Gender change Surgery

In the world, some people who are transgender are not different, in which people behave differently from the opposite sex person, causing hormonal changes. Trans males and trans females are two types of transgender. Trans male in which male sex is assigned to female at birth. Trans female in which female is assigned to male at birth. 

When a transgender person is confused about gender identity, he suffers from gender dysphoria. In that case, surgery helps to become a person’s self-known gender. There are various treatments for transgender such as breast surgery, hair removal surgery, penis surgery, ovaries surgery, and SRS Surgery in India.

Sexual orientation

A person is attracted emotionally, romantically, and sexually to the other person, known as sexual orientation. It does not only depend on the other sex. It also depends on the same sex person, like lesbian and gay. Homosexuals in this person are attracted to a same-sex person, known as gay or lesbian.

What is gender identity? 

Gender identity is when a person knows about their gender, such as male, female, and other. Another word that means gender identity is when a person behaves to another sex, such as if a baby is born male but behaves like a female after a few years. It’s known as transgender. Gender identification, in which a person recognizes self-know gender. Gender identification mostly develops in childhood while being aware attracts the same sex person. It also identifies the same sex.

Gender expression

Gender expression is when a person expresses his known gender publicly through behavior, hair, body language, voice, make-up, and dress. But gender identity is different from gender expression, such as gender identity, in which a person experiences changes in hormones and behaviors, and gender expression, in which a person behaves like what he deeply experienced on his own. 


A person who has different things to different people is known as a transgender. Another word means transgender, which relates to the gender identity of a person, like male, female, both (male and female), and nonbinary. There are two types of transgender. 

Trans male 

Trans male in which male assigned to female 

Trans female 

Trans Female in which a female assigned to a male 

Gender transition 

Gender transitions when a person completely changes to a self-knowing gender and openly behaves in society by name, changing the voice, dressing sense, and hair. Medication treatment, hormone therapy, or surgery sometimes helps appear physically. Gender transition is what a person deeply understands through hormone therapy about gender identity. 

Gender dysphoria 

A person who is transgender suffers from gender dysphoria. In which a person is distressed about their gender, like one gender, which sex is assigned at birth, and second, which himself knows gender identity. This condition mostly occurs in childhood, but some do not suffer from gender dysphoria. When they know about the identity of gender, they adopt Gender change surgery in India to convert into a known gender.