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Gender change surgery: Male to Female Surgery

The sex change surgery helps individuals beautifully transition into the gender they wish for. The transition begins with hormone therapy to ensure the best approach is taken. Under the expertise of a trained medical expert, you should begin your Transgender Surgery in Vizag. The transition requires several things, like top surgery, bottom surgery, and facial feminization. Our concern is that this blog talks about the individuals planning for a male-to-female gender change surgery.

Cost of MTF surgery

When a person plans for a transition, their major concern is the cost factor. So, with the MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh, the cost factor consideration includes several things. A detailed cost plan will be given to you depending on which method you select, the doctor’s expertise, and other concerns.

  • Penectomy surgery

Penectomy surgery is one of the major steps in gender change. The procedure emphasizes penis removal. So, individuals who don’t want to keep this penis can choose the same. On average, the penectomy surgery cost around Rs 30,000.

  • Orchiectomy surgery

Orchiectomy surgery means testicle removal of either one or both through an inventive plan. So, with the transition from male to female, opting for the given procedure makes a lot of difference. On average, the orchiectomy procedure costs Rs 32,000.

  • Vulvoplasty

Vulvoplasty is another common procedure in bottom surgery. The procedure includes vulva creation and removal of the testes, scrotum, and penis. On average, valvuloplasty as a method of gender change surgery is Rs 60,000.

  • Zero depth bottom surgery

The zero-depth bottom surgery includes the penis and scrotum tissue removal. These are arranged to create a vulva and help the urethra perform the necessary function. On average, the cost of zero-depth bottom surgery is Rs 1,00,000.

  • MTF vaginoplasty

During vaginoplasty, the surgeon uses tissue and skin from the penis for the creation of the inner and outer vagina. The surgeon uses a skin graft for the creation of the vaginal canal during vaginoplasty.

  • MTF hip widening surgery

As the name suggests, MTF hip widening surgery aims to create that extra volume in the buttocks and hip area. The excess fat will be removed to create smooth curved lines. On average, the surgery cost around Rs 70,000.

Facial feminization surgery for gender change

Facial feminization surgery aims to transform male traits into feminine ones. The approach includes several surgical options that aim to reshape, rebuild, and repair facial traits. The procedure include several different procedure like:

  • Relocating the hairline to create a smaller forehead
  • Contouring and resizing the chin & jaw
  • Lip and cheekbone augmentation

If you want, you can get the procedure combined. Make sure to discuss your concerns with the medical expert. On average, the cost of facial feminization is Rs 80,000.