Gender change Surgery Gender Dysphoria

You might be familiar with the gender change surgery news that flashes on social media platforms. At one time, people couldn’t even think about changing their Gender and choosing their actual gender identity, which they felt about themself. Gender change surgery In India is not an ordinary operation.

The main reason for that is that people in India are unaware of the consequences of a person struggling with their biological sex to gender identity. If you’re struggling with Gender dysphoria, you should undergo SRS surgery in India.

What is Gender dysphoria?

Suppose a person who is male by birth but doesn’t feel like a male, and he wants to be like the other Gender is gender dysphoria. In this condition, the person suffers between the actual biological sex and the Gender Identity.

Cause of Gender dysphoria:

No one knows about the cause of gender dysphoria. There are many reasons to trigger it, like environmental factors, cultural factors, wombs, genes, etc.

Surgery : 

This is not an illness; it’s just actually a condition. When a person needs to be matched or reassigned with their gender identity, this surgery is known as Gender reassign or gender confirmation surgery. This surgery helps people to change their gender identity.

Why this surgery is needed:

In the interviews, people suffering from mismatched gender identities said that it’s like a never explained feeling about how they feel living inside the body of their biological Gender, which they don’t like at all. 

Why in India:

If you specifically talk about the Indian people suffering from gender identity problems for many years. They don’t even talk about their issues to the family and friends they know.

It becomes necessary to inform every family and each person about this critical condition among the people.

In my opinion, the third most prominent reason is that the condition and reputation of transgender in India are a big reason to worry. They are allowed in government services and hospital jobs, but only 0.5% of the transgender in India are earning money and living a reputed life.

What about the other? This treatment helps many people, including transgender, to achieve their true Gender identity.

Types of surgery:

Surgeries for the transgender population:

  • Feminizing vaginoplasty
  • Musculanizing phalloplasty
  • Metoidioplasty
  • Facial reconstruction feminizing
  • Reduce tracheal cartilage shave
  • Voice surgery

Surgeries not specific for transgender people:

  • Vaginectomy
  • Orchiectomy
  • Hysterectomy 
  • Augmentation mammoplasty

How Much Does This Surgery Cost?

It depends on the hospital you choose for your surgery and the type of your surgery.

But the average expense for this surgery in India might be $1400 to $9000 more or less. Check the price before visiting any hospital for the surgery.

What to do in Gender Dysphoria:

Don’t suffer anymore. Remember, it’s not an illness. It’s just a condition. Discuss your situation with your family and make them aware of your gender identity. Next, you should visit a reputable hospital for the surgery if needed.

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