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The Transgender community faces a lot of issues in their life regularly. Some of those problems are:

  • People don’t treat the transgender community equally
  • Transgender people are unable to find quality medical facilities
  • A lot of issues take place in sex change surgery in Vizag

These are the most common issues they face, and in this blog, we will discuss precisely the transgender community, gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, and the problems they face in their daily life.

Some More Problems Faced By The Transgender Community

 Although the government is working on providing high-quality medical facilities to everyone, when a transgender person visits a government hospital, they also have to pay a considerable amount of money for generic treatment methods.

  • Secondly, Whenever a transgender person visits the hospital, they face many unfriendly environment issues.
  • Suppose any transgender person thinks of going for a sex change surgery. In that case, they can’t entirely rely on government hospitals because the surgeons in government hospitals do not take any responsibility for the surgeries they do.
  • On the other hand, people are unable to find reliable transgender clinics in the private sector as well. So if you are someone from Vizag and looking for a reliable and experienced transgender clinic and surgeon, then VJS Transgender Clinics is the right place for you.

Even though all the rights are provided to transgender people, the government has also considered them the third gender. Still, there are several things that they have been missing their whole life.

Let’s forget the judgment offered by others and their family members. But, if they are still looking for the right medical and life facilities, it becomes extremely difficult for them to live a normal life.

Selecting The Right Transgender Clinic

 Although there are very few transgender clinics in India, and when we talk about the quality of the treatments offered, they also vary. But let us have a look at a few factors that will help you select the right transgender clinic for you:

  • Look at the online reviews of a transgender clinic, with the help of which you can understand the quality of treatment options offered.
  • As most transgender people face budget issues, look at the charges for treatments offered.
  • Being transgender, you must have faced unfriendly environmental issues everywhere, making it crucial to select the best transgender clinic for yourself.
  • When dealing with sex change surgeries, make sure to have a look at the experience and professionalism offered by the surgeons of a specific clinic.


Finding the right transgender clinic is important for you, as it will help you treat your health issues, will not judge you based on your gender, will be affordable, and can help you live your life happily & freely.

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