Rhinoplasty for transgender surgery

The nose is the face’s central part and is an essential marker of gender. In terms of facial appearance, rhinoplasty gives the most appropriate results. Rhinoplasty in Vizag is an important surgical plan for all those planning for their transition phase, be it FTM or MTF. Just make sure to consult an experienced cosmetologist who knows the right approach and is well-aware of the latest technology for nose job surgery. 

Difference between Male and Female Nose

Both females and males have different nose sizes and shapes. No doubt, the difference in nasal appearance can significantly make a lot of difference in terms of the entire look. When you choose to get Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you are likely to have that desired appearance in terms of natural-looking results and a unique nose. Indeed! It’s all about having gender-specific results, which is possible when choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon. 

Female nose characteristics

In the case of the female nose, it features a narrow bridge and a slightly upturned tip. It’s not that prominent when compared to the male nose.

  • Upturned tip
  • Less bone
  • Narrower nostrils
  • Smaller, more slender
  • Slightly concave nasal bridge

To ensure you have the desired results based on inventive technology, you should visit one of the top-rated transgender clinic in Vizag. 

Male nose characteristics

Male noses have more prominent features. The male nose has a bigger nostril, wider bridge, and wide nasal base. In some cases, the chances of nasal injuries can lead to nose asymmetry. The male nose features can be categorized into:

  • Wider nasal base
  • Larger and more prominent
  • Straight or arched nasal bridge
  • Not upturned, at a 90-degree angle to the face

Tell your requirements to the cosmetologist to ensure you have the best results. 

Are there any problems with transgender nasal surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that comes under facial surgery. The difference between the male and female nose will likely make a huge difference. So, when the doctor performs the rhinoplasty surgery, he will ensure to give utmost consideration to the same. Please note:

  • For a female nose, removing more tissue and extensive resection is essential to have a feminine appearance. So, MTF surgery is known as facial feminization rhinoplasty. Moreover, proper care should be paid to nasal structure and airway so breathing won’t get affected.
  • FTM nose job is known as facial masculinization rhinoplasty. The doctor uses the right amount of nasal implant and graft cartilage or bone to make appropriate structures. You need to make all informed decisions to obtain the most suitable results. 

Plan for transgender reconstructive surgery

At Vj’s Transgender Clinic, we have all the latest and inventive technology available to ensure your gender change surgery goes smoothly and the way you have thought about it.