male to female

Being able to accept who you are in this life is essential to prevent yourself from falling into the hole of insecurity and have a sense of belongingness and mental peace as you go out into the world. Many people around the world identify themselves as a gender opposite to the gender they were assigned at birth. Therefore, they seek to undergo a procedure that can make them feel comfortable with their own body.


In this video, a patient named Nanaji had a similar concern about his sexuality, for which he consulted Dr Vijay at VJ’s transgender clinic to go through surgery for male-to-female transformation.  The patient opens up about his desire to get surgery, which he was unable to pursue before due to personal reasons. However, after meeting and discussing this with Dr. Vijay, the patient finally saw a ray of hope. The doctor provided comprehensive information about the procedure before and even during the surgery to address all the concerns the patient had, which led to a successful surgery and a satisfied patient.