Gender change Surgery

SRS Surgery or Sex Reassignment Surgery is a Gender affirmation surgery, it is performed to change a person’s physical characteristics to match their gender identity. SRS Surgery is often related to the Transgender people as they get through this transition surgery to align their physical body with their gender identity.

The procedure of SRS surgery in India may vary depending on individuals’ required desires. It may include: 

    • Genital Reconstruction Surgery: Genital reconstruction surgery includes surgical procedure to change genitalia to match their identity. For transgender women it includes vaginoplasty, vulvoplasty, and breast augmentations. For trangender men it involves phalloplasty or metoidioplasty to create a penis and scrotoplasty to create a scrotum. 
    • Breast augmentation or reduction: Many trangender people get breast augmentation to increase their breast size or breast reduction for reducing the size of their breast as per their need.
    • Facial Feminization or masculinization surgery: Many transgender people choose to get facial feminization or masculinization surgery to change their facial appearance to create more feminine or masculine energy respectively.
    • Voice surgery: Some trangender go through Voice feminization surgery in India to change the pitch and vocal to match their identity.

Feminization Surgery is performed to create a more feminine appearance by changing the facial features such as vaginoplasty, vulvoplasty and breast augmentations. It is especially related to transgender women or individuals with gender dysphoria. The specific types of Feminization surgery are:

    • Forehead Contouring: This surgery includes the procedure to give more round and contour shape to the forehead. It reduces brow ridges, including bone reduction or reshaping by the technicians.
    • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty involves the procedure of reducing the size of the nose, refining the nasal shape and altering the bridge to reshape the nose and give it a more feminine appearance.
    • Brow lift: Brow lift is performed to give feminine appearance and soften the eyebrows to reduce masculine appearance. It involves various methods such as surgical excision or brow suspension to achieve feminine appearance.
    • Cheek augmentation: Cheek augmentation is performed to contour cheeks and uplift cheeks fat to bring more feminine appearance. Augmentation of cheeks can be achieved through surgical or non surgical procedure.
    • Lip augmentation: Lip augmentation is performed for lip filler and lips upliftment, increasing lips volume to create a more feminine appearance.
    • Jaw contouring: It is performed to reduce fat on the jawline appearance and create softer and more tapered appearance of jawline
    • Chin Contouring: Chin contouring is performed to reduce chin reduction to decrease size and create a more balanced facial appearance.
    • Tracheal shave: This surgery is also known as Adam’s apple reduction to create a smoother neck appearance and make it look more feminine.
    • Hairline modification: The hairline modification surgery is performed to reduce hairline and to create a more feminine appearing forehead.
    • Thyroid Cartilage reduction: Along with Tracheal Shave, Thyroid Cartilage reduction is performed to contour the neck more and give it a more feminine appearance. 

All the transgenders generally go through this surgery and if you are looking for more information regarding SRS Surgery in India, we suggest you consult a good clinic.