Gender change Surgery

What Is Gender Confirmation Surgery?

Gender confirmation surgery is also known as Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. This procedure allows people with gender dysphoria to modify their body parts permanently with which they were associated from birth. It is a solution for those who do not feel the assigned gender is their gender orientation.

Apart from that, it also helps people change their physical appearance to identify with more desired norms of looks. The doctor prescribes certain hormonal shots before the Transgender Surgery in Visakhapatnam to regulate the body according to the gender they identify with.

For better understanding, let us take an example: a trans man would take the hormones of androgen to start growing the hair on their face. At the same time, trans women will take anti-androgens and estrogen so that they will be able to achieve the look of femininity.

Operation In Gender Confirmation Surgery

These are some of the several operations that surgery of Genital Reconstruction in Andhra Pradesh involves.

  • People born a male but identify as female undergo surgery wherein the doctor removes the penis, testicles, and at times the prostate gland too. The surgeon uses the tissues of the penis to make the clitoris and the vagina that will help an individual feel sensation. The doctor constructed the labia, which is the lip around the vagina from the tissue from the scrotum. Apart from that, they also shorten the length of the tube by which the urine comes out of the body. After the surgery, the person uses a vaginal dilator in order to keep their vagina open.
  • People also have this surgery to make them look more feminine. In such a situation, the doctor performs various surgeries, including breast implants or certain cosmetic surgeries that help change the lips, nose, eyes, and adam apples.
  • People who are born female undergo surgery that might involve the removal of the breast (mastectomy), uterus, and ovaries (hysterectomy). In this method, teh doctor closes the vagina opening, and they make a penis and a scrotum with other tissues such as the arm, back, thigh, or the inside of the wall of the abdomen. There are also situations wherein the surgeon would make the penis out of the clitoris. The doctor enlarges them with the help of hormone therapy beforehand.
  • The doctor also increases the length of the urethra so that it is easy for the person to use the toilet while standing up without any difficulty. In many cases, the doctor also places the penile implant, inflatable device, or a firm rod inside the penis to make it possible for it to get an erection.

Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon

These are some of the questions that you should definitely ask your surgeons before you finalize your transgender surgery for better understanding.

  • What are different surgical techniques available?
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • What are the merits and demerits of each method for me?
  • What are the possible complications and risks?