Sex reassignment surgery

Are you thinking about undergoing sex reassignment surgery?

If yes, then do go through this 5 minute read for better details.

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

A Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag is a procedure of different surgeries together that is also commonly known as sex change surgery.

One of the main reasons to undergo this surgery is gender identity disorder. In this situation, the man or woman does not resonate with their biologically assigned gender. They are more comfortable with the opposite sex and identify with it.

Sex reassignment treatment is a new contribution to the operative technique. It is basically a therapeutic aspect of gender transition. It is an operating technique that helps carry out the new perspective on the individual outer look while also altering the function from one gender to another of their current sexual characteristics.

If you wanted to fix the physical or psychological problems related to your gender identification. We would highly recommend you undergo sex reassignment surgery to achieve the desired outcome. MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh is now more common than before. There is less taboo or notion attached to it compared to earlier times.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Let us now move toward who is the perfect candidate to undergo the sex reassignment surgery.

  • The patient should be at least over the age of 18 years for legal reasons.
  • They should undergo hormone therapy for at least one year before they decide to undergo sex change surgery.
  • The doctor must diagnose the patient with any of the following conditions to allow sex change surgery. The requirements are gender dysphoria, anxiety, and/or depression related to this gender identity disorder.
  • The patient must have approval from a qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Operative And Post Operative Gender Change Surgery

The trained professional will conduct the whole process, and apart from that, the patient will also be under general anesthesia. For both males and females, the doctor would perform a different set of procedures to attain the outcome.

With the help of this procedure, the doctor would be able to level the penis. Apart from that, it will also allow the operation of sexual function, and they will also reestablish the irregular opening.

Whereas for the female identity, the doctor would perform the vaginal reformation.

The Steps For Sex Reassignment Operative Technique

These are the steps that the doctor performs to complete the sex reassignment surgery.

  • They remove the internal female organ such as the fallopian tube, ovaries, and uterus.
  • They remove the vagina and vulva.
  • They insert testicular implants and scrotoplasty.
  • They reconstruct the urethra with the help of a graft from the buccal mucosa.
  • They reconstruct the glans with the help of a free radial artery forearm flap.
  • They implant the inflatable and semirigid penile prosthesis.
  • They perform urethral tubularization.
  • Adding on the aesthetics and the natural appearances.

All the professionals such as endocrinologists, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, and urologists will work together for this surgery in different sets. This will help them to achieve the best outcome even in complex gender reassignment surgery.