Gender change Surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery: How to plan for it?

For an individual to come out and accept they don’t feel like the gender assigned to them at birth can make their world go upside down. Indeed! It does create a nerve-wracking situation for the individuals on, ‘What to do?’ With that, the approach of the MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh allows the individuals to go through the transition phase with utmost ease and comfort. Most importantly, it will enable the person to live a better quality lifestyle.

Once the person makes up the mind to proceed with sex-change surgery, the concern is where to get started and what I should ask the doctor. So, as you begin your journey for the Transgender Surgery in Vizag, here are a few essential questions that you should ask the surgeon to make it all more manageable for you.

Important questions to ask before the gender change surgery

Be it men or women, both have their concerns and are planning to begin with the transition phase. Getting the body aligned to how the person feels brings that confidence and comfortable feeling of everything going in the right direction. Whether you are getting forehead reconstruction or Genital Reconstruction in Andhra Pradesh, you should clarify all your doubts.

Question 1: Do I qualify to get gender-affirming surgery?

The suitable candidates have met the medical expert to analyze whether their feelings are right to what they feel. Many individuals have even undergone hormone therapy to start through the transition phase. It’s true not all of them undergo surgery directly.

Before beginning with surgery, the doctor will consult your psychologist and another expert team, and your family to ensure you are ready to start the journey. Doing so allows us to seek the best and most relevant results in all regards.

Question 2: How much experience does the gender-affirming surgeon have?

Gender change surgery is getting more common. But, that does not mean you can trust anyone to get the surgery. So, please make sure to do some thorough research about the surgeon. Like:

  • Go through the website
  • Check the previous results
  • Check the treatment they offer
  • Years of excellence in the field
  • Patient’s reviews and testimonials

Whether you are getting surgery for the first time or want some revision or repair, never miss out on this part.

Question 3: What does the sex-change surgery include?

Be it male to female, or female to male, the gender change surgery includes:

  • Top surgery
  • Bottom surgery

Under both these approaches, several other surgical procedures come in. You can discuss it with the surgeon to understand the possible options. Discuss your preferences, and accordingly, the surgeon will personalize your treatment plan.

Question 4: How much time does gender change surgery take?

Well, every person goes through recovery differently. Some might feel normal within 1 to 2 weeks. And for some, it might take one month to get back to normal life. But, yes, you should always take it slow and listen to all the necessary advice your surgeon gives.

Question 5: When can I begin with gender change surgery?

When you can start with gender change surgery depends on, ‘How did the initial evaluation go?’