Gender Affirmation or Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender change surgery or affirmations surgery is for the individuals who feel the need to get the transition. From top to bottom, gender reassignment surgery can help the transgender to feel better about themselves and get the body they always wished for. Even the studies have shown that through gender reassignment surgery the patient’s mental health even gets better. 

What is meant by sex reassignment surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery is the way to transform individuals to feel confident about themselves. Be it male to female or female to male with the surgical approach everything is possible. Here are the types of transgender surgery:

  • During facial reconstruction, the facial features are improved whether you wish to have a feminine or masculine look. 
  • Top surgery allows the individuals to improve their masculine look or get the desired breast size & shape. 
  • Bottom surgery includes all the reconstruction of the genitals.

Is there any treatment for gender dysphoria?

Apart from surgery, there are other options as not everybody chooses to get the surgery. As per your liking and needs, you can get the best possible option by consulting the doctor. Here are some of the options which you can choose:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Puberty blockers block the phase of puberty
  • Voice therapy is given which helps you with your communication skills

Although many studies have shown that individuals’ quality of life will improve with gender change surgery. 

How is gender reassignment surgery beneficial?

With transgender surgery, the patients enjoy long-term health benefits. One of the studies has pointed out that the need for mental health treatment has been reduced by 8% in the individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery.