with gender dysphoria
  • Mental health professionals have checked the condition and analyzed that they are making conditions without getting influenced by anyone else.

What are the preparation steps involved in Scrotoplasty?

As you plan to begin your scrotoplasty procedure, the most critical aspect is to get clarity over everything on ‘How is the procedure performed? During the initial consultation, you have to ask the surgeon about preparation steps, after-care, and other necessary factors. So, from scheduling your drive home to an after-care advance plan, it’s essential to discuss everything.

What are the steps involved in female to male scrotoplasty procedures?

When you plan for your female to male surgery for Scrotoplasty, the entire process is carried out in specific steps. Moreover, other procedures are combined with it like:

  • Metoidioplasty

Taking genital tissue for new penis creation

  • Phalloplasty

Extra skin taken from another body part for penis creation.


Scrotoplasty procedure for trans Male

The procedure includes a series of steps which include the following:

  • Initially administered is general anesthesia
  • Afterward, an incision is made in the labia majora lower part and around the pubic bone.
  • The flaps are turned upward for sac creation
  • Additionally, the use of dissolvable sutures

What’s the after-care regime after the scrotoplasty procedure?

For patients who seek scrotoplasty procedures with other treatments, the recovery period is slightly longer. Additionally, your health is properly analyzed to ensure no such complications that will come in between and might affect the results. The doctor will give you the necessary medications to help you deal with the pain. Ideally, under this procedure, you need to give yourself 3 to 4 weeks to remove the catheter from the body.