Phalloplasty surgery for gender change

Phalloplasty is performed for penis surgery to construct or reconstruct the penis. The surgery is for FTM (Female To Male Gender Change Surgery. If you are wondering how the entire procedure is performed for you, you should consult the doctor to understand the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag and how you need to begin.

What happens during phalloplasty?

During Phalloplasty Surgery in Vizag, the surgeon removes tissue and skin from other body parts. It’s rolled down to form a shaft and attached to the groin area. During phalloplasty, the necessary steps happens:

  • Remove female genitals for those getting transgender surgery
  • Extend the urethra so that it’s easier to urinate when you are standing
  • Make penis head or scrotum
  • Add device to help with erection
  • Insert artificial testicles into the scrotum region

Do you want to combine other gender change procedures?

YES! That’s possible. In case you get a facial procedure like Dimpleplasty in Andhra Pradesh, then you can ask the medical expert which procedure goes perfectly with the same.

Preparation for penis surgery

Before the doctor begins the procedure, proper tests and assessments happen. Additionally, several things are suggested to you beforehand like:

  • Get a physical examination to check your health and consider your medical history.
  • Undergo genital hair removal
  • Know the benefits, risks, and post-surgical requirements
  • Make sure to get a mental health evaluation to better understand the process
  • You should not smoke, lose weight, and don’t do anything that increases the risk or complications

You must consult a medical expert if you are looking for FTM top or bottom surgery. Discuss all your requirements with the doctor and well-managed everything.

How is phalloplasty beneficial?

Most importantly, the procedure can boost the patient’s confidence in terms of emotional and physical aspects. The procedure helps in giving a natural-looking penis to help with erection.

  • The approach of urethral lengthening helps you to urinate when you stand.
  • Anterolateral thigh-free flaps help to offer better penis length. Additionally, it makes it much easier to remove the flaps.
  • There is less scarring issue, and the device helps with proper erection.

Recovery following phalloplasty: What happens?

Following surgery, make sure to follow the given necessary tips:

  • Do not practice much physical activity. You should work, exercise, and perform all necessary household chores
  • Make sure to keep the incision dry and clean
  • You should take all necessary medications to help with pain, relieve constipation, and prevent infection
  • Make sure to apply a dressing over the surgical area during each recovery step.

How much time does it take to get an erection?

To get proper penis function, it does take more like one year or so. Additionally, you need to get several surgeries. Additionally, it’s also essential that the recovery phase goes all smoothly. Some of the factors that might make a difference in recovery are:

  • Constructed scrotum or glans
  • Implanted a device to help with erection
  • Remove female genitals
  • Repair or construct penis
  • Implanted the device or not