Gender change Surgery

Expert surgeon for gender change surgery in India!

Getting prepared for the gender transition could be a scary process. It is a way to reform your body to a new stage of life completely. Therefore, careful treatment is needed to get the optimum results.

So, choosing the best surgeon for gender change surgery in India is a key consideration. Sex transitioning is a highly personal decision that you can make to align your body as you feel.

It will involve changing your genitals, breasts/chest, hair, and facial features. In this post, you will get to know some major aspects of results and what to expect before and after surgery.

Types of gender change surgery

Transgender surgery is aimed at matching the physique of an individual to the gender. The operation is classified into two sorts:

Male to Female (MTF)

This Male to Female (MTF) surgery is done for those who were assigned as males at the time of birth. This surgery works to remove the male genitalia to match with the female genitalia.

A skilled surgeon can make removal of various genital parts to make successful male-to-female transitions. The process also involves hormone changes, breast augmentation, and facial implanting for delivering feminine looks.

Female to Male (FTM)

Those who were assigned females at the time of birth undertake this sex change surgery in Vizag. However, the majority of these transgenders choose not to undergo surgical transitioning. The reason is the missing clitoris tissue to create a functional penis for the women.

Furthermore, this Female to Male (FTM) surgery may come with pretty post-op discomfort. It involves replacing hormones, and removing breasts, and internal female genitals. Thus, the procedure might take longer and one may need to undergo various procedures for complete masculine transitioning.

Are there benefits of gender transitioning operations?

Yes! One can attain the best advantage of mental health and amity after successful gender transitioning. The way you see yourself would match your internal feel and sense of individuality. Therefore, when you opt for the surgery, you will be able to reform your body to get the best of yourself. Apart from this, you would get:

  • Free from the mental stress of being in the wrong physique
  • Get psychological satisfaction in your body
  • You would not have to cope-up with regret and anxiety

What to expect from gender transition surgery?

Undergoing this surgical procedure is not a piece of cake for everyone. It requires strong mental strength, stability, and commitment to yourself. The surgery will be carried out under extreme medical supervision. The surgeon will perform various techniques to remove the parts of the body and replaces them with new genitals.

The whole procedure would be executed by the reconstructive plastic surgeon. After surgery, you need to take rest until complete recovery which will be followed by medication as well. You may also have to keep follow-up with the surgeon for overall well-being after surgery.