Gender change Surgery

The male is getting their gender change surgery with more confidence and trust in the medical sciences. Now is the high time to normalise Gender change surgery in India. There are many myths and misconceptions many people still hold. This article teaches you about many surgeries, including in female to male surgery. 

Transforming a female to a male body SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgeries) is a critical step now; many clinics and hospitals have developed the best surgeons to perform SRS Surgery in India. It helps those male who opt for gender change surgery to express their emotions freely.  


These necessary surgeries transform a female entirely into a male body.: 


To start with the surgery, Surgeons give medications to reduce testosterone levels in the body, which is known as androgen replacement therapy (ART).  

Mastectomy: this is the first surgery the surgeons perform in which they remove breast tissues from the chest. Doctors give medication to bring testosterone levels equal to men. Chest hairs also start growing.  

Hysterectomy: this surgery is performed if hormone therapy fails to stop menstruation. In this surgery, the surgeons partially remove the uterus and cervix. To remove fallopian tubes, surgeons perform a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.  

The construction of a new penis is known as Metoidioplasty. This surgery has a very less rate of complications and a high rate of success. This includes forming a neopenis. In which Clitoris is transformed into a penis. It requires Vaginectomy to remove the vagina. These procedures involve lengthening the urethra and helping a person urinate while standing. 

Phalloplasty is a procedure to get a larger pennis as the neopenis does not get erect 

By itself, this is a costly and more complicated process than Metoidioplasty.

To reconstruct the scrotum, Scrotoplasty is also performed.  

Some vital points to note before finalising a place for gender change surgery:


Effective treatments: the clinics should provide every type of treatment and surgery with a proper catalog—surgeries like gender change surgeries in which multiple surgeries are included require a planned schedule for better results. 


Dedicated staff: a committed team plays a vital role in the outcome and recovery of patients after surgeries. It is critical to have qualified and well-practised doctors and surgeons. 


Value for money: if the clinics are taking a heavy amount for this, they should give you the best services with personalised care. They should also have the latest technology to build equipment to examine and help perform surgeries. The equipment should be properly working and timely sanitised during the procedures. 


Take a dig at reviews: Before selecting a place for gender change surgeries, don’t forget to go through the reviews of old patients and also ask them about the recovery process and medical assistance. This will help you know about the reliability and effectiveness of the place. 



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