male to female Penectomy

Penectomy Surgery: Gender Change Surgery

Penectomy (Penis Removal) is a surgical method to take out the penis to give the results of what the person wants. If the surgery is done without getting vaginoplasty, it’s referred to as nullification. If the individual is planning to get the vaginoplasty, they consider just getting the penectomy. While going to the next phase, the tissue is taken from the penis to preserve the vaginal area along the clitoris for the desired results. If you are thinking of getting this gender change surgery, then you must be careful about how to proceed further and what needs to be done next.

Penectomy is one of the essential parts of getting gender change surgery

One of the main aims of penectomy is to create a shallow vaginal dimple, and then a new urethral opening is made, which helps in urination while sitting in a simple position.

Did you know?

If you plan to get vaginoplasty, then it’s better not to get penectomy as a separate method. The tissue and skin used from the penis arewill be adequate in case of vaginoplasty. If your consideration is to get vaginoplasty, you are not a suitable candidate to benefit from neo-vagina. The better preference is to wait before you get both of these done and get these at one time.

You should always consult the medical expert as to what to do next, be it female into Male or vice-versa surgery, for getting the best of results.

Who is a suitable candidate for penectomy?

To get the benefit of Male to female penectomy surgery, you need to be a suitable candidate for the same. Here are some of the instances in which the person is a right candidate for penectomy:

  • Around 12 months, you are living as your gender identity.
  • You have got HRT for around 12 months
  • You need to give your consent to obtain this surgical procedure done
  • If you have any medical issues, it’s essential that your situation is under control to proceed further.
  • Make sure you are an ideal candidate to get the surgery, and the same you will get to know when you consult the doctor.
  • The BMI should not be more than 30

How much time do the penectomy results last?

The effects of penectomy surgery are permanent. So, once the surgery is done, there is no way you can make the results go reverse.

Is there anything I should be careful about penectomy?

Undergoing penectomy helps the penis to destroy. Afterward, if you plan to get vaginoplasty, there is no necessary skin available.

Make yourself prepared for the surgery

Make sure that you prepare yourself for the surgery beforehand without such an issue.  For further information, schedule your initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic.