Gender change Surgery

Going for a gender affirmation surgery is not one such step that you randomly thought and going to get done the next day. When planning for gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, there are several steps behind it

You would have to figure out the budget, collect important documents, and, most importantly you would have to prepare yourself for your sex change surgery in Vizag.

If everything is done from your end, but you still don’t feel prepared for the surgery, then this post is the perfect option for you. Make sure to follow this post till the end to learn about a few preparation tips for gender affirmation surgery.

Preparation Tips For Gender Affirmation Surgery

Here is the list of basic preparation tips with the help of which you can prepare yourself for gender affirmation surgery both mentally and physically.

  • List of questions:

The biggest reason why people do not feel they are prepared for gender change surgery is they have a lot of questions in their minds. Hence we would suggest you write down all the questions on a sheet and get in touch with your doctor, with the help of which you can get better clarity about your surgical procedure and questions linked with it.

At VJ Transgender Clinics, you will be notified to get in touch with your surgeon, who will be there to listen to all your queries and solve them.

  • Talk to people:

We believe that everyone has someone who will listen to their problems, what they think, and why you are taking steps in their life without judging them. Make sure to get in touch with them and talk about the surgical procedure you are going to take; once you share everything with them, you will feel light-hearted.

This will directly help you prepare for the surgical procedure mentally.

  • Be aware of the risks and benefits of the surgery:

Make sure that you are completely aware of all the risks and benefits of gender change surgery, with the help of which you can prepare yourself accordingly. Secondly, By keeping yourself aware of all the risks, you can directly call your doctor and ask them for solutions to reduce those risks.

Whenever you have to go for sex change surgery, it is suggested to stop working out and do any such heavy work. As it will help you ease the surgical procedure, you can ask for more such tips and tricks to reduce the risks involved in your sex change surgery.

  • Surgery does not end here:

Once the surgery is done, most people believe that everything is done. But in reality, the surgical procedure is not done yet, as you would have to get in touch with a therapist who can help you with the transition phase.


Gender affirmation surgery needs a lot of preparation from both the physical and mental aspects, and we hope these tips will help you a lot in preparing yourself properly. To further discuss about the gender change surgery, you should get in touch with VJ Transgender Clinics.