Chin Contouring

Enhance your facial features with a chin implant

Gender change is the pathway to alleviate your confidence and look how you feel about yourself. If you have got yourself on the path of gender change surgery, then there are several steps that you can take. Especially to alleviate your facial features. And that’s where the method of Chin augmentation in Andhra Pradesh is under the expertise of trained and skilled medical experts.

Chin augmentation: Alleviates your beauty

Chin is one of the paramount parts of enhancing beauty and strength. And that’s the reason it’s an effective choice for Transgender Surgery in Vizag. With a chin implant or chin augmentation, you not just get confidence with your looks, but your face has that contour.

What are the reasons for performing chin augmentation?

Enhancing or improving the chin is possible through advanced methods. Chin surgery aims to rectify the weak chin or help it to be more balanced with other facial features like the nose. Currently, the cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure through advanced methodology and procedures, so that desired and improved results are obtained.

Apart from the chin augmentation, there’s a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and a facelift that helps to achieve the desired facial symmetry.

Ideal candidate for chin implant

During the gender change, it’s obvious you go through a series of surgical methods to make your look and features just how you feel about yourself. If your chin is small compared to facial features, the doctor can suggest you undergo the chin implant procedure. There’s a possibility that your nose looks small or you want to make your neckline alleviate. So, to create the desired proportion, the procedure helps to achieve the desired results you are looking for. The ideal candidate for chin augmentation are:

  • Those with receding or weak chin
  • Have a normal bite with dental structure
  • Have realistic expectations

It’s important to discuss with the surgeon about everything so that you are informed about the necessary steps before, during, or aftercare. Most importantly, it helps to balance the overall face to improve aesthetics.

What do you need to know about chin augmentation surgery?

Chin augmentation surgery uses chin implants to help the facial features stand out. The surgeon will talk you through the procedure and its necessary placement. Being mindful of the same is essential to give it a better definition and pleasing appearance. Staying proportion is essential so that your overall look is 100% natural. Additionally, the surgeon will guide you about the aftercare tips essential to achieve the desired outcomes.

Final word

Schedule an initial consultation at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to seek the most effective results. Talk to Dr. C Vijay Kumar about the entire procedure and about the necessary aftercare tips.