This is the era of the 21st century; everyone wants to look perfect and more attractive among people to influence the opposite sexes. Therefore, individuals who are unsatisfied with their natural looks try to reform their bodies with available cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. Some individuals like to opt for FTM Surgery in Andhra Pradesh who are not satisfied with their internal identity as per their external appearance.

To illustrate, you may see that some people have the body of females, but they behave like men and all their habits, dressing style, and interaction style are like men. So, to help these individuals, the transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh comes in front to get their desired gender and similar internal identity.

Define female to male transgender surgery?

This is a procedure in which your cosmetic experts help people attain their favorite method they feel comfortable with. With the help of surgical equipment, a doctor can turn your female-shaped body into a male-shaped body under general doses of anesthesia so that you will never feel any severe pain. All body features such as facial, breast, vaginal, stomach, etcetera are modified during the process.

Explain the various categories of the top surgery?

Top surgery has two subparts, these are:

  • Periareolar: At this phase, your cosmetic surgeon first makes a single circular cut around the areola, and another larger circular cut a couple of centimeters farther out from the first one. This type of surgery works well in the case of small breasts with little to no sag, hard nipple stalk, and sensation intact.
  • Double incision: Here, your doctor will form two horizontal cuts on the top and bottom of the pectoral muscle. In this procedure, it is necessary to modify nipples (eradicate the nipples so that they will stitch again in masculine shape), and sensation is lost. Opposite to the periareolar method, this is best for heavy and large breasts.

How can you recover after having top surgery?

Generally, you will fully recover from this procedure within six weeks, which the first three weeks are very acute. You must take holidays from your work and try to lay down at the 45-degree angle for the first week so that your stitches will not feel any stress.

  • Weeks 2-3: Here, you can take a bath, hold ten to fifteen pounds of weight, and indulge yourself in minor activities but take proper rest simultaneously so your wound will heal quickly.
  • Week 4-5: Here, your external wounds may almost heal and look like you are ready to include yourself in walking activities, but it recommends that your internal wounds will not heal ideally before six weeks, so you must take care of your chest. You can consume vitamin-E tablets or mass oil on your chest to massage it.
  • Week 6-8: You come back to your typical routine. You can do anything you want, like cycling, climbing and playing, etc. But before doing these activities, you must consult your doctor once so that they can remove your stitches and check all your body notations.

Do not forget to visit VJ’s Transgender Clinic if unsatisfied with your inner identity and outer body structure.