4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India

4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India, To get things done when you are not privileged is a markable thing. It is not ingrained in everyone’s mind to achieve an exceptional goal. People who are not accepted by society have more power and believe in themselves to show others that they are nothing to be feared of.

It is not a hidden fact that transgender is not as accepted in society like India as other communities are. The heterosexuals and their prominent oppression have made it hard, sometimes even impossible, for those who have undergone gender change surgery to excel in their particular field.

Thus we bring light to certain inspiring personalities and a path to find the right way for your success.

It is also necessary to add that success is not equal, and factors like their struggle would determine how they have fought for a simple thing like getting an education. So always believe that you are strong.

Transgender People Who Are Breaking The Barrier

  • Gauri Sawant: Worried about being a disappointment in the eyes of her family, she opted to run away from them at the tender age of 18. It is not easy to fight your struggle alone as she did each moment. As a human species, we tend to ask for constant support. This is why she supports the children and people who wanted to go ahead with a male to female or female into Male surgery by fighting for their rights. She is a very famous personality who has been vocal by serving counseling for trans people in her trust organization Sakshi Char Chowghi.
  • Sathyasri Sharmila: She is the very 1st trans person who has attained the seat of a lawyer. The education system makes it so much harder to achieve their dream degree. Still, she fought tooth and nail against it. Now, at the age of 36, she is in this field to fight for the injustice she has faced. It took her ten years to register herself as a lawyer. The society and its ability to kill their hopes did not linger with her. She woke up in 2018 to find a way to fight the atrocities against her community.
  • Joyita Mondal: In 2017, we saw a change in the jurisdiction by appointing her as the 1st judge in the Lok Adalat, a simple win but a life-changing moment for people who were losing hope. She proved to complete something that would help others win their fight. She has also been ever since very vocal about the reservation of trans people to give them an opportunity for representation.
  • Natasha Biswas: Breaking down the norms set by society, she not only participated in the beauty pageant for trans people but also became the winner. Even though she saw many problems in her life, starting from being abandoned by her family member, she still did not stop looking at the right side of her life.